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Alien Interview - Aura around alien

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posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 04:48 PM
Hi folks,

I thought that i would let you know what happened tonight, i was sitting with my girlfriend at home and i decided to put her to the test with the alien interview tape. After about two years of me going on about aliens to her we have finally got to a point where i know how to ask her the right questions. She very srood about how she answers such questions.

For a bit of background info, my gfriend and i have been going out for about three years, she is a "spiritualist" and very high level reiki master, i use the quotes because it is the closest thing to describing her as i can say that conveys "what" she is. Anyway, after many "spiritual" experiences and learnings i have experienced enough to stop questioning everything, well most of the time and accepted that i am now convinced of such things. Before i am asked for proof etc, in my experience all proof on these topics always ends up being circumstanial, so im not going to insult the serious nature of UFO and EBE research by saying that this is concrete proof of anything, my hope is that it will in some way add to the "building proof" in favour of the exsistence of EBE's etc that most people want and deserve ie proof.

Anyway, i showed her the video and she did an aura reading on the "being" she said the following and would not give me any further info than what i am going to write, she just kissed me and said shes away to bed, which means now its your turn, believe what you want to believe.

so she said the colour of the aura was: -

gf = girlfriend
me = me

me - what colour is the aura
gf - light pinky purple

me - what does that mean???
gf - well, i know that pink is love and purple is some who is very meditative

me- so in your experience do and object such as puppets or this keyboard ever have and energy colours like that
gf - well, i have never seen it before, i never look at every different object to see its colour, generally the are a white hue

me - so would you say that that is a biological being or multi-dimentional being like us??
gf - i dont know, well darling im away to bed.....

She always does that to me she wont get sucked into talking any more about things, she doesnt like giving me her opinion she wants me to make my own mind up about things, btw its not only these type of conversions that she is like this about generally its always this way about everything....she's great tho


PS - please be nice with you comments, i am only passing this info on cause i feel it may be useful to someone, it may convince you of something, or just confirm no-thing!

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posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 05:23 PM
reply to post by mcktj

Hi mcktj, and welcome to ATS. I really like the way you are thinking here, with the aura detection theory (if there is such a thing as detecting aura's) and I see what you are getting at.

My only problem is, wouldnt one who "detects Aura's" need to be there in person to detect or read an aura from something biological? I mean to say, that if she is watching a taped session and there is no one physically there, then isnt she reading an inanimate object such as a TV screen or monitor ?

Anyway its a good thought and I like the thinking "outside" the box. If I knew someone whom could, in my opinion, legitimately "read aura's", I too would definitely ask them if they could do it.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 05:34 PM
Wow, thats a really interesting post.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by 1nL1ghtened

Hi 1nL1nghtened,

Thanks for the courteous comments!

When we first met and i was learning to "see" auras not read them, i asked that question too. What she told me was that because the energy you can see is apart of that person it can be captured by film, it just takes a bit of practise to see the energy, i say energy it looks like blobs of colour, a simple experiment that you can try is to put your hand against a piece of paper at about arms length a look at it with your eyes relaxed for 15 - 20 seconds what you will see is a soft hue forming around your hand this is the first level of the aura structure. it works with colours too! get a white sheet and draw a solid coloured shape. repeat the looking and you then close your eyes and you should see the complemtry colour of that which is on the sheet. That how to "train" this skill.

Anyway, there are some problems when trying to read a aura from the tv etc you may not get a fully accurate reading but you can see the basic colours of the aura. I got her to do it because she is far more experienced at looking at the tv ones, all i can see is the first level which is normally a light grey white color it is also about 1 - 3cm away from the object.

Your quite right that being there physically will give the best results, but we have to use what we got.

Thanks again for your comments


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