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Japan hunting protected humpback whales!!!

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posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 09:36 PM
Who the hell cares, anyway? They're just stinkin whales. What was the last thing a whale did for you, anyway?

They wouldn't save your ass if the tables were turned, but they're "sooo smart." Let Japan do what they want on this, especially if those fools in Norway are doing the same thing. Hell, they're the only country in the world to get nuked. And that anime stuff is off the chain, lol.

Screw the whales, lol.

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 10:13 PM

Originally posted by West Coast
are we to ridicule you now for stating your opinion?

Before you do I'll back it up a bit with a reference on the topic which is non-biased.

"On the whole, Japan was seen to be on par with the United States in many specific research areas within fields of study and leading the world in some areas. Japan was also perceived to excel, in particular, in areas closely associated with problems significant to health and safety in Japan or closely tied to Japan’s industrial competitiveness and policy priorities."

The whole summerized report can be found here;

Originally posted by West Coast The US is actually more advanced technologically speaking. The US itself accounts for 40% of the worlds spending on R&D, and as it is the US who has the most patents out, this is a small show of just how dominate the US is in that field.

I don't dispute the spending aspect of R+D. But as I originally said, Japan leads the way in many fields of technology, and I wasn't talking collectively. Japan has an uncanny knack of taking current technology and taking it to another level. Semi-conductors for example used in missile tech and GPS. Japan leads the way. America is more innovative, without doubt, but Japan grants 3.5 times more patents than the US.

Originally posted by West CoastJapan, however does not have the lowest crime rate...The corrupt police in japan have alot to do with japans low crime rate, however they do not have the lowest. I believe that is iceland, or norway.

Actually with respect to Norway and Iceland;
Murder rates in those countries are at 0%. But the point I make is that Japanese society is a safe one. One which I can vouch for as I've been to Japan. No shootings on university campuses, you can leave your door to your unit/house open, and there's virtually no drug culture. Left your cell phone or wallet on a train? - don't worry, ring the station master when you can and the chances are someone would have handed them in.

In addition to beating of suspects, sleep deprivation to achieve confessions, and common torture of arrestees, the article describes a Japanese criminal justice system with virtually no bail...

Oh and I never take notice of sites that affiliate themselves to dating, porn or beer making sites. They sort of have little to zero credibility, except to make a 'wow' impression on the reader. But it got you though didn't it?

Originally posted by West CoastThe low "crime-rate" is artificially low due to the fact that the japanese citizens dont want the crap beat out of them by their own police...

Rubbish. It isn't because of fear, and it isn't artificial. It is a culture thing. As I say, because I've been there and know firsthand, Japanese culture in many ways is better. It's all about respect and of course economic well-being of the nation. But the Japanese way of thinking differs to us westerners. The Japanese don't go looting or overturn cars when our teams win. The Japanese don't get drunk and look for fights. The Japanese don't kill and rape each other after natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. They're just a few examples.

Originally posted by West CoastAlso, the average japanese citizen works less then the average american...

Wrong again;

Japan has more robotics in that country than the world put together. More CT and MRI scanners per capita in hospitals, you aren't obliged to give tips to everybody. Alas I have digressed enough.

[edit on 4-12-2007 by Underbelly]

posted on Dec, 3 2007 @ 11:31 PM

Originally posted by West Coast
How so?..
...That is still a far worse punishment than the women who crushed the small kitten received.

You were corrected by a fellow forum user. The kitten crusher was Chinese?
If I am wrong then maybe you could provide a link if possible.

..misspelling big words from which you do not know the full meaning of.

Didn't have my spelling-bee goggles on yesterday.

I know more about the japanese than you probably do.

No I don't think you do at all. Not even marginally...

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