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Solution to the Dollar Problem

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 09:24 PM
The American dollar can hold its value, even increase it, if:

1) Our banking system stops working on fractional reserves, and the treasury not be permitted to print money faster than the population grows.

2) Government expenses invest in American industry and infrastructure which will further our domestic prosperity, rather that chasing the profit carrot all over the globe. Other government expenses such as the military and intelligence efforts employed in the protection of imperial hegemony are phased out.

To explain these points:

1. A bank should not be permitted to “loan” money that it doesn't have. If you or I attempt to do this, we go to jail for counterfeiting. This process by which banks loan nonexistent money inflates the money supply, reducing its value. If, as time goes by, there are more dollars in circulation today than yesterday, each dollar becomes worth less unless our productivity is met by a similar increase.

2. Imagine you have 1 loaf of bread to last you a week. You could build a safe to store your loaf of bread in, and buy a gun to protect it, or you could bake more bread. Which makes more sense? Which is easier? Right now our government is “building safes and buying guns”, rather than using its power to invest in society and infrastructure which would set this country free again to create physical things of inherent value, and build structures in society to support them. Instead, out of fear of losing what we have we are hoarding and protecting it at the expense of losing it all. We are eating our seeds. The military/industrial complex has grown so large that it is like the elephant-sized mosquito sucking on a mosquito-sized elephant. This entity has thrown its weight and influence around to protect its vitality, and justify its existence to such an extent that its killing the very source of its livelihood.

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