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Disclosure is it really needed?

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 04:55 PM
Disclosure is it really needed?

I love the UFO subject, I just think its neat that no matter who is in the craft it has inspired many people to work on copying the tech. I just think the physics and tech behind the whole subject is cool. Anyway, I was thinking about that CNN live UFO conference and how people were asking for disclosure once again.

It made me wonder what good would it do?

You know that if the government's got back engineer technology they're not going to give it out. Antigravity is something you really don't want your enemies to know about. Free energy would almost serenely destroy the economy if released all of sudden. Disclousure of any type of tech is out! So the only thing left is just that people would know they exist. Which most people already believe they exist. I would say anybody who looked into the field would have hard time saying they don't. As matter of fact I can only come with a few reasons why people would not believe...

1. There involved in there day to day life and don't care to review the facts. So, they say they don't believe only because they are not informed, and they probably don't care one way or another.

2. Scared and don't want to believe, like a wife who's husband is out to 4:00am but still tells herself "he's not cheating", In denial.

3. Say they don't because it's beneficial for them not too, like Seti would be closed if UFOs were here. Why look for them when they're already here.

4. Religious reason, which is also being misinformed in my opinion, I think UFOs fit within the bible depending how you look at things. That's another thread though.

So, if 20% of the USA does not believe I thinks it's because of one the 4 above reasons. For the other 80% of us what's there to disclosure we already believe? Disclosure wouldn't bring anything new to table, and who cares about 20% who don't believe. At this point in the phenomenon I would not consider the 20% as being the sharpest knife, if know what I mean. So who cares if they don't believe?

So once again do we really need disclosure, and what would it bring to the table?

What do you all think?

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by ebe51
Disclosure is it really needed?

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No, it isn't needed... and technology and secret weapons aside i feel there is one main reason why the general public will never get disclosure: Its because we (the general public) are used to being number 1. We kill and destroy everything weaker than us, we used this planet as our personal dumping ground and now we suddenly find out that we may not be number 1?!? Now there exists a race of beings that could possibly wipe us out, that has technologies and knowledge that we cannot even comprehend. I seriously think that there would be mass panic and people would not be able to deal with it.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 05:24 PM
I think we could deal with it, in the main.

However I do think there would be some elements who would insist on taking them on (should they exist) just to prove some kind of a point.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 06:51 PM
A lot of it depends on what such a "disclosure" actually entails.

What if it was disclosed that UFOs represent some kind of phenomenon that we don't understand, but really truthfully can't say for sure it's aliens from other planets? There would also be a big difference between announcing that there are aliens interacting with us frequently on Earth, and announcing that we picked up a radio signal from something 100,000 light years away.

Maybe we've already gotten disclosure, but fail to accept it for what it is.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 08:21 PM
Disclosure is needed.

Look earth, its not happy place. That's one reason why we need disclosure extraterrestrial life to people who don't know or don't want know. Parents telling kids when they ask: Is there any alien life out there, parents ansrew: No, its only one myth what is from old stories, kids: But we saw yesterday some spaceship what landed to woods and left some hour ago to up again, we were looking from bushes and we saw two tall humankind creatures taking something from the ground, one looked to our way but i don't know did he notice but he goed spaceship after they taked something from ground, parents ansrew: Oh my, we are now calling your parents and you my son, you going now immetiadly to hospital because you maybe come sick.

There is more other things what we need to fix. We killing ourselves one by one because of our selfishness. You talked about economy, yes, there is not anymore long time economy or humans because we try at fix alone catathropes what coming. Do you people know what stupid is this thing at we trying alone fix catathropes what coming? Yes, its our technology, its low level. We not even get high our technology because we die sooner. We are so selfish at we try get all to us. "ALL TO US". Remember those 3 words and you know why people are selfish. I hate earth because i die because of others, because they don't want understand extraterrestrial life at normal thing. So what point have that, extraterrestrials do not help fully us now because we do not accept them as what they are. So we are now today very screwed because of selfish people. I talking now from every rank of people now.

If you think your money and power now, go off from that, you will lose anyway those soon if you don't want ask help from other kind creatures, but before that, all of us must accept them as what they are because noone going help someone who do not accept what him or that or they are. Friendship with them is what we call this, we do not need to show ignorance to different kind creatures, we need respect them same way like we respect here others. So, accepting them means then at we can cooperate with them and many more things without ignorance. They share us their culture and we...Ok they know allready our culture.

You have two choices here.

Death or living. Be dead soon or live long life.

I have choosed allready living but i need to wait others to choose same. Now situation look's very bad, because we are not even interested cooperated with aliens with coming catastropies because of our selfishness, so we are not even interested friendship with them. So people want take Death more than Living. So, if im not getting off from this planet soon, im dead as chicken in the fire.

This is not doomsday to earth, its only to our race doomsday. If we die, i hope next race is more intelligent than this homosapiens. I accept extraterrestrials normal thing, but i have been thinking why others not think same like me, so i looked inside this thing at i could find ansrew, i found ansrew and ansrew was, "Our race is too selfishness, people are stupid so people can't think their own mind normally and because of that they can be controlled more easily and that's why people don't know much about things or don't want know from things, because people are controlled to learn that way things how they want people to learn things, that we can call weakness".

The big bosses here on earth only thinks money and power because of their selfishness, so that's why people haven't learned much about world. Important thing is now learn about world and what world keeps inside is these "Extraterrestrials" too. We no need anymore only stay on earth things, because we can take longer step to humankind to the galaxies. Let's change future to better. We do not need power to live good life, because friends are what we need mostly to live good life.

Long step humankind to the galaxies, but small step to galaxies with spaceship.


posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 08:25 PM
I'm simple on this, I think we just need disclosure, because if there is a conspiracy, and the government has knowledge; I just want that knowledge democratized to everyone. After that, it's anyone's guess as to what occurs.

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