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What do Iran, Venezuela, Compound Interest, and Fractional Reserve have in common?

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posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 12:00 PM
The first two are targets in the administration's crosshairs, because of the last two.

Muslim countries which are strictly following islamic law regarding usury specifically forbids loaning money at interest. Most of these countries don't do it, or do it in very small and managed ways compared to the western banking system.

Venezuela under Chavez is very outspoken against the west's practice of handing out loans to 3rd world countries so large and with so much interest attached, that it puts them into a debt they can't escape from. He is allying with other south american countries to help keep themselves from the predatory practices of the IMF and World Bank.

So it seems this government and banking industry has as much of a reason to be upset at these two countries due to their resistance to our banking practices as anything else.

The "threat" they pose to the united states is just a concocted lie with the purpose of selling the idea to the country.

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