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"Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid's Treasonous Statement "

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posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 12:26 PM

Senator Harry Reid is the Majority Leader in the US Senate. So, his statement this week is pretty damn shocking for any Democrat to make, but apparently one Democrat had to say it/lie first as part of their bid to win back the White House in 2008 and he eagerly took up the task:

"This war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week," Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid told reporters, referring to the U.S.-led security push in Baghdad. - Globe and Mail

The source of that page goes on their op/ed tirade, nothing else much to that, aside from the fact that VOTES can be forced by Maj Leaders -- what has this guy done? Where has be been for the last year? Almost as bad as Oil Cheney IMO -- who should be impeached for war crimes and economic collapse. 9$ trillion deficits do not disappear overnight.

The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
$1.47 billion per day since September 29, 2006!
Concerned? Then tell Congress and the White House!

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posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 12:27 PM
"Dingy" Harry Reid has been going on about how the "war is lost" ever since he became Majority leader. This defeatists mentality of the left is nothing new.

They are totally vested in defeat in Iraq, and always have been.

Convincing people that the war is lost and that they "need" Democrats to pull troops out is their only hope at winning this election.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by nyk537

How about the fact that a 9$ trillion deficit is the real issue now. bin Laden is in prison somewhere, waiting to get wheeled out for the holidays soon, oil is secured, there is no way an Iranian attack is going to happen, Cheney is literally dying of heart problems, this is a disaster and this thread has gotten about 20 hits. Shows the people of America care less about politics -- how about an 'outcome' for a country at this pace.

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