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Charged With War Crimes At 15 Years Old: Faces Life By Military Trial

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 02:57 PM

Boy charged with war crimes at age 15 faces life sentence in US military trial
Omar Khadr is a young Canadian citizen currently imprisoned at Guantanamo and facing a military trial for war crimes he allegedly committed in Afghanistan at the age of 15.
In July 2002, US special forces in eastern Afghanistan got a tip that al Qaeda forces were holed up nearby. After hours of fighting, the soldiers entered the bombed-out compound but were met by a grenade thrown over the wall that killed one man. They then found Omar Khadr lying in the rubble, badly hurt and begging them -- in perfect English -- to kill him.

Here’s my question, the boy a young man now is he really a terrorist, and should he be charged with war crimes?

Or should he not be a prisoner of war, if America was invaded, say by Russia or China and the teenagers of America took up arms of which I’m sure they would, would it be fair to say these teens are fighting for there families and country.
Would they also be terrorists, or partisan, freedom fighters?

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 12:36 AM
I would say this kid is his father's victim. I would agree to release him IF it wasn't stated that he would vow to seek revenge. Knowing this, how could anyone in good consciense let him go to kill again?
Terrible situation for the kid and I blame his parents not him.

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 08:17 PM
Here's a thread I stared on Khadr a couple of weeks ago.

Omar Khadr: The life of a child Islamic Fundamentalist.

I do think he should be held as a prisoner of war but not as a terrorist. Read some of the articles linked in the thread. The treatment he has had at the hands of the US is deplorable. Enhanced interrogation techniques indeed. Torture is torture regardless of what name some political leader puts on it.

The kid was brainwashed by his parents, mainly his father, and the education and situations he was exposed to. How would you feel about a country if you were present when the west fired cruise missiles at you at 11 years old? What other mind set could you have if your father is constantly telling you as a child that "martyrdom" is a noble death?

posted on Dec, 4 2007 @ 04:52 PM
OP: your analogy doesn't hold up. The boy was Canadian, so to say he was defending his homeland is a stretch. By international law, if the person isn't wearing a uniform, then they're not considered a soldier so they can be charged with murder (because they weren't killing under the orders of a recognized military).

This is a terrible situation and the boy is a sad case but he, and everyone else on this planet, have to be held accountable for their actions. If you went out and threw a grenade at someone, don't you think you'd get life in prison at least?

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