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FOIA: Project Magnet Flying Saucer Research Report

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 10:21 PM
Project Magnet Flying Saucer Research Report
A research report on flying saucers detailing the analysis of data, including Project Second Storey observation reports, from a 5 year period. Concludes the substantial probability of the real existance of extraterrestrial vehicles.

Document date: 1111-11-11
Department: Canada Department of Transport
Author: W.B.Smith
Document type: report
pages: 12


Archivist's Notes: Fair quality document. No marks, stamps or annotations. Material suggests a date of early to mid 1950s. Ties to Project Storey reporting instruction material.

Appendixes I through IV mentioned can be found in this document thread.

FOIA: Project Second Storey - UFO observation reporting instructions

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 11:31 PM
This document speaks of Appendixes I through IV, but the appendixes are not included. That is unfortunate, because these appendixes are described as containing a form for use in gathering as much useful data from a witness of an alleged UFO (Appendix I), a weighing system that is supposed to eliminate as much personal information as possible in crunching the data (Appendix II), charts for use in sorting out patterns of sightings according to Department of Transport data (Appendix III), and summaries of the Department of Transport investigations of sightings in 1952 (Appendix IV).

A mathematical formula is provided on page 4 of this document that requires information included in the Appendixes in order to be useful in determining which sightings are more likely to be of extraterrestrial craft.

This report talks specifically about complete lack of concrete evidence of extraterrestrial craft and says that this subject can only be investigated through deductive reasoning, hence the formula, charts, and so on.

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posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 07:56 AM
Appendixes I through IV mentioned can be found in this document

FOIA: Project Second Storey - UFO observation reporting instructions

This Project Magnet document is a report based on the analysis of sightings in Canada recorded using the described methods.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 09:01 AM
Ah, good, that's what I was trying to get at. I'm pretty sick and forgot to say that the Appendixes should be cross-referenced with this document when found.

Also, because this document mentions events from 1952 I think it is fairly safe to assume that it was written at some point in 1953.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 04:35 PM
From the same author as the more famous “Smith Memo”, Wilber B. Smith felt that scientific study of the UFO phenomenon was important. This document offers an insight into the thinking of at the time when everyone was wondering what was flying around our skies.

Related FIOA Documents:
FOIA: W.B. Smith memo on Canadian geomagnetic research

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TinWiki article: Project Magnet

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 06:05 PM
Some info on W.B. Smith

interesting read

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by roadgravel

Hi roadgravel. Unfortunately I can't get the appendices link to work, I'm getting a 404 error

posted on Nov, 24 2007 @ 07:24 PM
Wilbur Smith was more than a mere scientist engaged in DoT employ...
He was also runoured to be the master engineer who set up clandestine radio channels for Canadas spy agency as well as assigning the frequencies for all gov and civvy uses...
he was a brilliant mind, and an able scholar of ET technology through a contact experience which continured for years perhaps till his death....
He designed and built a small demo machine with the help of his alien contavts that harnessed the earths magnetic field in such a way as to produce slightly more energy than was put in.
The machine and all his documents were siezed by the Gov upon his death, and only heroic action by his wife has preserved his unfinished book also written with ET help called apropriately The New Science.....
It deals with a complete rethink of human existance and perceptions of the un iverse.....if pmd i can forward some other material too....

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posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 12:07 PM
Wilbert B Smith was a brilliant man, and in addition, had the forethought to allow himself to be recorded at various lectures. He became a somewhat minor celebrity, in that he was a (Canadian) Gov scientist, who would speak openly about ufos at a time when the secrecy gauntlet was being thrown down and pressure to clam up applied in the U.S. He may have gotten away with it for as long as he did due to three things: 1 He was a prominent and valued scientist. 2 He was not a U.S. citizen 3 His research was valuable to U.S. intel agencies. He received pieces of ufos to analyze from the U.S. He may have ultimately met his demise due to his outspoken candor regarding ufos.
He died at age 52 of "colon cancer". Our loss...

Here are some mp3 files in which he describes communicating with Et, via a 'long distance channel' of some sort. He describes some experiments he given by ET to perform to prove some of the theories he was made privy to by them.
Facinating stuff :

new science lecture:


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