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Rosie on "Nip & Tuck"

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 05:03 PM
I was watching FX today and they had a teaser on for an episode of Nip & Tuck tonight featuring Rosie as a character named Dawn Budge who had been attacked by a "wedge-tailed eagle" and needed reconstructive lip surgery.

Anyway, the surgeons told her they would have to suture her mouth closed! I completely cracked up!

Can anyone else see the symbolism here? Its pretty obvious to me, and I expect, to many others as well. The bald eagle is the national symbol of the USA, and Rosie has been running her mouth against the government on the war, 9/11, and any other controversial issue she can drag through the mud. Now, on the show, she gets attacked by an eagle (which, in the teaser looked very much like a bald eagle) and ends up having her mouth sewn shut.

Is this her way of saying she feels she is being censored by the federal government?

Rosie on Nip & Tuck

Now, the wedge-tailed eagle photos I found here don't look anything like the white-headed bird I saw on the teaser. Also, wedge-tailed eagles are from Australia. Ah, the plot thickens.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by Icarus Rising

I doubt very much Rosie has any kind of say so, when it comes to the ,writing or the direction the show takes.......The writers however actually meant what you are implying, who know?

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 05:57 PM

I doubt very much Rosie has any kind of say so

I agree, but she may have had some creative input into the plot. It is just too obvious a metaphor for her last year on television. Of course, the show's creators and writers would have to go along with the premise.

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