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Osama bin Laden Converts From Radical Islam to Marxism

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posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 12:40 AM
Did anybody else make note of Osama bin Laden's conversion from radical Islam to Marxist Socialism in September 2007?

In the video, bin Laden addresses Americans and rails against the ills of economic exploitation, multinational corporations, and globalization. He tells them to liberate themselves from "the deception, shackles, and attrition of the capitalist system."

Militant Salafism, a hard-line sect within Sunni Islam, follows a literalist interpretation of the Koran and is suspicious of philosophical innovation. Marx's conception of material history, rendered exclusively in terms of economic impulses, is thus incompatible with Al Qaeda's brand of Islamicism.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

In recent weeks Fox News has gotten more agressive in its criticism of dissent.

I wonder if anti-globalization protesters, North American Union protesters, and anti-corporatization protesters will become the next targets in the War on Terror...

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