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Weird recording from Radio - E.T's talking? Ghosts??

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posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 10:52 AM
Oh, yeah, one question for the never gave us the location, frequency, or call sign of the radio station. Those things might help make your case. Andy

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by drunknmunky

My guess would be it could be related to space weather.

It sounds remarkably like some of the files that have been posted on the "Science" forum (signals from the outer space).

Very interesting.
Make sure you don't lose it!
(The tape, I mean ; ))

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 01:28 PM
"Noiseprint Magic"

To further show you incompatabilities in this audio file, I've done a noise research.

I took a noiseprint (basically, a print screen of a certain frequency range) from Part B, the alleged radio changing channels.

I then subtracted and extruded other noiseprints available in Part A and Part C basing the frequency range and shape on the noiseprint. Basically, I had the module leave only the areas where this noise print from Part B (radio changing) is present.

And I got this:

What we see here is traces or coinciding patterns of the noise from Part B, which is different in all three parts. The frequency ranges are different in all 3 parts.

Although there is a strange double line in Part A and B, and a single one in Part C, probably from mp3 encoding.

Has anyone recorded his radio? I really need it to continue on with my showing you the facts about this audio... BTW, where is the OP hiding...!?


Aha! Got my brother's radio and recorded it switching from channel to channel slowly tuning in... Look what I got:

What we see here is that all clean radio signal is cut out above 15KHz, clearly seen in my picture where the radio is tuned. When the radio is not - we get a noise pattern that is called white noise - going on in all the frequency space.

Also, evidencing that the channels come from one source - the radio - we got a nice little noise pattern up over the channels, at about 19KHz, which is unheard, but goes on during the transmission. Marked red...

Almost there to calling this one a fabricated mix... where the # is the OP?

By the way:

If anyone is into Frequency analysis, has any Audio software, there are a bunch of Frequency analysis software products for free, too. Try to get the secret message in this manipulated audio file.... you're in for a great surprise! (nothing subliminal, don't you worry

Whoever gets is get the secret prize! (14 days till link expires).

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