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FOIA: Sightings of Unusual Phenom. on Horizon near USSR/Iran border

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 08:05 PM
Sightings of Unusual Phenom. on Horizon near USSR/Iran border
UFO reports from USSR in multiple former Eastern-Bloc countries.

Document date: 1966-06-17
Department: CIA
Author: Unnamed USAF Rep. assigned to the office of preparation.
Document type: Record
pages: 4


Archivist's Notes: Mostly readable, some distortion here and there. Multiple reports filed by pilots from Iran, Hungary, etc

posted on Nov, 18 2007 @ 04:51 PM

The subject of this report is unusual phenomenon sighted on the horizon near the Iranian USSR border.
Page 1
Dated 17th June 1966 21:42 hour’s local time.
The pilot reports that while piloting an international flight into Teheran, Iran. They had observed a strange phenomenon on the horizon.
While on approach to Mehrabad Airport, Teheran,
They had suddenly observed a brilliant white sphere with the coloration and intensity of a full bright moon. The size of this object is reported at three times the size of the moon and deep within the Soviet Union.
The pilot goes on to say that they observed the sphere grow in size and its intensity diminished.
Towards the end of this period it became very faint and its enormous size zoomed? To fill the sky. The base of the sphere appeared to rest on the horizon through out the period it was observed.
Another airliner at a slightly lower altitude also observed the phenomenon and remarks where exchanged between the two aircraft.
After landing the pilot discovered that the phenomenon had not been observed from the ground except possibly in the very last stages.

Page 2
Flying Saucers over Slovakia
Difficult to read, 1800 hours 3rd September, Flying saucers traveling from south to north according to a person named Domanski. While strolling along a street with his wife they saw a large crowed scanning the sky, he looked up and seen a red circular object flying from the East Slovak (unreadable) towards Benkov. Simultaneously he observed a black colored object rotating in place at a height if about 3,000 meters and 7,000 meters from Kosice. When the red circular object passed the rotating object, the latter moved and disappeared.
The news paper has been flooded with emails from citizens who witnessed the phenomenon. According to information from the State Airline Administration, the Kosice radar station recorded no objects in the air at the particular time because they monitor only the flight routes of incoming and out going flights.

Page 3
Flying Saucer Report
This is just a small note about different news services that had carried reports of unidentified objects seen through out the area.
Page 4
Luminous Object Detected Floating In the Sky at Mashhad(sp)
30th July 1965 9:30 pm local time
An luminous object was seen floating over Mashhad(sp) the course of this object was moving from the south east towards north west.
It was visible for a period of 4 minutes and 39 seconds.
The local residents were reportedly apprehensive of a start of a missile attack over Mashhad(sp)

posted on Nov, 20 2007 @ 01:33 AM

The news paper has been flooded with emails from citizens

flooded with *calls* from citizens.

Yes nice work Sauron... you basically typed the whole document out so no one has to squint again.

What stands out in these reports are the numbers of witnesses. The UFO in Iran was seen by two different pilots in two different airplanes. The UFO (in Slovakia) was obviously witnessed by many if the newspaper was "flooded with calls."

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