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the truth about mars?

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posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 04:00 AM
I found this information a long time ago, don't ask for the link, there isn't one
(that i know of.)

-- Long ago when the dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, there was an ancient civilization on Mars. They did not have high-technology. The Martians had a civilization that technologically was pretty similar to the ancient Egyptians 3,000 years ago. The Martians of long ago experienced a planetary holocaust not of their own making. A very large asteroid skipped through their atmosphere, but didn't impact on the planet. It caused an atmospheric disruption that resulted in climactic changes. Mars didn't have a sufficiently high gravity to dampen the disruptions so the atmosphere started to vibrate and much was carried away by the solar wind. The planet was destroyed over a matter of a few months. Before they were wiped out, something called the Galactic Federation had a group of aliens called Greys come in and rescue them. Greys are the beings that are involved in the so-called "abduction phenomena" that you hear so much about.

-- The Greys have the technical ability to move their ships through time as easily as space. It's only a matter of years before our scientists in our laboratories understand the physics and can do this as well. The Greys can travel a billion years of time like we walk across the street. They brought lots of those Martians up to the present time period, and returned them to Mars. The Martians would have loved to have been brought to Earth a 150 years ago -- they'd be running this planet by now. The problem is, right now they're on a dead world that has no future for them. They must leave. The Greys have bootstrapped the Martian technology, so that they have about a 150-year technological advantage over humans. They have an ability to have fast flying saucers that shuttle between Mars and Earth to get supplies and things like that. They do not have interstellar or inter-time capabilities on the level that the Greys have.

-- The Martians have no choice. They have to leave Mars now, but our planet is populated with aggressive, hostile inhabitants who have movies about wiping out invasions from Mars. The Martians are terrified. They are not interested in conquering; they just need to be rescued.

-- There are already some Martians on Earth. One of their bases is underneath a mountain called Santa Fe Baldy, outside of town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are also villages of Martians on the surface of the Earth. They're basically mistaken as being Native American. Inside the base underneath Santa Fe Baldy, there is a nursery where moms are taking care of kids. Those kids were born here -- that means, those kids are American citizens and their parents have legal rights for expedited green card status. They don't need warheads, they need passports.

-- The Martians are not interested in warfare, and their only major defense is clandestine activity. They're hiding. The rest of the galaxy is watching to find out what humans are going to do when we finally take our heads out of the sand like the proverbial ostrich, look up and say, "Alright, we admit that we are not alone in this universe, or even our own solar system. You exist -- let's talk." The question is: are the humans going to freak out and send missiles or are we going to say with compassion, "We hear you have troubles. Can we help?" That's what the galaxy is actually looking to see -- are we going to be mature participants in what we now know is a robust galactic community of life, or are we going to stay in the daycare of the galaxy and remain primitive? This is the biggest spectator sport in the galaxy!

(what do you think?) ..............

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posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 09:36 AM
No replies..... I’m patient..

here's more to it.....

-- You probably would not know the difference if you saw a Martian -- they're all humanoid. There are various genetic strains. Some of them look different, but some of the Martians are very human looking. The closest connection that you might find to the largest group of Martians, would be the Native American community. A little makeup, a hat, some glasses go a long way if someone wants to keep themselves disguised. They are not carbon copies of humans, but they're interesting. In the old days on Mars, they were clearly thinner, wispier, physically weaker beings. They didn't have as much gravity to deal with. The ones living in villages on the surface of Earth seem to be thicker, heavier, Indian-type stock. You would very easily confuse them with Indians in Latin America. Those in the base underneath Santa Fe Baldy seem to be taller, thinner, lighter skinned. We will have to get over our worries about racism and realize that we are only one of a large number of species.

-- The Martians know they have to come here, and they don't want to make us enemies. They have to beg their way in here. On the other hand, there are not so many Martians that they are going to be a population problem. We're probably talking a few million -- enough to populate one medium-sized city.

-- They have a technology to change the vibration of matter, so that physical matter can pass through other matter. ET ships don't need a tunnel to get through rock -- for the Martians to get to their base when they are flying their ships, they flip a switch and go right through the mountain, and then flip the switch off when they get inside the hangar. Eventually a tunnel will be made into the mountain, train tracks put down, and the base will become an immigration processing center.

-- What Richard Hoagland and others have been saying about the Martian Cydonia complex is true -- they are clearly the ruins of an Ancient Martian city. It's one of our favorite spots to send people, because it's such a clear target. We send them back in time when that place was bustling with activity.

-- The root of the word "Cairo" in Arabic is Mars. There is a tremendous parallel in culture between the Egyptians 3,000 years ago and the ancient Martian culture at the time of the destruction.

The situation on Mars is going to be coming to a head very soon because of the new probes we are sending up. If the Martians blow them up, which is what happened to the American Mars Observer probe and the Russian Phobos probe, because they want to continue their clandestine nature, then stuff will start coming out. If they don't blow them up and the probes actually arrive on the planet and start taking pictures, then people back on Earth are definitely going to start asking questions.

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posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 09:50 AM
A quick google search of a portion of your text told me this:

By James Gregory

[This is a summary of a 25-page Special Report on Remote Viewing that was sent to all paid NHNE subscribers on November 27.]

The whole article can be found there. Other than that, I dont really have an opinion, its just one of the many stories out there eh.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 09:57 AM
Could it be that the millions of "undocumented aliens" are, indeed, aliens? Spanish would be an easy language for a Martian to pick up, and so they would blend with real Hispanics.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 10:08 AM
where did u cust and paste this from?

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 10:09 AM
ok nice story. I'm not sure what you want commented on for it basically leaps in some very big directions as to how the universe is.

1. Mars was earth like 100 million years plus ago. One of mars biggest problems is it has a very thin atmosphere, and so I do not see how it could have been earth like. Also being farther away from the sun think how cold it would still be even if the atmosphere was thicker at one time.

2. Mars had intelligent life that evolved independently on their planet. We are not talking just life here but intelligent life. The odds of this happening in the same solar system or even millions of solar systems are almost astronomically impossible. Oh, and add they are human like makes it truly an impossibility.

3. Not just two forms of intelligent but three. The grays as advance as they may be have little chance in finding this lonely 3rd planet from the sun in a vast universe.

4. If the grays can go anywhere in anytime why can’t they go back in time and change the path of the asteroid and fix the whole issue? Or take the Martians to another earth like planet that didn’t have intelligent life evolve on it?

Just another huge leap when one tries to make a fictional story into something factual.

5. The rest of the galaxy is watching? Makes one think about the movie Men in black. Why don’t these super advance races just end war on earth? You also talk like the Universe wants us to pass a maturity test to enter their club. Why is it we need to mature now when we should just be given millions of years to do it? This starts to jump from Men in Black to Star Trek with the prime directive.

As I said nice story…

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 10:32 AM
Well...this is definitely interesting. To the last poster, with everything we know about science today, I would say you are 100 percent correct. EXCEPT there are many many many things we don't know about the makeup of our solar system and the planets yet, and truth be told I wouldn't believe any of that myself... except for the fact that I and quite a few others have (and here's another thing science has yet to, I didn't say "explain away") astrally travelled there, and seen giant black pyramids on Mars' surface to this day. So, to me, Ancient Egyptian culture came from Mars. It's obvious when you really open your mind, and even just doing research on the internet, there's an unmistakeable connection between the two. It's so clear, it's almost undeniable.

But I can understand where modern science conflicts with many things being written about on this website. I also understand that we'll be kicking ourself in face when we all realize that we actually know very little, and it's a dangerous thing, being as arrogant as we all are (even me), because we're destroying ourselves, and people just go through life nowadays complete self obsessed, completely allegient to temporary things, completely convinced that it will last because this universe and this world belongs to US. That's not true, and even the most hardcore skeptic can't argue that.

At least keep that stuff in mind, so then when all the info comes flooding out, you won't be in complete shock.

Who's that crazy guy with the glasses in your avatar?

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 10:40 AM
Fun story. I wouldn't put anything else into it besides that

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 07:48 PM

Originally posted by indierockalien

At least keep that stuff in mind, so then when all the info comes flooding out, you won't be in complete shock.

Who's that crazy guy with the glasses in your avatar?

You throw a big dead alien up on my kitchen table and I will not be in shock in the least. You can astrally travel all you want and we can’t even get a finger on that either. Astral project to my house much less Mars and tell me what is on my wall in my computer room and I’ll believe you.

So many want to say they have powers in many ways but when you ask one simple example that would undeniable convince someone it is actually real it doesn’t happen. Millions and millions of fuzzy pictures of alien space crafts doesn’t equal one dead one on my kitchen table.

BTW he is Doctor Strange Glove from the movie. I use to fly nukes all over the world and we would watch this movie over and over as a crew just before we would head out to dinner on our trips…

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 08:05 PM
Man I wouldnt wanna kill an alien for you, but if one chooses to like come down with me and hang out for a couple days, I will totally introduce you. Unfortunately, it's like still mysterious to me. It's happened to me, but I can't say that I'm on any level to ask whoever it was favors, like "could you come down and prove yourself to everyone, even though you're still trying to be mysterious to me?"

I should buy a webcam and wait for that day.

But I'm only a beginner at all that stuff. I didn't mean to travel there. I don't really have control of it when it happens. It hasn't happened in a few months, though. I haven't been very dilligent in practicing all that stuff, though. I gotta basically start from point A again. I'm re-instating my daily meditations as of two days ago, so I'll let you know when I can come over and say hello, okay?

Dr. Strange Glove? Hmm... I always thought it was Strangelove... either way, I have only seen parts of that movie. Cool.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 09:09 PM
Graham Hancock's book the Mars Mystery deals with the idea of the atmosphere being "pulled away" by a large asteroid passing by, among other things... good read if you're really interested...

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 11:34 PM
reply to post by Dae

arrr, thats the one, thanks for the link.....

REMOTE VIEWING.......that's it........

still......the remote viewing thing itself is very interesting.....

if anyones interested.....heres more on the greys.....

-- The Greys are an alien race from another star system in our own galaxy.

-- Back in 1947, when we first found out about the Greys, the military was in a dilemma. They said, "Mr. President, you can tell people on the radio that the ETs are here. That they have extraordinarily advanced technology. That we're defenseless. And that they may be doing some things to our citizens that they may not particularly like." Every president since Truman has had the same response as he did: "I'm not going on the air with that."

-- Greys have a bad rep -- the early abduction literature is filled with horror stories, about how they abducted people in the middle of the night, performing gynecological and neurological experiments. One of the main reasons for "Cosmic Voyage" is to give the other side of the picture: that, in fact, we're not being invaded by hostile species. If anything, the Greys are as helpful to us as they were to the Martians. They are the cavalry, the rescue corps. The Greys are an interesting, benign and helpful species.

-- The Greys, unlike the Martians, destroyed their own homeworld through wanton abuse of their environment, greed, and selfishness. They had to go underground in order to survive -- not too dissimilar to what we're going to be facing in 80 years. When they went underground, they had a genetically-engineered nervous breakdown. It started when they said: "It would be better if we were shorter because it's hard to walk around in these tunnels. It would be better if we had larger eyes, there's not that much light down here. As smaller beings, it's harder to give birth, so we might as well start raising our fetuses in cannisters." And when they realized how good they were getting at genetics manipulation they said, "Why don't we get rid of the rampant emotions, the greed that got into this situation? Let's change our brains genetically, so that we have only one electrochemical response to any stimulus that we get. That will allow us to advance spiritually.

We'll get rid of all the anger, all the hostility, everything." They even got rid of love. What they ended up with was a society that was no different from Mr. Spock on Star Trek -- electrochemical brains that produced only one benign response to everything that happened to them. They experienced tremendous spiritual growth, but they eventually realized they were in a dead end, and they realized that unless they had more emotional flexibility in their minds, they couldn't be like the very great beings in the spiritual realm. They needed to experience more, yet they were terrified of going back to their own past, because that's what led them into that collective nervous breakdown in the first place. They went to the Galactic Federation and submitted an application for help in a genetic uplift project for themselves. They said to the Galactic Federation, "May we go to Earth and use their gene pool?" They picked our planet because of the tremendous genetic variation. Their request was approved. When they got here, they went around asking for permission. The Greys are almost comical, in the way that they ask permission for everything.

-- The human gene project is one of the most beautiful transformations of a species that anybody has witnessed. People volunteered before they were born saying, "When I am in a physical form, I am willingly to participate in this so-called abduction phenomenon so that you can get some of the genes to help uplift the species," knowing full well that when they took on human form, that they would not remember the experience

-- The Greys didn't want their old genetics, they wanted something brand new, they wanted part of our genes. They consider us a dysfunctional species in some regards. They don't want our aggression, our hate, our anger, our fear, our territoriality. But, they do want the love, the nurturing, the caring, all the good things. Those are the genes that produce those type of electrochemical responses for love, caring, nurturing, that they're splicing, slowly but surely, into their own genetic framework. In the future, the Greys have their own planet again. When you go to that planet where they take this race that literally is our offspring, since they are half us, and do a mind probe, it's one of the most beautiful things anyone could ever imagine. You get all the love, all the nurturing, all the caring, none of the hostility. They are the type of people you want next door.

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posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 01:29 PM

Originally posted by indierockalien

I should buy a webcam and wait for that day.

Dr. Strange Glove? Hmm... I always thought it was Strangelove... either way, I have only seen parts of that movie. Cool.

Live Webcam on ATS of alien contact might be cool.

Well it is Strangelove but we like to call him Strange Glove since some Nazi spirit has control over it at times.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 02:35 PM

Originally posted by indierockalien
except for the fact that I and quite a few others have (and here's another thing science has yet to, I didn't say "explain away") astrally travelled there, and seen giant black pyramids on Mars' surface to this day. So, to me, Ancient Egyptian culture came from Mars. It's obvious when you really open your mind, and even just doing research on the internet, there's an unmistakeable connection between the two. It's so clear, it's almost undeniable.

Thankyou for that. I haven't had a good laugh for a long time. It must be very exciting too, being able to 'astrally project". Do you eat lots of cheese, because that can give one very vivid dreams?!

Oh, I know, I'm closed-minded, no wait...I'm one of those damn scientists, you KNOW you can't trust THEM!

Astral Projection, IMO is like intelligent design, not scientifically testable,therefore not worth debating.

Do you spend time on conspiracy websites,looking at aliens and ufos and extraterrestrial life? Maybe there is a connection between what you are interested in and what foments itself in your 'dreams?

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 03:47 AM
just more interesting stuff from the remote viewing phenomena

On November 14, 1996, astronomer Chuck Shramek of Houston appeared on the Art Bell Show to announce that he had just discovered a ringed object four times the size of Earth tracking right behind the Hale-Bopp Comet. The object appeared to emitting light. He claimed to have posted photographic proof of his discovery on his Web site.

The next night, remote viewer Courtney Brown of the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE appeared on the Art Bell Radio Show to provide a detailed description of the astronomical anomaly in the vicinity of the Hale-Bopp Comet based upon information gathered by remote viewing. Previous to Brown's appearance on the show, the FARSIGHT INSTITUTE had assigned three pairs of remote viewers (one monitor and one viewer in each pair) the following target: "Anomalous object near Hale-Bopp comet (current time)." These sessions were conducted "blind," meaning that the viewers were not told the identity of the target until after the sessions were completed.

The following are excerpts from the sessions.

-- The target involves an artificial structure. The target is large, hollow, and moving very fast.

-- A climate-controlled space capsule. An ET craft. Heavy, big, hollow, magnetic, and electric.

-- Something at the target location is glowing. It is large, dense, magnetic, and it was involved with a great deal of energy.

-- The target is moving, and is following a plan.

-- The purpose is not as a weapon.

-- The government and secrecy are involved. The potential of harm is great right now due to the lack of faith by the leaders.

-- It is crucial for the leadership to wake up and listen. There is an urgency in understanding now. The object is known by the government due to satellite and reconnaissance photos. They don't know what it is for.

-- NASA is related to this. They are not seeing what they think they are seeing. They have not properly decoded the messages.

-- The guidance system (of the object) is a composite of minerals and organic material in a matrix of thought. It is intended as a device for vibrational instrumentation. Some have looked at it and not decoded the unlocking or keying mechanism properly. It is a danger to those and some others as a result.

-- The object is on a journey/mission of awakening from the center of the belt system. It is traveling through the Earth's and other star systems. The purpose is galactic evolution and is humanitarian in application.

-- This object is a joint project of Greys, humans, Martians, and others.

-- The Galactic Council is watching with serious intent.

-- It constitutes a new historical discovery.

-- The purpose of the target object is uncovering that which has been hidden or lost. The purpose is one of discovery. It is fulfilling a destiny. It will provide radical information to help ease humans through the coming transition.

-- The target object will accomplish its mission. This time it will not be stopped. There will be no interference. It has unilateral support.

-- In some sense, this object is welcome. The target object's information will help bring about a new era for humanity. It will help heal the schisms created by the upcoming event with the target object's information.

-- It seems to represent a new beginning even though some view it as an end. It is advanced, helping, necessary, and relevant.

-- There are more of them coming.

(i suppose this is turning out to more on remote viewng then it is on mars......, still, remote viewing itslef is just as interesting.......)

posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 03:23 PM
Indeed, we have to worry about the Martians. We should send them to the moon and wipe them out if they try to come to Earth. The reason is what if they will pollute our earth with their carelessness like they did to Mars? Unless they promise to not to pollute Earth and to prove it they can start cleaning out Mars and Earth altogether we can welcome them.

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