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Do you like breathing and drinking Silver Iodide?

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 01:55 PM

Originally posted by Essan

I think there a confusion developing between weather modification - ie spraying silver iodide into low level clouds to cause precipitation - and the internet myth that high level cirrus clouds, and contrails produced by ever increasing numbers of airliners, are deliberate 'chemtrails'
We're only discussing the former here.

I agree, and I think the confusion stems from the OP's pictures of normal contrails on a busy jet route.

This information is interesting, but I would stay away from the typical chem trail conspericy that really should not have any relation with this.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 02:21 PM

Originally posted by stompk

Have you ever seen a jet vapor actually grow into a cloud other than the thin line that we see? When you are talking about a small amount, how diluted does it become as it is dumped out of the jet exhaust at 35,000 feet before it hits the ground?

In the picture I posted, you can see the pods on the wingtips also producing a trail.

And here is a youtube video of jet trails forming into clouds.

Being in the military and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that what you call "pods" are actually antennas on a E-6 Mercury Reconnaissance aircraft.

Let me walk you through this picture if I may…

On the E-6 the right outboard engine you can see the contrail start about 1 ½ inches back behind the aircraft. If you go about 1 ½ inches behind the KC-135 it puts you about the backside of the E-6 wings.

All those contrails you see near the E-6 are the contrails off the KC-135. At about the 1 ½ inch mark where we can see the right outboard engine contrails forming that is also where the other three engines for the E-6 have theirs too, but they are mixed in with the KC-135 contrails and so what you get is a thicker pattern with about 6 lines. If they were side by side instead of in line you would see eight contrails all starting about 1 ½ inch back in the picture of both aircraft.

I’m at work so I can’t upload a picture showing what I mean, but I’ll try and add it later.

When I got home I added this picture to illustrate. The black is the start of the contrails from the front aircraft the KC-135 and the red lines are about where the E6 contrails start.

This is why I suggest that you all stay away from the chem trail conspiracy and stick with what is actually a very believable subject on its own.

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by Xtrozero
Have you ever seen a jet vapor actually grow into a cloud other than the thin line that we see? When you are talking about a small amount, how diluted does it become as it is dumped out of the jet exhaust at 35,000 feet before it hits the ground?

Yes, quite often... and I assume you are implying that large amounts must be in the fuel... as I said before, from my understanding it's small amounts and will accumilate, as stated by other posters, over a period of time.
I've seen some of the "contrails" floating downwards as well before hitting thelayer with alot of vapor, then spreading out.

I would also like to know a few other things too. One of them (being an ex jet engine mechanic too) is the turbine area is around 1000c or more, and so how does this affect those chemicals? The last part is if jet fuel had particles in it then there would be a good chance that these particals would form carbon or other material in the hot sections of these engines and start to close off the very small cooling air holes along with other issues.

I'm not a chemist, nor have I ever had my hands on a jet engine... can't answer that except that I am pretty sure, knowing how long they've been working on cloud seeding, that someone else has figured out a way to do it and keep engines clean. I didn't invent the stuff and have never even attempted such a thing myself, so no answer for you.

When you start to talk about a chemical that is burned through the engine at very high temps and not sprayed this opens up a whole new direction of dialog. Not that I am disagreeing at this point.

Understandable. At that temperature, one could assume silver would be broken away from any bond it may have and melt to mechanical parts that are cooler... I don't know that myself though. As far as my assumption, I would guess they have it in some kind of suspension with another chemical and they actually use the heat itself to create the proper product they need. Simple as taking a pill in which the chemicals are converted into a useful drug by the body. The doctors thought ahead and figure out a way to make the delivery more efficient by letting the body create it's own chemicals from the ingested ones. Really, it's not that far fetched.


I do know (sorry if i got off topic a bit with the contrails), that my mom said they had a tank on a smaller plane, and they sprayed chemicals much like a crop duster, only alot higher in the air. She said they would spray over Centennial (right at the base of the mountains), so I think they were hitting the air as it is just dropping over the mountains so the clouds would have time to accumilate and condense over the Laramie valley... otherwise, I think the clouds would end up dumping on the summit on the other side if they seeded them later.

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posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 05:47 AM
Interesting connection.

Veolia Environment is destroying much of our VX stockpile at their fuel refining station in Port Arthur Tx.

Veolia Water is the US's and the Worlds largest owner/operator of water treatment plants.

Veolia, is French owned. I wonder if this has anything to do with the recent meetings between Sarkozy and Bush.

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