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Detroit is the Most Dangerous City

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 10:14 AM
Detroit is the most dangerous city in the US? Gee, what a shock! Detroit has won that prestigious honor before if I remember correctly. I would have never guessed a majority black city would be dangerous(sarcasm). Aren't most cities that are majority black, dangerous? Looking at various cities that looks to be the current trend. Does this mean all blacks are evil? Hell no, but something isn't right.

I see that someone touched on Detroit's mayor. Now take a look at New Orlean's Mayor Nagin. This is the guy who basically dumb-downed police test standards so blacks could join. Anyone remember Katrina and the law enforcement during that ordeal? Seems to me that most blacks don't care what a mayor does just as long as he isn't white.

I read an article once on how Detroit was once a great place to raise a family. This was of course many decades ago. Perhaps I will Google it later to see if I can locate it.

Yes, that's right I brought up the taboo race subject. IMO, it pertains to the topic.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 10:16 AM

Originally posted by malganis
How come one of the most prosperous countries in the world can let their cities get this bad?

I think that's the question all of us want answered. Why is Detroit like this? How come New Orleans still isn't fixed two years later? Why do gangs rule LA?

Every city has it's bad parts. In a perfect world, every square inch of a city would be clean and prosperous.

But in reality, we're too busy driving up our national debt to fund illegal wars. Our federal government wants to stick it's nose in everything about our private lives and take away the power of the states and the people, but they aren't willing to deal with corrupt state and local politicians that let these cities and towns get this way in the first place.

It's a really bad system. I don't think that in a good system of no national debt and illegal wars you'd have perfect cities and towns. Yes there'd still be some bad areas. Yes there'd still be crime. But it be greatly reduced from the level it's at now.

I consider that a great investment. Imagine if we invested 9 trillion dollars in to OUR country rather than investing it in to military equipment to screw up someone else's. Imagine what our country would be like. Those outlying areas of the major cities wouldn't be so run down. Struggling cities like Detroit would have businesses downtown. Crime would drop with more firefighters and police officers. Education would improve with more invested in the schools and more schools in each area.

I don't see how we could go wrong there. Our standard of living and our country's overall image would skyrocket.

But I guess when you're in a position of great power, you're going to be taken care of through the good and the bad, and you don't have to worry about a thing. So why should you care if the nation plummets in to chaos and poverty with crumbling roads, abandoned buildings, and high crime rates? You won't be involved. You'll be in your underground bunker. So life's good. Everything else is expendable.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 11:59 AM
I don't know where this guy got his information, but he says people are removing deceased loved ones bodies out of city cemetaries because they're afraid to go there (source)

I watched part of the video that was posted, and I've seen third world countries that looked better than that.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 12:14 PM

Originally posted by Chyort
I watched part of the video that was posted, and I've seen third world countries that looked better than that.

Yep. Sadly, that video is quite accurate on what Detroit looks like as a whole. Not all parts of Detroit are that bad, but far too many are.

Maybe some other Michigan residents can back up this claim, but in Hamtramck (town just outside of Detroit), which is pretty run down and looks very poor, there are still tarps on the roofs of some houses from tornado damage from a tornado in 1997. I remember it was 1997 because my little sister had just been born when all that happened. Still TO THIS DAY there are tarps on some of those houses.

I mean, I understand the people are poor and can't afford it, but that just shows how miserable the life is in some of the areas in and immediately outside of Detroit.

Maybe they've fixed it within the last few months, since it's been about that long since I was last down there. But the last time I passed through, I saw at least 2 or 3 houses that still sit in that condition.

EDIT: Yeah it was 1997, here's a Wiki Article about it.

EDIT #2: Excuse this very very bad taste in humor, but when I was watching the video of Detroit that was posted, I had the video's sound muted because I was listening to music, and the song that came on was "Just Like Paradise".

Alright, that's enough from me. Bad joke. I apologize.

[edit on 11/20/07 by NovusOrdoMundi]

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 12:56 PM

Originally posted by NovusOrdoMundi

Originally posted by Realtruth
Detroit will eventually be sorted out in the very near future, you and I will live to see it.

This is where we have to disagree. I don't see it happening. Too much corruption.

I don't consider this my home (Houston, Texas is my home!) and I don't like it here, but I'd still like to see it rebound. I'd like to see every part of this country that is in this type of shape rebound. Unfortunately I think that's just not reality.

With all due respect you live in Houston. Corruption is the reason it will get sorted out soon.

Wow! how can that be? The city of Detroit almost went into receivership, for all you people that don't know what that means is that the City of Detroit almost got taken over by the State of Michigan, due to bankruptcy.

Even though the State is having it's own issue, this would clean house politically in the City of Detroit. Why? well once the state takes over all levels of government politicians, including the City/County building in Detroit would get replaced by state appointees.

Is this better than what they have? Absolutely 100% then the city will have broken the strangle hold that Mayor Coleman Young started in the 70's.

How close are they to Bankruptcy? 2005 it almost happened, but they started to cook the books and sell Detroit parks and assets to cover their A$$es.

Bankrupt Detroit and State Take Over

Detroit will go into receivership and get taken over very soon. Remember this post.

[edit on 20-11-2007 by Realtruth]

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 01:08 PM

Originally posted by Realtruth
With all due respect you live in Houston.

No I don't. I live in Rochester Hills. Houston is my home because I used to live there and I'd like to go back sometime soon.

Originally posted by Realtruth
Corruption is the reason it will get sorted out soon.

I hope you're right.

Originally posted by Realtruth
Even though the State is having it's own issue, this would clean house politically in the City of Detroit. Why? well once the state takes over all levels of government politicians, including the City/County building in Detroit would get replaced by state appointees.

But why is the state of Michigan in trouble? Bad politicians? Bad leadership? Bad budget?

How would that translate in to a better Detroit?

Like I said, I hope you're right, but I just don't see it being as smooth a transition as that.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 02:09 PM

Originally posted by NovusOrdoMundi

But why is the state of Michigan in trouble? Bad politicians? Bad leadership? Bad budget?

How would that translate in to a better Detroit?

Like I said, I hope you're right, but I just don't see it being as smooth a transition as that.

Sorry about that. I thought you lived in Texas I miss understood. Since Michigan taxes, government wages were based upon good Automotive times the governments be they State, County, or City are used to spending based on passed times. Well it is all different now and those in power are feeling the alligators piling up quickly. Most people in the State of Michigan that work hard have no health insurance or half a$$ insurances and benefits, yet state workers and politicians continue to enjoy the safety and comfort of full medical and pension benefits.

What will happen? The State of Michigan, starting with our almost worthless Governor will have to reduce, cut, and programs to a level of affordability and balance. You can't squeeze blood from a stone, so if citizens don't have the money to afford current taxes they will move to a state or place that does. The current Governor allows business and family to continue to leave without taking action, so this accelerates exponentially.

What to do? People will have to stand up to these idiots. Politicians serve a 4 year term and collect a full pension and medical. We can either vote with our feet and leave or vote these idiots out. It's getting to that point, most people I talk to are sick of the double talk, time for action.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 04:03 PM
I drive over to Detroit from Chicago to visit relatives often. What has
amazed me the most is how the City fixed up the streets, expressways,
planted lovely flowers, etc., for the Super Bowl a couple years ago. Where
did all that money come from? It's always eerie driving on those spanking
brand-new expressways with virtually no other auto traffic around.

Detroit has always reminded me of the Wild Wild West though. Last time
I was there, an ambulance roared down the street with it's sirens blaring
and then pulled straight into the McDonald's drive through. My uncle who
retired from Ford Motor Co. says that as long as there are liquor stores,
churches and cable TV in Detroit, the people are happy. He utilizes all
three and is as happy as a lark. Death from murder and self-inflicted
sicknesses is pervasive in the Motor City, but people are almost numb
to it. I see that here in certain parts of the Chicago inner-city too. TV
crews interviewed a mother who lost her 8 year old girl to stray gunfire
a couple hours earlier and her composure gave me the willies. The last
thing I would be doing after my child was murdered would be talking to
a Television crew in front of my home. I'd be on a Charles Bronson
payback mission. -cwm

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 05:13 PM
reply to post by Chyort

the scripture says----why do you look at the speck that is in your brothers eye while you have a beam in your own eye ?-----it is amazing that pres. bush and government can see a problem that needs to be fixed in iraq and iran with a police action but can see nothing about an equally bad problem in detroit and san francisco and new orleans and-----------and ! does the list of american cities that need police help end ?

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by yahn goodey

I like that quote, and I do agree with you to some extent. Although I think the U.S. government foreign policy is a different issue, I do believe that we have problems on the home front that should be looked at more closely.

However, I don't know if Detroit's answer is the federal government. From all the posts on this thread, it sounds as if the local government, especially the mayor, are to blame. Of course, the people who live in Detroit elected the mayor, twice no less, so they should share the blame as well.

I believe if people and government of Detroit worked together to solve their problems, they would be solved quickly. However, if Detroit continues to blame others for their problems, whether true or not, they will continue down a dark path indeed.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 07:23 PM
I try to avoid driving in Detroit if I can. I find it very much like the street scenes in Escape From New York, minus the fires and street people throwing moltove cocktails and pounding your car with bats. Traffic laws hardly exist, and basically be ready for anything.

On some Detroit streets, it's nothing to see boarded store fronts with 5 inch diameter trees growing out from the roof. And not to perpetuate any stereotypes, there will be a thriving hair and nail salon, a church and a chicken and rib shack on the same block.

I think there is a cure for the blight, however. It involves teams of Caterpillar D-9 bulldozers, big excavators with grappling jaws on them and an endless supply of dumpsters. One block at a time.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 07:34 PM
reply to post by DamnedDirtyApes

There are parts of WDC and Baltimore that you just DONT go to. They are just like you described. Just like what you see in the HBO "The Wire". Why is that? It is because of the people living in that area. Not the people running our country.

The people living there have to WANT to change. They have to change first. Money wont solve all the problems. Nor will beautifying the city. The same people committing the crimes, trashing the city, etc will still be there.

What if a new mayor is elected and what if tons of money is poured into the city to make it beautiful and clean.

How is that going to change the attitude and lifestyles of the people living there creating the disaster it is?

Ive never been to Detroit, but it sure has developed such a negative character that I wouldnt ever want to

There are actually people who just dont care if they live in filth and crime. Just dont care. I have neighbors like this. We are given [nice] housing to live in and they treat it like crap. Disgusting, dirty obnoxious people. Ugh!

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 07:51 PM
Quite frankly the people in these areas dont want to change ... afterall why should they have to do something when the government will do it for them and give them whatever they demand?

The only thing the government should do is stop wasting money on all these "revitalization" programs. Its actually kinda funny, we have a few mini Detroit type communities around me (high crime, high poverty/unemployment, etc) and so they pour in millions of dollars and totally redo the downtown area, maybe get a few more high end stores and restaurants, etc. But guess what? The crime rate is still high, its even gone up more instead of going down ... ditto with the poverty.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by Chyort

Lets see .. You asked if anyone could defend Detroit... hmmm.. I lived there for 6 years of my life.. Had a very lucritive (sp) business.. Have family there.. oh wait.. I did not live IN I lived on the outskirts and avoided downtown as much as possible. The city USED to look very pretty with alot of great history.. but someone on here hit the nail on the head by stating that the blacks vote for black.. and it is very true.. and we have tried to get another mayor in that town but for some reason our votes never add up? I wonder why?.. Downtown Detroit is a mess and will remain that way until someone else is elected in to office that has the "power" to overcome the Detroit attitude... Detroiters pride themselves on thier "murder capitol" way of life.. so as for stating anything good... well I guess that the only thing that I can say is that Belle Isle is beautiful in winter.... before the gangs wake up and over run it by midday...

and if I rambled I apologize, I will try to clean up my and if I spoke out of place, again, forgive the newbie...

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 08:48 PM
It's not just Detroit, it's the whole Great Lakes Region. Most of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, New York State, and Pennsylvania are engulfed in poverty.

Just recently Cleveland went back down from 1st impovished city to 4 (its a good thing I guess). In front of Cleveland was Detroit, Cincinnati, and Buffalo. If any members here have been in any of these cities, they know why. LINK

There are acres of unused abandoned buildings. I went up to Buffalo a few years back and a large part of it was like a ghost town.

These large cities, that once were major players in the world are now shells of what they once were. Cleveland was the home of John D. Rockefeller (a common name on a conspiracy board) and where he got much of his wealth. Detroit was (and still is for the most part) the biggest producer of automobiles. Cincinnati was a large shipping port on the Ohio river, and Buffalo was also a major port city.

Now, if you step out of the glittery downtown of any of these cities, you are in another world, and if you are in Detroit, you may have stumbled into a war zone.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by Chyort
Detroit also has the honor of being ranked second among housing foreclosures in metro areas.

This thread has kind of turned into a Detroit bashing. Can anyone defend Detroit or at least have anything good to say about it?

If your a fan of hip-hop, Eminem, D12, Trick Trick and Obie Trice lol

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by CHIYANNE

"Detroiters pride themselves on thier "murder capitol" way of life"

I lol'd when I read that, even though its pretty sad. You seem to say there was some corruption in the voting system, do you know if there was an investigation?

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 10:34 PM
reply to post by greeneyedleo

I so agree. Most people there do NOT want to change.. and if you do live there you quickly find out that the majority of people take "pride" in thier "rides" but if you look at thier homes..ha ha they are as you seen in that video a few threads back.. but again there are good areas also.. take royal oak for instance. All rich people and the place is sparkling, but the city next door to it is ghetto? go figure? I lived in Inkster for many years and you could drive down the street and tell what race and age lived where.. it was sad to see the children playing in the street or abandoned lots. I lived there when 2 little girls were raped and killed in a drug house.. the neighborhood had literally begged the city to tear down the abandoned building for YEARS. and then this happened.. the building is still standing.. and the druggies are still there, but it gets worse.. the city school system had the audicity to put a bus stop right in front of it?.. so ok like I am gonna send my kids to wait at that bus stop???

BUT on the flip side--you can go to some of the city buildings and see the beautiful arcitexture(sp) Fox Theater with its gold-painted plaster, marble floors and grand stairways, and the forts.. so many military forts that were used to defend are now used to educate our children, are free and very detailed and accurate.. which is slightly surprising. Lets not forget the great, if slightly wierd landmarks, like the giant tire found on the side of I-95, its actually a ferris wheel frame covered in actual tire material including steel and polyester resin.. its 80 foot frame has been in the same place since 1966 or the "big stove" that now marks the entrance to Belle Isle, it was built in 1893 and is 25 feet tall, 30 feet long and 20 feet wide. And on the subject of Belle Isle.. have you ever seen a white deer? they are there running in packs wild and free.. a sight to behold.. and then there are the fountains.. so beautifull...and what about the "Spirit of Detroit"? its a statue representing God in one hand and people in the other.. a symbol of life? The Detroit Grand Prix used to race through the streets of Detroit in 1982 and stayed there until this day... right there through downtown and also on Belle Isle until it was deemed too small for safe navigation.. Michael Andretti raced there many times.. the view of Canada from across the Detroit River and the skyline is something to behold.. and the Ambassador Bridge is stunning when viewed at night..(and from a distince) the Fourth of July celebrations called the "Freedom Festival" is known as the largest display in the North America..and fireworks are seen for miles as they explode from a barge in the river, in fact Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip once traveled by ship just to see the fireworks.. the majority of the concerts are free with big names on the roster, I saw Ozzy and Metallica to Tanya Tucker and Racall Flatts there free of charge.. the car shows are known from states away.. in fact we have special airflights from Florida to Detroit during the Cobo Hall Car Shows.. and the car cruises down Woodward Ave and something that people come to from miles around.. but thats in Lincoln Park, right outside of Detroit. oh and the michigan coneys are to die for. lol

ok so I have rambled on and on. I tend to get carried away with the list could go on but of couse that is only one side.. so with every bad comes good and vice versa. as for visiting Detroit.. I would recommend it but only during the day while the criminals sleep, and if you do visit, definately ride the "people mover" it was built before it was accepted but gives a great view of the city and of the art that Detroit is known for.. as for going back.. I cant wait to go back.. in fact my 14 year old will be there for Christmas.. if my post is too long please let me know

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 10:41 PM
reply to post by Chyort

I do not really know.. back then I was a follower and did not believe that "we" could change things.. I believe that there were investigations but I really dont know facts and I hate to insinuate things but it is what I think, based on feelings and my experiences there and not on published facts.. I do know that when election time comes around decent people are pretty scarce..

oh and one more example about thier "pride". On New Years at 11:30pm untill 1:00am the police officers return to thier stations because if they are caught out on the street they are shot kill not injure.. nice huh?

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 10:44 PM
I think maybe a little perspective can be found if one considers that banks are not interested in Detroit. After the riots of the 60's banks and insurance companies withdrew support in many urban areas throughout the country. That's what prompted businesses to leave areas affected by the riots. The other thing is that the government made it very attractive for the wealthy and middle-class to move into the the suburbs following World War II. There was a time in America when the poorest people lived on the outskirts of major cities. That included blacks and whites. However, because of local governments the whites were able to create new municipal areas outside of cities that through real-estate prices restricted black participation. That trend is being reversed today in many cities throughout the US.

When I lived in Boston, MA in the late 90's I lived in a section of town called the South End. It was notorious for drug dealing and prostitution previous to that time. When I moved there, I moved into a brand new secure building and rent was, pardon the pun, dirt cheap. My share was $150 for a two bedroom apartment plus two parking spots in a secure garage in the basement of the building. In Boston! I had two roommates and one person used the den as a bedroom since it had a door. By the time I left in 2003 my share of the rent had been adjusted to $575 per month. The neighborhood underwent extensive renovation. Two new condominium complexes were built within two blocks from where I lived where the price of the cheapest units were $1 million dollars! The street was reconstructed, sidewalks widened, and abundant lighting added. A new overground subway line, a trolley, to shuttle workers between the South End and downtown's financial district. Very cool and trendy nightlife spots opened within a 5 minutes drive or 20-25 minute walk along that particular street. The building that I lived in was maintained very well by its owners. Without knowing it at the time, my roommates and I had moved into a neighborhood that had been designated for "gentrification". The city moved all of the scum out and gradually moved all of the well to do into the city. I moved out of the city not because of price but because I relocated out of state. However, it must be said that I KNOW that I wouldn't be able to afford my old apartment today. My roommates and I were college students and so we weren't treated by the landlords like the locals (those originally from that area during its sleazy stage), so we were able to move into that brand new building while the locals were not. My point is that in retrospect it was very obvious how the financing and real estate brokers were working to get rid of poor blacks and attract rich whites. They basically were forcing blacks to the outskirts of the city or to other crummy areas of Boston, and making it much more desirable for whites to move from the suburbs back into the city, in addition to appealing to the young and affluent professionals representing, finance, technology, medicine, law, and education; folks who had traditionally sought comfortable lifestyles outside of much of the city.

There's no question that what happened in the South End of Boston couldn't have happened without the participation of banks. No matter how badly the city would have liked to clean that section up, it simply would not have occurred unless bankers agreed to it. So from this example, I don't think it's hard to see how bankers can create value of properties by simply ignoring them for a certain amount of time. From my own personal experience, I would say that RealTruth's prognostication for an environmental change in Detroit for the better is more than certain. With the value of natural beauty already built into the landscape and environment there, you can bet that bankers and real estate developers have been refining plans for Detroit's renaissance/rejuvenation/gentrification for decades. It will happen but only when banks give the go-ahead.

Blame is easy to place and race is easy to point out, but the reason's for Detroit's problems involves many factors. First is that when businesses and banks decided to abandon Detroit, what skills did the one's left behind, the black population, have in order to keep the city going? Clearly finance/banking and social engineering in the context of human resources management and community building were not well represented. I think if those two factors were represented in abundance among the black people of Detroit that it would be in much better shape today. I believe the same could be said about many areas affected by the aftermath of the 60's riots. Anyway, other skills would also have been needed, business skills, educational skills, political skills, and on an on. I think it can easily be said that many, if not all, of the necessary skills and abilities needed to maintain a city the size of Detroit are not abundant within the majority of its population. Many white people enjoy the benefits of the fruits produced by a few very smart, very sophisticated, and very capable white people. If that small clique of ability were to leave whites stranded without the necessary knowledge and fortitude to maintain, develop, and grow that city, then results such as today's Detroit would be inevitable. Name any trailer park in the US, and ask the same question of its people, why haven't they done more?

Other glaring factors. Where are the drugs and illegal firearms coming from that enable the plague of crime in Detroit to persist and subsist off of its majority population? Every city can get rid of certain types of crimes if it WANTS to. I'm not talking about displacing the crime to another area, I'm talking about getting rid of it. Everyone knows that crime persists in a city through some of its top elected and appointed officials. These days that's a given, sad to say. Crime is big business. No crime, no prisons, no security guards, no cops, no hot potato political issues to ensure votes. Any phenomenon is allowed to happen if it's backed by an economy and an industry. While one group of people might get their mugs plastered on the 10'oclock news every night, the fabric that assures their demise is made up of many groups of people. Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, all are involved in official capacity of allowing crime to ruin lives for the sake of economics and industry.

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