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Shirley MacLaine & Dave Rabbit Interview – ATS MIX Show 42

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posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 08:58 PM
¡Bienvenida! Shirley

Out On a Limb was remarkable. First, thank you for your courage....and second, thank you for referencing the Bodhi Tree Bookstore. My personal journey also began in that special place.

It's wonderful to have you participate with ATS, and great to have you residing here in Northern NM...Nuestra Tierra Encantada.

No questions...just a warm welcome.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 09:14 PM
Shirley MacLaine is often derided and called a "kook". You know, if I had the chance to ask her one question, it would be, "Shirley, who do you think is a 'kook'? Be specific and name names."

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 10:05 PM

well, I guess this post wont be as long as my previous one (3 minutes ago)....maybe it was a few too many questions or could very well have been it got lost in Technology!
Hit the back button without saving and all got lost!
Here are my thoughts...

Do you believe that being in the position you are at(actress and in the public eye)you are somewhat at an advantage to be heard?
Many of us are simply a 'nobody', only because we don't have the recognition as do those that are known as the ' Rich and famous' yourself!
Please don't think that I'm trying to sound awful(btihc) or being smart,but is it not true,that being in the position you are at, you do have the upper hand to be taken seriously,other then if you were just a 'nobody'?
What made you realize or believe that you know for a fact that you have the truth in what you believe?
Is it an inner feeling,deep set in your soul?
Or is it the power over influencing people that makes your position you are at,to be heard?
Do you believe that the path you have chosen makes you a better person?
Just a few of the questions I had in mind,
Thanks for your time
thats all for now,

Say hello to Warren Beaty!

EDIT///a few corrections based on my questions...

[edit on 11/17/2007 by helen670]

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 10:16 PM
Shirley has always been one of my favorites... I admire her intelligence and her guts for voicing her beliefs. Hello, Shirley, keep displaying your beliefs, I'm behind you 1000%...

[edit on 17-11-2007 by SpeakerofTruth]

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 10:28 PM
hi again/
A few more questions....

Did you at all, find that the choices you made has lead you to where you are currently?
Have the books you read, made an impact so great, that to you now consider it to be the right path ?
Do you ever think that you may have been mislead in your findings or way of thinking?
Would you say that the current path you are at, will be of major concern to the whole world in the coming future?

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 12:46 AM
Hi Shirley what a pleasure!

One of my favorite movies of all times was 'Terms of Endearment.'

1. How difficult is it to work with an actress who had a drug problem?

2. Does your Spiritual beliefs help you deal with difficult Actors or Actresses?

3. When you went to lunch with Jack Nicholson he was eating what appeared to be raw oysters. Graciously he offered you one.
You declined with looks of disgust. Was that just Acting or do you really dislike oysters?

4. In the movie 'Terms of Endearment' I never seen you standing with Danny DeVito. How much taller are you than Danny?

5. You smacked your oldest grandson (more than once) in the movie. In todays world that would be considered child abuse. Do you feel parental rights are slowly being taken away?

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 12:53 AM
One movie she played in that I have yet heard anyone mention... Being There I recommend that anyone who hasn't seen it, see it. Really good movie.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 01:27 AM
Greetings Ms. Maclaine.

I am an American living in China, have lived here for awhile. After people get to know you here they open up more, and get to see the realities of daily life and struggle in asia.

The difference in spirituality and beliefs between east and west run deeper than first appearances would indicate. It is far more personal here, not the sunday morning visit to church, but an encompassing lifestyle. There are superstitions and beliefs highly complex and difficult to grasp.
Some actions can bring terrible consequence to a family, even though the consequence may not occur for a generation, it is believed it will occur and bring tragedy upon the family. Other actions can bring good furtune and luck for many generations as well.

I am curious if you have experience along these lines, and what your thoughts are regarding this ; that your actions can result in spiritual benifit or detriment to grandchildren not born yet..?

General questions,
Do you think there are beings in other systems that see our sun as part of a constellation and use it to chart their horoscope?

If humanity gets to travel the stars one day, do you think we will be worthy ambassadors to new worlds and peoples we meet..?

Why are there not more women in positions of power in the entertainment industry, and what will it take for that to happen?

Are there any movie roles you wish you had done? / Roles you wish you hadnt..?

Do you ever plan to write / produce / support a movie or project that puts spirituality front and center with the mass media?

Many blessings, and thank you for taking the leap of faith.

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 01:36 AM
Having never read Shirley's material, I don't know what she believes in, but I would like to ask a more universal question:

Does she believe humankind has a universal salvation that extends over many beliefs/religions, and if so some minimal elaboration on why?

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 11:51 AM
What an absolute honour to be able to ask the wonderful Shirley a question!!

Shirley, being from Australia, we saw you in Oz during your relationship with one of our politicians Andrew Peacock back the 70s I think it was??.

(Great taste in men by the way. What an incredibly handsome man he was!!!)

I'm just wondering if being personally involved with Andrew, a politician, you're views about politics were altered or changed once you got to see another side of politics? Did you often talk politics? Did you ever hear about anything political that really shocked you back then?
While on the subject of politics, what are your views on the war in Iraq, do think the soldiers should stay or come home ASAP? Can you imagine a world without war sometime soon?? Will it ever be a reality?

Thank you shirley for the opportunity to ask you these questions.
I look forward to hearing your views on a lot of subjects.

We love you Shirley!!

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posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 05:50 PM
Dear Ms. MacLaine, I have one of your books on audio and am a huge fan of your film work. It wasn't until my Aunt, Joy Lee LaRoque, told me in the mid-80s that she communed with you that I became aware of your interest and experience with the supernatural. My Aunt, a psychic and hynotherapist, used to channel a variety of people in her appearances, I believe Maddy was one of the Irish people that she would channel. My Aunt has since passed away and I miss hearing about her experiences and her insights.

Question: As someone who has read your book, "My Lucky Stars", which refers to the living characters that have added to the color and depth of your life, I wonder if you have any unliving "Lucky Stars" that visit you or speak to you on a regular basis? Who are they, and how do they add to the richness of your life now?

Thank you for your work, you realness and your humor. And, hopefully, for your answer to my question.

Best regards,


posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by Dave Rabbit

Point taken brother. I certainly hope you did not take offense as none was intended.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 12:27 AM
Hello Ms. Maclaine
My question is a complex one.
How would you propose we get
definitive answers from our government?
how would we know they are being truthful?
especially if it is an answer we don't want to hear.
Thank you for your time
Tom B.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 01:42 AM
Dave, thanks for the opportunity!

Questions for Ms. Maclaine:

How deeply involved have you been with the UFO/ET phenomenon i.e. is it personal experience or words of close, trustworthy friends?

What are your thoughts about the reality of the ET situation? Do you firmly believe in their presence and the various stories about the different races involved in different ways? What level of detail do you know?


posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 11:21 AM
Hi Shirley-

Love your work.

Does the phrase "We are now, but someday, you'll be." mean anything to you? I have been trying to find out the meaning all my life with no luck. I was 7 when it was directed to me, but I don't know what the entity was that said it. Have you ever heard of anything like this?

Thanx again-


posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by 2PacSade

2Pac, without knowing too much about your experience I can only speculate on what this statement might mean. To me, it sounds like a reference to evolution. They/it has evolved into something that "you," a generalization for humanity, will one day become. Maybe Shirley can give you a different explanation, but that is what it sounds like to me on the surface.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 01:00 PM
reply to post by SpeakerofTruth

Thanx Speaker-

I started a thread on this a while back. Many members, ( I think including yourself ), had many ideas about it. I hope maybe if the question is asked that she may have some insight. I'll keep quite now. Sorry-


posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by creepy81

Yeah, no worries..... I didn't take it personally..... it was really for more of the newbies that haven't a clue WHO I AM, other than the ATS MIX show.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 10:25 PM
A question for Shirley... I will try to make this quick.
My childhood and young adult years were very traumatic as I was surrounded by negative energies much of the time, I was very empathic and spiritual, people thought of me as just weird I guess.
I had many strange experiences, but one in particular stands out above all else because of certain confirmations I had made later on as an adult.
I often was asulted by a figure in a black hooded cloak, I could never see the face, it happened in waves for many years.
This hooded entity would lean over me and try to strangle me, it was awful and no dream.
The fear was so intense that I still remember laying frozen in my baby crib petrified at times and teaching myself to climb out by standing on the bumper pads and sliding down the rails.
I dreamt that a demon was after me for many years and a little troll guy, my experiences opened me up to another world and put me out of place with normal reality, and I was a child who never slept, I was so alone and thought I was cursed for most of my life, it was hard.

The kicker comes when I located my biological parents and found out my Great Grandfather was an occultist who had a healing gift to stop bleeding, and my Grandfather had also seen the hooded figure out in Nova Scotia.
I met both my biological parents when I was 25 and they believe in aliens and had similar experiences, my siblings too.
I grew up as an only child in a family that always denied anything paranormal so I discovered it is a hereditary thing I guess, most family members are psychic to some degree.

My Question(s) is, do you think there is some sort of demonic or Occult link connected to some aliens, I am having difficulty understanding the phenomena I experienced, alien/occult/demonic and/or maybe some weird military experiment? Or a mixed bag???
My grandfather was a prisoner of war for 6 years in Japan and I heard that Dr. Ewen Cameron may have known people in my family.
My mother was taken from her small rural home to the city of Montreal by strangers to await my birth, then talked into giving me up, she doesn't even remember how she got there, that was in 71.
Is there an alien/dark side of the occult/military connection that you have heard of and have you heard anything about the dark hooded figure?
Do you know if these things are related?
Also, have you heard of any abductees or contactees who have been electrocuted in the middle of the night by little men?
If you can not get to my questions, that is alright, there are many other great ones posted, but I want to thank you anyhow for being such a wonderful public voice and teacher.
All the best! Jen

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 10:28 PM
Hi Shirley,
I noticed on your website you had an article on 'How to Photograph a UFO'. We didn't have a camera available with our sighting I listed below. However, I know a person who went to Mexico, with a group of renown people. They had expensive camera's and knew how to use them. A huge Triangular UFO was directly above them and None of their camera's would work! Have you or anyone you know of ever experienced this problem?

The below story is true. I've listed it before on the ATS, but thought you may be interested.

Location: Northeast side of the Pahrump Valley foothills to Mount Charleston. It was a cloudless day in September of 1995 and the sky was totally blue. At that time there was no electricity or phone lines available, in this area. We were extremely secluded from other people. Generators and solar panels were our source of electricity. The wells generator was a 10K, due to the depth of over 450 feet. That morning the water ran out at 9:30 a.m. so I had to go outside and pump some more up from the well. The well is about 100 feet from the house. Just as I was going to pull on the rope I heard an airforce jet and looked up. Airforce jets are certainly not unusual for this area, but what was unusual was there were six star-like objects following it. I ran to the house to get my daughter to see this strange event. I guess I just wanted someone else to verify what I was in fact seeing. Within minutes the jet, with the objects following it went out of sight. They were heading north which could lead to Area 51. My daughter and I were baffled as to what those things were, but I proceeded to pump up the water from the well. We went back inside and my daughter started doing the morning dishes. We'd talk about those strange lights, following the jet. I brushed it off.... as some military secret project of some kind.

After doing all the mornings chores the water ran out again. It was 11:30 a.m. Just as I opened the door to go outside *THERE THEY WERE*! Directly above my head at 12:00 o'clock high at approximately 100 feet up. There were anywhere from 150-200 of these star-like objects. I yelled to my daughter to come see this! We both went outside right underneath them. We just stood there and watched in awe.The objects ranged from the size of a basketball to that of a tennis ball. They could maneuver up, down, sideways, and zig-zag. They were silent and even appeared to be dancing, across the sky. Moving ever-so slowly. I felt (they knew) we were watching them. My daughter asked, " Mom what are those things?" Moms are supposed to have the answers right? This time I didn't have a clue and responded, I don't know??? I call them a star-like objects, because they were a brilliant white light. These too were moving in a northerly direction. The duration of this incident seemed about twenty minutes. My husband had taken the truck over to help out our nearest neighbor about 1/2 mile away. Two of the lights left the main *pack* and flew over that area too, which was further northeast of our place. When my husband got home we told him what happened and asked if he seen anything. He said they didn't see anything because they were too busy working. My husband believed our story without any problems, because he too has witnessed so many strange things in these skies.

At about 3:30 p.m. we had to go into the town of Pahrump. We ran out of toilet paper and there's no way I'm going to wing it on that! Our daughter did not want to go with us. I told her if she stays home, she must STAY inside the house! I did NOT want her going outside alone thinking *those* things could come back! She promised me that she would stay inside and she's never broken a promise. It would only take us about 30 minutes and our daughter was not a small child at the time.

When we got back home around 4:00 p.m. Our daughter was inside the house crying and appeared extremely pale! I asked her what was wrong and she just kept crying and crying. My husband made the comment 'maybe we should take her to the ambulance bay and have them check her out. She didn't want anything to do with that, so she spoke up. "If I tell you,,,you will get mad at me" Right then I knew that she gone outside, after making the promise that she would not. She said, " I went outside and I don't know why? I know I promised I wouldn't,, but I couldn't help myself.!" This is the story she told my husband and me.

Mom I went outside shortly after you guys left and I don't know why I did. The lights came back mom. One about the size of of a basketball almost lit on our 8 foot fence on the north side of the property. She showed us where she was standing and the object would have been approximately 20 feet from her. She said, " It started making a strange noise. An extremely irritating humming sound and was changing from the light form, into what appeared metallic." That's when she decided to flee back into our home. The sound it made scared her so bad. She stated she even heard her deceased grandfather's voice telling her,,,To run inside the house!!!

A few months later our daughter was diagnosed with a thyroid malfunction. I don't know if this has anything to do with the incident or not, but nobody in our family has ever had thyroid problems?

I guess we were not the only ones in Nevada to see these strange lights. People in Las Vegas seen them too. Garage doors were opening mysteriously, for no reason. The media was told that the Awax plane caused that. As far as the lights go.... The military brushed it off, by saying it was army guys, in the nearby mountains using laser beams. My husband and I did see these same lights again, during the 911 no fly time. I was hanging clothes on the clothes line and he was helping me. Every since our multiple sighting I always make it a point to look up. There were only about a dozen at that time and they were at a higher altitude. A report was submitted to Peter Davenport, on the 95 sightings. We've seen a lot of other strange things in these skies, near Area 51, but none of that magnitude!
I'm not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I always knew we were not alone, in the whole universe. I gave an oral report in Junior High School on the subject and did extensive research. My teacher in turn gave me an 'F' for a grade. Thank-you Shirley for your time and I really appreciate you coming to the ATS.

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