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Neurology Advancements: (video) comments on a device to control brainwaves

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 02:07 AM

So I just watched this video on AOL Video about some new advancements in neurology, where they have actually developed a device that you wear on your head that actually reads your brainwaves, including emotions and cal tell what you are focusing on, or meditating on. This is so that a blink of an eye or any thought based action can engage an action in a video game or any other mechanical or electronic device. There’s alot more info on the video of how it works.

They are wanting to use it for thought controlled robots for the handicapped Thus, if we can program it to read the brainwaves, then it’s likely we could synthetically duplicate them and send them back as well. (thought control robots?)…

I mean, I might have just overdosed on the science fiction, but this is the type of technology that usually ends up in someones hand that it shouldn’t… Next thing you know, cults of rednecks with shotguns and weird beepers on there heads are coercing you to put the headband on, and of course you’re probably going to.

But of course this isn’t science fiction, so it might not happen, but sci-fi is still fiction.

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