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Ron Paul, in his own words

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posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 11:21 PM
Hear the man speak.
Once you do, it never be politics as usual again.
The man is clear, concise, and if you listen, you like and trust him.
Please compare ANY of these mp3 files to ANY candidate of your choice.
I think you might agree that he's a breath of fresh air.

Some of my favorites: (9 min) Jay Leno Tonight Show 9th GOP Orlando Debate October 21 2007 (9 min) (5 min) Washington is Asleep CNN Michael Smerconish interview Philadelphia (13 min) 12 Top Issues CNN Anderson Cooper 360 Interview (9 min) Condescending Smear Interview Backfires PBS Jim Leher News Hour interview (18 min) Excellent Interview

Man I wish I had his energy.

Many more may be downloaded here. Watch out. It may be addictive...

Post your favorites.

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