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The truth about fiction

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posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 05:34 PM
Now, as we all know, there are people everywhere trying to find or be the mythical creatures that authors and storytellers throughout the ages have been so ingenious to think of.
Let's take this slowly.

Aliens: We can obviously tell where this idea was generated from. The curiosity of what may be out there has always been a huge topic with those all around the world. "Are there others out in space?" "If we are here doesn't that mean that there are things living on other planets as well?" Yes, that very well could mean that there are others out there like us. Well, not exactly like us per-say but similar in the way that we both breathe and think. George Lucas believed that a race of people like ourselves were out in space mixed with other creatures just as we are mixed with other races. The ingenious man then took this small idea, expanded it and transformed it into what we all know as Star Wars. This of course was all in his mind but it started from the curiosity of the simple yet intelligent ideas of ancient man.

Vampires: If they are but fantasy then what might have caused the idea of a blood-sucking, half-human to come about? I believe that vampires have been around for as long as humans have been. The ideas of blood-drinkers are obviously not just ideas anymore but epic tales of more than human proportions. I have met such "half-lifes" and in reality they are anything but. The stories of demonic vampires surely should have raised from the fear created when a vampire finally brought the courage to speak of who he or she was. The not so idealistic people of that time period must have stopped at the phrase "I drink blood" and fled with exaggerated stories of possession by demons and how there was a mad man/woman from hell rampaging about screaming that they were bloodthirsty and out to kill them all. This can even be slightly proven by the facts of today. Of how rumors come to be and reputations change and grow whether downward or upward.

Witches and Wizards: As the Greeks created gods to created reasons for why things happen, witches were created to explain the unexplainable. The world has become unreasonably logical for my taste, but then again back then they were unreasonably illogical. Where does the middle come in? Witches and Wizards may very well exist just as vampires and aliens do. They stay hidden and discreet in order to avoid anymore disapproval from society or any other reasons they may have. Witches and wizards though I do not think are anything of what Hollywood has made them. Harry Potter is a good example of how far society will go to exaggerate magik. For example, Wicca is a much more reasonable example of todays magik. There is no wand used or any gibberish word to be said. They are more of incantations than Harry Potter's wingardium leviosa.

If I have offended anyone of any of these topics, please say so in the most polite way you possibly can and I will absorb it into my mind and possibly have a change in opinion, unless of course you are just being ridiculous.
I am terribly sorry for any offensive things I have said, but this is purely my opinion and I am simply stating it.

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