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Alien abduction? Stroke? Meningitis?

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 10:05 PM
My father is currently in the hospital. He's been lethargic and very hard to rouse from sleep lately. He had complained of his head feeling tingly and his short term memory is shot these past couple of days. We had to force him to go to the hospital my mom had to threaten to call the ambulance for this, and they found evidence of what the doctors think is a stroke. Hes also suffering from something else tho that is hurting his memory and making him extremely sleepy.

Here's the thing tho, he's been talking about aliens ALOT these past few days. My dad is not a sci-fi buff. He's 58 years old and his interests dont go that way at all. My mom was afraid to tell us kids because she didnt want us to think he was going insane. Here's what is scary tho, he doesnt sound crazy to me. I'll try to put down what he has said as clearly as possible what he has said.

A few days ago my mom couldnt wake my dad up. He was in a very deep sleep. She tried for half an hour and as a last hysterical resort she shook him by grabbing his shoulders and sorta bouncing him off the mattress and yelling at the top of her lungs. He woke up but the first thing he said to her was that he was trying to fight the aliens you are screaming over nothing and you dont even know they are here. That day after work, which was yesterday he was sitting in front of the tv and he told her that there were aliens all around us and that some people have come closer to them than others. She asked him how he knew and he told her she could figure it out. She freaked, called me and my brother and told us. I thought he might have meningitis or another type disease or illness that affects the brain to make him drowsy, forgetful and a lil incoherent talk.

He went to the ER and the doctors found what looked like an area of stroke in his brain. They sent him to another hospital to get an MRI for more detail. He gets all kinds of tests and the neurologist is convinced by looking at him that he didnt have a stroke and is very surprised when the area shows up on the MRI. My dad has no symptoms of a stroke and never did in the past. The doctor is really taken off guard by this he tells me that its very odd that he has no symptoms, I was shown the images and there is indeed an area on the lower right side of my dads brain that is not getting blood, its about the size of a nickle and its in deep, too deep for any kind of surgery. To me it looked very round as the doctor progressed the scan for me from the bottom up, it looked like a little ball in shape.

Later that day when I was in the room alone with my dad he started talking to me about work, the kids and such and then he told me he felt bad for scaring my mom. He said that he had let some talk of aliens slip to her when she woke him up and that he had tried to talk to her later about it. He told me that when he was sleeping that night he was in a woods, there was something in the ground that had smoke coming off of it and then they were just there. Aliens, all around him, and thats when mom woke him up screaming at him and he said they retreated to the mist. He said this sanely and very matter of fact not a crazy rant. He said to me then that he didnt know if it happened, if it was brought on by what ever he is sick from or if the sickness made him remember something that might have happened to him in the past and that floored me. My dad has never ever talked about things like this ever.

I talked to my mom about his alien talk just a while ago and she told me it was very hard to get him to the ER he had also said that he cant go to the hospital because when they run tests on him thay will find out that an alien has been inside him and they will never let him out of the hospital. I immediately thought about the area in my dads brain that they think is a stroke area, burst vessel, dead spot etc, that shows no symptoms.

Has anyone heard of objects planted in the brains of abductees?

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 10:13 PM
I ran out of room. Could he have been abducted? Could it have been an old memory triggered by whats happening to him now or could he have been in mental contact with them when he was in the very deep sleep she couldnt bring him out of? Or could it be an elaborate and very rational fever dream, a side effect from the illness? Or could the spot be an implant that has now started to cause him problems? All these things are tumbling in my head atm. Any one ever seen or heard of this happening to anyone, or happened to any of you?

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 10:15 PM
It might be worth having a look at him going under hypnosis. Perferably by someone credible who deals with similar cases.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 11:55 PM
like most men of his generation, he's probably not the sort to volunteer things that might really bug him, or even give it much thought himself

he must have heard about ufo phenomena one way or another, saw some movies or whatever and thought man, that would really bug me and went on with his daily life, forgetting all about it

but his subconscious doesnt forget, and during this stressful time of crisis, his subcon had a field day with this thing he probably didnt think bothered him so much

this time in his life is very distressing, health problems and facing the certainty of our mortality is very unsettling, i hope you understand...

see any connection there?

he probably felt emberassed or foolish when he realised what he was saying to his wife when he was shaken out of his dream... but it was likely very intense to him, so he tried to sort it out by talking about it but its probably not his sort of thing to ever have talked about

mri's arent always conclusive, but the likelihood that this has anything to do with real aliens is very low, dont let that interfere in spending as much time as you can really connecting with your father in a real way

hope this helps, good luck to you.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 06:17 AM
Yeah it is a stressful time, I want to talk about it with him again but if it is some kind of delusion from illness or stress I dont want to fuel it, but if what he is talking about is real I dont want to ignore it and make him feel foolish or embarassed. He's had a ct scan, eeg, chest exrays, ekg, mri, and in a few hours hes getting an angiogram. If these tests come back and dont have any clues to what they think is a stroke, which again has no symptoms and never did I dont know what to think. I wont bring it up again until hes out of the hospital, if he wants to talk about it again on his own volition Im gonna ask him some pointed questions about it. If it is something like viral meningitis that made him think of these things while he is sick I guess I'll find out then.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 10:08 AM
i had an abduction experience as a child, im now 25 and things are still happening... i have felt numerous times the tingling in the head sensation, sometimes with pressure, recently when it happened, my hair seemed to stick to my head just as it does when you put long hair near a balloon or tv, i actually feel the static, its very weird and frightening..... i also had an incident last year where i was rushed to hospital, and at first they told me i had had a stroke? im 25 healthy vegetarian, dont smoke or drink and never took drugs... after numerous tests they never did find out what it was, all i was told is that they think it was neuralogical... also my mum works in the mental health profession and ive heard her talk many times how it is clear when you are talking to someone with a mental problem, when your dad talks to you about the aliens, i think you will sense whether its a dilusional or not... go with your instinct.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 11:45 PM
He has had the tingling in the head as well, that is the only abnormal sensation no pain, or numbness, just the tingling from time to time. Nothing showed up on his recent tests, negative for lead as well, results for arsenic are still pending. The fact that he sounded so rational, so calm, when he spoke to me about is what actually scared me and has made me decide to talk to him and maybe record (with his permission)what he says so I can keep it all straight myself and compare it with what he said earlier as well as talk to my mom and coax her into telling me anything else he mave have said to her about it.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 04:50 AM
yes a very good idea... and really trust your instinct, i think you believe what he is saying so dont fight it just because its not the norm..

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 07:07 AM
This reminded me of something that happened to my father.

He had an advanced prostate cancer (I suppose this is not you father's case, it would have been detected many months before), and one of the results is that the cancer cells reach the marrow of the bones and travel through the blood to every place, fixing specially in the brain.

There was a period in which every time he woke up he acted like he was still living his dream. Once he looked to the closet in front of the bed and said "those birds are still there" or something like that. Some 5 minutes after he was normal again and remembered not only the dream but also what had happened after he wake up.

So, after reading your post, I think that your father may be suffering from some physical problem that is interfering with his brain, he his not going crazy but his brain is physically affected by something.

But, as I am not a doctor and do not even know your father, I think that the best is keeping him under observation and looking for other things that may be wrong with him.

Good luck.

Edit: I would like to say that we should never let convictions (ours or other people's) affect people's lives and/or health. This does not mean that I am thinking that this is your case, it's just a reminder for all of us.

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