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The New Beginning

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posted on Feb, 3 2004 @ 10:07 AM
The sun had just begun to set. Ariana slowly opened her eyes. The lush velvet bedspread caressed her naked skin as she turned and twisted, stretching her aching body. The clock on the night stand read 8:15pm. She had slept another day away. Getting up from the bed, she threw her robe on and walked barefoot to the window, pulling the layers of heavy drapes aside, she stared out onto the sprawling city of Miami before her. The sun's last rays were glowing orange in the horizon. It was beautiful, the lights of the cities which had once been so bright were flickering on here and there, like stars scattered in the open sky. Ariana no longer bothered turning on the lights. Her eyes had grown accustomed to the dark and the light only hamper her vision. It had been two years since the changes had started to occur. Two years since Ariana had found her true calling.
She walked into the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. The instant stuff, with water she had stolen from the Sam's Club a few miles away. Even though it was an unnecessary luxury, did not want to give up the routine of having her cup of java. Running water was non existent. Rain water was not safe either. Ariana looked around, she was content with her living quarters. The first 10 floors of the building had been ravaged by the big floods. A few higher floors were in good condition, but their owners had long since vanished. Ariana had found this place in decent condition, with the exception of some broken windows, which she covered with heavy draperies. From her location on Biscayne Boulevard, she had a 360-degree view of the entire city. Looking out of the window in the kitchen facing east, the decrepit moon had risen, highlighting the bubbling ocean. She could see the shadows flitting around the night sky. Walking back into her bedroom, she began to get dress. He would be arriving soon and he didn't like to wait.
Dressed in black, Ariana sat in front of the mirror and began to brush her hair. It was another luxury that she liked to indulge in. She couldn't even remember the last time she washed her hair, but brushing it made her feel better, after all she was still a woman with an ego. Looking at pale alabaster reflection of the woman staring back at her, Ariana laughed. She remembered the days of tanning at beach and wearing sun screen. Sun screens didn't help these days. No one went outdoors during the day. A sudden shadow caught Ariana's attention. He had come. It was time to go to work. Opening the balcony door of her bedroom, he walked in. It took her breath away every time she gazed upon him. A God he was, beautiful and strange and he had chosen her, to be his partner, his companion. Ariana stood up and he embraced her, kissing her deeply. You must be starved. She thought in her mind. Yes he replied, without uttering a sound. Together they walked to the balcony and looked out. The age of Kali Yuga had ended, it was time to clean up. Leaping into the air, the succubus and her companion took off into the night.

[edit on 10-4-2005 by worldwatcher]

posted on Feb, 3 2004 @ 11:15 AM
Another wonderful story ww - I've long been fascinated by the succubi and incubi "myth"...

Let them go forth ww - thanx for "sharing" with us!!

posted on Feb, 3 2004 @ 03:37 PM
thanks genya, I'll try.

posted on Feb, 3 2004 @ 05:26 PM
link's great. Add more!


posted on Feb, 4 2004 @ 02:32 PM
thanks DE, I will try to add some more to it later

posted on Feb, 8 2004 @ 12:52 AM
Nice story Worldwatcher.

The description is the most amazing part of the story, but the idea is also good.

But I definetly think you should sit down and write an entire story, I am pretty sure it will be a big hit. These small stories are just taking time away and not giving you the credit you deserve.

posted on Feb, 16 2004 @ 12:43 AM
Great atmosphere! I'm wanting to know if Ariana's some kind of mutant due to the environment, a post-alien-first- contact-apocalypse "street walker", a new age sexual angel of sorts, what have you. Looking forward to any updates...

posted on Feb, 22 2004 @ 07:06 PM
The story continues:

The once vibrant city of Miami in which more than two million people had lived, now had more rats than people. Ariana could still remember that night in May of 2004 when the two comets met forming a brilliant cross in the night sky. Many people had looked to the sky that night for a prophecy or a miracle and the sight did not disappoint. The changes had begun. It started within hours, with a freak storm that suddenly developed in the Bahamas and rushed toward the Northeast. It was larger and more powerful than any hurricane or noreaster ever recorded. Power was lost, phone and electricity lines were cut. Many people had died, trapped in cars, in their homes, from flash floods and tornadoes associated with the storm. The warning had come too late for many. The rest of the country had watched in horror praying for those in the Northeast, when a magnitude 10.0 earthquake hit Los Angeles. It was felt all along the state of California, triggering tidal waves, fires and landslides. Within 24 hours of the sighting of the cross, the country had become a disaster zone. Strong earthquakes were being felt in the Yellowstone area and the mountains were showing signs of imminent eruption. Mass evacuations had begun in the area, but there seemed to be nowhere to go. It seemed that every where, in all the cities around the world, disasters were occurring. Miami was hit with torrential rainstorms that lasted two weeks, flooding most of the low lying swamp land. Food and Water supplies were in shortage all over the country. People were dying rapidly. The country was in martial law. The apocalypse had arrived, or so it seemed.

Ariana was by herself when the changes had began. Viewing the comets from the 49th floor of her South Beach condominium, with a glass of wine in hand, she had gone to bed only to wake up to watch the horror plaguing the world on tv. She had tried for hours to get in contact with her few relatives in New York, when the rain began to fall. Listening to the weatherman's bungling explanation of the sudden storm that had stalled over Miami, she threw on her raincoat and went to the Sam's Club to grab some supplies. It was chaos at the store, with everyone trying to do the same. Pulling out an old receipt from her bag, she put a few five gallon jugs of water into her cart and calmly left the store, flashing her receipt to the guard. Running in the rain back to her car, she bumped into a tall man, who was suddenly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. He looked at her deep into her eyes and Ariana felt as if he was looking into her soul. Saying a quick sorry, she ran to her car and went home. The roads had already begun to flood. Arriving at the building, Ariana was shocked to see that officials were advising everyone to evacuate the building because of it being in a flood zone. Ariana went to her apartment with her supplies and locked the doors. She had no intentions of leaving her sanctuary. Two weeks of the torrential rains had brought the city to a halt. I-95 was totally submerged in water in many parts, and most local roads were completely impassable. The ocean had joined itself with Biscayne Bay and Ariana was trapped in her condominium like a sailor on a deserted island. As the rains continued, the foundation of the building had begun to weaken and Ariana was certain that she would meet her doom as her condo would soon crumble into the sea. Acceptance of her death had arrived rather calmly and opening her last bottle of wine, Ariana began to drink and to wait. She must have dozed off, for when she opened her eyes, the sun was out and was beginning to set. It was a beautiful sight to see the sun after so long. Ariana walked out onto her balcony, the waves of the ocean were gently lapping the sides of the building. The building seemed to sway and Ariana felt as is if she was on a boat, slowly drifting out to sea. Closing her eyes, she swallowed the last of the wine, allowing herself to truly enjoy the warmth that built in her chest.

As her eyes closed again, Ariana was certain she was feeling the breath of someone on her neck, suddenly strong arms seemed to lift her and carry her into her room, struggling to open her eyes, Ariana found herself unable to do so. A sudden panic began to develop deep in her stomach. There was no one there. There couldn't be anyone there. She had spent the past two weeks in solitary confinement, separated from the world when the power had eventually went off. No, there could be no one there, but then how? Why did she have the feeling that she was being lifted. Desperately trying to open her eyes or move her arms, silent tears began to roll down her face. I must be dying. Ariana had thought to herself. The building has collapsed and I am dying. I cannot possibly be that drunk. As the panic continued, Ariana felt herself being gently laid in her bed. A voice told her to relax, not to worry, no harm would befall her. A voice that she didn't hear with her ears but a voice in her mind.

Screaming Ariana sat up on the bed and opened her eyes. There was no one there. Had she been dreaming? But then how did she get to her bed? Perhaps she had walked there on her own. As she tried to sit up from the bed, Ariana caught a reflection of herself in the mirror. Her neck and chest were covered with hickey like marks. Leaning closer to the mirror to examine the marks and then looking at her chest, Ariana's panic began to grow again. The marks on her chest and neck were real. Feeling weak in the knees, she grabbed the baseball bat that she kept in her closet, and slowly made her way out of her room. The front door was locked with exactly the way she had left it. Glancing toward the balcony, Ariana saw that door was still open. Raising the bat, she made her way to the opening and looked out. A dark shadow suddenly appeared behind her, turning, Ariana swung the bat as hard as she could, knocking the lamp off the sofa table. Standing just a few inches behind her was the man she had bumped her cart into. The bat had missed him completely. Panicking, Ariana began to back away, the stranger just stood there and looked at her. Words, thoughts, images began to flood Ariana's mind. The comets, their arrival, it had started and it would soon end. Ariana slowly began to understand the sequence of thoughts in her head. The man stepped closer and took her in his arms. Her body melted to his and Ariana silently accepted his offer. She had never felt so complete, so at peace as she did in his arms. Looking up into his eyes, Ariana saw the answers of all the questions that had plagued her and humanity. She wanted to ask him so much, but she couldn't form the words to do so. He just smiled and all the questions dissolved in her head. Holding her hand, he took her to her room and laid her on the bed. He kissed her fingers, then her hand and neck. Ariana suddenly found herself undressed and the man head between her breasts. Closing her eyes, Ariana allowed herself to feel every touch, every stroke and then when she felt like she couldn't take it anymore, he glued his lips to her neck and sucked. As he sucked her neck, all her memories came rushing to the surface of her mind, losing herself in the rapture, Ariana became weak and saw the path that awaited them all. Ariana lost consciousness.

Waking up, Ariana realized that she no longer in her room. Getting up and looking out of the window, Ariana saw that it was once again evening and that she was now somewhere on the mainland and that the building that once held her condominium no longer existed. Looking around the small apartment, she was surprised to see that most of her belongings with the exception of her furniture were piled neatly in a corner. It was as if he had known she had awoken because she found him suddenly standing by the window. Looking at him, Ariana was overwhelmed with the feeling of love and desire. He was the most handsome man she had ever seen. His hair was dark and long, hanging close to his face. His skin was pale and firm. His eyes, his eyes were nothing like she had ever seen before. They were ever changing from the darkest black to the deepest blue. His eyes captivated, encompassed her, his eyes seem to hold the entire universe at once. Staring at him, Ariana forgot herself. He was suddenly in front of her, lifting her, wrapping her legs around his waist. They made love right there never leaving the spot, Ariana never breaking her gaze. As he poured himself into her, he had made her his and he filled her mind with his name. A name she could not fully comprehend, a name she could never speak with her human tongue. She was now his, completely his, there were no secrets between them, no thoughts that couldn't be shared. As he laid with her on the floor, still connected to each other, he showed her the endless cycle. The eternity that laid behind and the eternity that now laid before them. He showed her the changes that would occur on the earth and those that would begin within her.

[Edited on 2-22-2004 by worldwatcher]

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 02:07 PM
That's a very sensual, erotic and beautiful piece of writing ww...

Astounding - truly..

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 02:13 PM
Great stuff WW. It shows that you've put some thought into this world you're creating here. Keep up the great work.

posted on Feb, 24 2004 @ 02:14 PM
really genya? I wasn't sure and I am still not sure where I am going with this, but since you like it
i just might continue along this route.

i had to censor myself alot though, I tend to write highly erotic stuff, I hope I don't offend anyone with it.

thanks again hun for reading and commenting.

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 08:32 AM
demon hunter, how did I missed your post , sorry bout that. but thank you for your kind words

posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 10:21 AM
Great story, really gets your blood flowing!

posted on Mar, 2 2004 @ 10:23 AM
thanks!! glad you liked it

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