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WHY the bankers and intelligence ageny's would try to infiltrate the R. Paul Movement

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 05:42 PM
First i am talking about a very small yet influencial group of "bankers" namely those that own controlling shares in the various central banks around the world and those owners parent large corportation's and Board members.

If you think about the potential that Ron Paul's campaign has from a grass roots perspective and the amount of a THREAT it would be to the Banking Cartel if the biggest economy in the world decided to abolish the federal reserve (for the 3'rd time in the nation's history none the less!)

The Central Banks (aka "Fed" reserve's) head all country's made up of the G8, imagine the momentum that could get going when country's see it is possible to break free from the banker's stranglehold and control that they have over nations (by determining money supply) and Lending this money to country's ( putting them in debt!) when the country could in fact coin the money, themselves.

The amount of connections the Banking cartel has in the world may be vague, but it is not small. Throughout history many govt's have succesfully infiltrated resistant movements with the help of their deep pockets and or influence/ connections combined with the naivety of the generally good natured protestors/ dissenters, etc. In dictatorships they generally just shoot you (i.e the monks), in the united states they can't do this so easily (we have guns). So they have to be sneaky but determined, they know what is at stake.

I would be very careful to look at anyone trying to take too big of a part in the Ron Paul campaign and try to derail it or associate it with something negative. i.e a strong ron paul supporter, showing their support and i dunno ....blowing up a building (exaggeration) , but maybe not With the amount of money at stake here, i would not put it past the banking elite and or the intelligence agency's to do something to maintain the current power structure headed by the money masters.

Throughout history these movements have been attempted to be infiltrated by moles and plants who are trained at acting honest and yet focused to gain more and more influence within a "dissident" group. Now paul supporters cover a wide range and demographics and i wouldn't think dissident is the most accurate word, but when looked at from the small clique of banking elite it is probably a very kind alternative to the way they view this threat (to them) , and are determined to minimize it whatever it takes.

Thought i would throw this out there so some people can keep this in the back of their head, should anyting "weird or "negative" try to get associated with paul , should some rogue supporter do something wacko.
This is not something that i mean for people to obsess over but just something realistic when such a threat exists to such large holders and creators of money and power.

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posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 03:24 AM
If I were a banker, I'd be against Ron Paul, too. Ron Paul has condemned the Federal Reserve and its monetary policies time and time again, because he sees them for what they are, namely, a strangehold on the American people and economy. My favourite interview with Ron Paul was when he totally pwned a Federal Reserve spokesman, slamming fact after fact in his face, while the spokesman just sat there trying to dodge everything and looking like an idiot.

From where I'm sitting, I feel that any educated voter will vote for Ron Paul. (and I would too, if I were American) And, for that very reason, I don't think he will win; too many voters have no idea what's going on, and will vote for frivolous reasons. I've seriously had people tell me that they won't vote for Ron Paul because "his name isn't a president's name". I'm sure there are others who will base their vote on stuff like whether the candidate is a woman, black, or Mormon (Clinton/Obama/Romney, respectively), rather than on real issues like the Iraqi war or American monetary policy.

Ron Paul reminds me a lot of JFK, the way that Paul attacks federal banking and all its evils. I also remember what happened to JFK in Dallas... I seriously fear for his life if he gets elected.

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