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Population control 'needs debate'

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posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 11:42 PM

Something else to notice is that the population and quality-of-life forecasts for most regions get better each decade. In the 1970s, Ehrlich predicted mass world-wide starvation around 1980! He sure had to eat his words. Of course, there are and will be problems with population growth, and resource management, and all that, but minor ones that can be solved.

Ofcourse, through war and pollution and future nuclear accidents orignating from Reptilian/draco terroristic plans for humanity.

Yeah, free energy is good but then overpopulation will always be a problem.

The earlier explorers into the "new world" came to the desired (unexplored) regions for what reasons?

First was to find trade routes which was an economical reason, then it changed when people figured out that they could leave their nations for themselves and colonize the areas. Freedom of religion or simply for other reasons which motivated them to explore and settle into new lands. Overpopulation in the past resulted in WARS which was entangled and expressed in the policies of the kings. Today, power politics is more subtle but could result in drastic consequences.

Despite, free energy the problem of overcrowding and envrinmental pollution caused by equipment is still a reality.

The other reason to explore and to colonize outside of Earth is to preserve the human race in case of an asteriod or meteor hitting Earth or another unseen or unpredicted event.

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 11:53 PM

Originally posted by goldengrain
The Yucca Mountain thing is dead, after all the fighting, because

this land that the government was telling us was an ideal burial place for nuclear waste is actually RIGHT ON TOP OF A FAULT!!!

DOE has stated that seismic and tectonic effects on the natural systems at Yucca Mountain will not significantly affect repository performance. Yucca Mountain lies in a region of ongoing tectonic deformation, but the deformation rates are too slow to significantly affect the mountain during the 10,000-year regulatory compliance period. Rises in the water table caused by seismic activity would be, at most, a few tens of meters and would not reach the repository. The fractured and faulted volcanic tuff that comprises Yucca Mountain reflects the occurrence of many earthquake-faulting and strong ground motion events during the last several million years, and the hydrological characteristics of the rock would not be changed significantly by seismic events that may occur in the next 10,000 years. The engineered barrier system components are robust under seismic loads and will provide substantial protection of the waste form from seepage water, even under severe seismic loading. see Low Probability Seismic Events

Originally posted by goldengrain
If we DID find an acceptable alternate fuel source and did not require oil, it would plunge many countries in the mid-East into poverty, no? If that happened they might not be any threat to us any longer, and we might pull our troops out of the area, thinking it would be a waste of money.

Depends on how dependent on oil they are. But really a new power source would help everyone.

posted on Nov, 22 2007 @ 06:40 PM
Goldengrain:,What 3rd world country has the ability to industrialize without help from the West?

I have a problem with giving up anything to make it better for some 3rd world. We did it on our own, so can they. I worked hard all my life to be comfortable, why should I give up any of it? I owe them nothing. No one owes them anything. If they can't sort it out, well then nature can take its course and there is no excuse to help them so they can just continue to breed like flies.

Johnmike, I understand that you don't like giving the government to power to limit family size, however do you have an alternative? Obviously no one is willing to volunteer to not have children. YOu have noted that the rich and the middle class have about 2-3 children and that is all. While the very poor just keep bredding, and you pick up the tab for their support.

How much nuclear waste do you think this planet can hold, and for how long? How about we bury it on that vacant lot down the street from where you live?

Birth control is not enough. There needs to be manditory sterilization programs.

And how about racial equality. Do you think that it is fair that white people are only 10% of the total? Wouldn't it be more fair to have equal numbers each of all 4 major races?

Deporting those that breed to excess is a bad idea. Where would you send them. How about just sterilizing them? After 2 babies - sterilize or jail till your past reproductive stage - for men that would likely be life.

Who wants to live underwater - what a nutty and expensive idea.

One thing no one here has mentioned, which just goes to show that you are not looking at the big picture or doing the logistics of human life.

Tell me Mr. pro 100 billion population - just exactly what plan do you have to dispose of all the garbage? The decay of the contents of present landfills have already seeped into the ground water.
And how about the sewage - all those billions of tons of human feces. Where are you going to put it?

India has about a billion people or more.. When you get off a plane there the first thing that hits you is the smell of human feces. Would you like living in a world were it smelled like that everywhere? Maybe you have never lived in a place where folks had an outdoor privy. They stink.

Are you aware that 100% of the world's water is contaminated with chemicals and bacteria?
Are you aware of how many beaches get closed because of a high count of fecal bacteria?

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