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The Name of God and the Book of Revelation

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posted on Feb, 3 2004 @ 11:27 AM
Part 1
The Son of Man and the angels of the congregations

In the Book of Revelation we get to learn a new, or rather ancient tradition. The Book of Revelation is written as series of future events and it uses specific celestial events, stars and constellations to pinpoint these events in time and history.

The first guy we meet is the Son of Man. He walks between seven candles, which are seven congregations, bride’s maids or houses, and in his Right Hand he holds seven stars, who together outline the faint shape of the Son of Man in the constellation of Keymah (Pleiades), who stands beside himself and lives between the seven Angels of the Congregations. The Congregations’ mission is to watch and wait for the Victorious One and refine him and educate him, him who will go out from them, win a glorious victory over all the enemies of God and rule on Earth for 1000 years during the Millennium Reign, and who is infact the Son of Man and even the Father himself, these constellations show stages is his Life and Glorious Plan. The seven angels for the seven congreagation are the seven celestial luminaries. In the first letter, we hear about the Name of God for the first time in Revelation. The Name of God is written in Heaven which God has stretched out as a tent to live in. Heaven is his Throne. The throne is situated at the aphex of the dome of Heaven in the Nordic hemisphere.

The Book of Revelation can be called a spark of Heaven. A quick glance into the Sacred Astronomy of God and the Magnificence of the Eternal Word of God. The remedies of the Name of God is the seven Sacred Luminaries, the 24 thrones surrounding the throne of God, the constellations (as outlined in Revelation and the Spirit), the glass lake and the seven Sacred Houses, which I refer to as the House of God and the six paired or united houses, each ruled by one of the seven luminaries. The House of God is the circular throne centered around Stella Polaris, where the Father sits with his Strong Right Arm, guarding his Grandson, the Millennium King who is infact himself(!). By his Right Arm stands the Son of God fully grown, lifting his head up high. However, if you look at a starmap and see what the Vatican and the Kings of Europe have called these constellations and how they have “chained” them, you will see that there is a great inconcistency between the Word of God and the Word of the Beast or Satan, or between God’s Heaven and Ba’al’s heaven using simpler terms. For when you buy a starmap in a shop today, or go to a library to study one, you see that what you have in your hands is not the Name of God, but rather the Name of the Beast. Outlining the constellations the way the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and the Romans used to draw them, and the planets and stars have mostly been given very blasphemous names and titles. It is like every woe of the Book of Revelation is written and drawn right there. For the Zodiak is the Name of the Beast or the Image of the Beast, which sums up to the Number of the Beast and showing us lie uppon lie that says the Great Dragon is sitting on the throne of God being the Power of God ready to snatch the child of a pregnant lady as soon as she gives birth etc. etc. The Name of the Beast is made much in the same fasion as the Name of God. It takes use of the same stars and planets, but they have given them names of blasphemy and connected the constellations, stars and planets etc. to human desires, like fortune, romance, economy etc. instead of focusing on the Plan of God and the emergance of his children when they visit the Earth at the turns of the ages, their bravory, works and hope which build up the Body of Love and the prophecy about the Redeemer, the Victorious Millennium King and his God Jesjuah.

One of the remedies of the House of God is Kesil (Orion), which is the Guardian of the Door to Heaven which noone can close or open unless him who guards it. If you look at the constellation of Kesil, you clearly see that with his left hand he pulls back or unveils a door in to Heaven. He is Arch Gabriel with his Belt of Ufas gold and with his legs planted in the Southern Hemisphere, like glooming bronze as if they have been heated in an oven. This is also a referance to Daniel and the story about when Daniel and his two brethern were cast into the oven. Gabriel walked among them in there and protected them from the heat, which he can do since he is among the Grand Archs of Heaven and is a Child of Fire. Orion is connected to strength and victory and has been drawn in a variety of ways up through the ages, eventhough the obvious is an angel unveiling the door to Heaven holding up two witnesses, so they can witness the events of Heaven and Earth from along the ecliptic, the Celestial Horizon of our Solar System. Remember that God stretched out Heaven as a tent to live in, that’s why the door looks like a bow, for it is a veil. Infact it is literally a Holy Tent, for the stars are symbolised as holes through the tent allowing God to look down uppon us, since he left this world when the humans fell in Eden, and went “outside the universe”, he his himself behind the veil. The two stars in the right hand of Gabriel, may be the souls of the two witnesses, or the two witnesses themselves, or maybe the keys to Heaven or Hades. It may also be a sign of victory or woe. He is connected to the Son of God, the Father and the Newborn, the seven congregations and their seven angels, the Pregnant Women and the circle of Heaven. Everything is connected here, and it all tells us a story as old as the foundations of this Universe, which is about to be fully reveiled real soon.

When the Truth of the Light is reveiled, Satan will be cast out of Heaven for good, the constellations will once again shine like they originally did, prophecying the Word of God instead of the human desires ruled by Satan. Until God reshapes the Heavens and the Earths.


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