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Hitler had his showers. Bush has his water lines.

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 11:24 AM
The quiet de-populization of America, and the rest of the world, is an important topic that I constantly try to spread and learn more about.

Through Section 817 of the Patriot Act, Congress has authorized a mass domestic de-population program. Obvious in other methods like chem trails. Even though these articles are a few years old, they feed my hunger for knowledge of newer govermental methods of the Delivery of Toxins into our environment.

They are in regards to the concentrated infrastructure work which was ongoing in Los Angeles County in the spring of 2004 that had lethal capabilities and intent.

A careful reading of Section 817 of the Patriot Act, “The Expansion of the Biological Weapons Statute,” reveals this to be the umbrella statute which is authorizing this project. While the wording of this statute is somewhat opaque, a diligent scrutiny of the language reveals its true intent. this statute is legalizing “delivery systems” and “toxins” under certain circumstances. “Delivery systems” is weapons terminology. “Toxins” are poisons.

Please post any related articles!!

Thirsting for knowledge.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 11:30 AM
God. The city has been working for weeks next to my place, with giant cranes, drills, pipe, lowering some type of pump looking thing really deep underground. It's in the middle of an intersection with concrete barriers covering it. Even at night, they have giant lights pointing down into this pit, they have boxcars with equipment in them inside the enclosed space.

I thought I was being paranoid, but I actually said to a friend... "There goes our water.."

I'm in a rage right now.

Edit: The presented evidence is not absolute, but... I had an eerie feeling when they began laying barriers around this gaping pit full of hose and equipment.

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 11:35 AM
I would disclose my location, location is, as far as I know, less likely to receive first pick on where to de-populate. When people tell me that they want to move to FL or CA or NYC, I look at them and ask why the hell would you want to live there? Just the thought of choosing to place yourself in those epicenters of probable choice doesn't make sense to me. And for those already there, I am sorry that this and more is happening.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 11:45 AM
Yep, I live on the space coast. 15 minutes away from Patrick Air Force Base.

One thing I'm very happy about, is my father coming to terms with the truth, that we are in a sinking ship, and you need to learn how to swim or you'll drown, to state it simply.

Edit: We have guns, we have ammo, we have knowledge. My father is the VP of Viera Company, which "runs", develops, plans this city sector called Viera. He has always said he doesn't understand why the people he deals with don't do the right thing/have certain bizarre inclinations when determining city policy and statute.

We're deep in the system. Good Morning, from this fine New Order.

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 11:49 AM
This is beyond ridiculous, I have to say. What's next, "targeted home with high-voltage jolt delivered though the power line"? I'd sooner believe in John Lear's Super Secret Space Station than in that.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 11:53 AM
Privatization of the water system isn't ridiculous though. It's happening, along with the privatization of roads, government land etc. When you own something, you do what you want with it.

edit, i kant spel

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 12:25 PM
reply to post by buddhasystem

There is no reason not to believe that water contamination isn't real. Vital sources, air water and land are the easiest ways to slowly achieve anything as such stated in above article.

Funny you say high-voltage line, because there are ideas of HAARP using just that.

I find this video interesting...

gravity waves?

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by NelysStar

Section 817 in the Patriot Act basically basically says unless you have biological agents for peaceful purposes, like research, you'll be imprisoned. Then it says if you've done something bad or aren't a U.S. citizen, you can't transport biological agents.

I don't understand how that relates to a depopulation conspiracy.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 01:40 PM
reply to post by Chyort

It can relate because:
If toxins are released into water systems, they can be classified as experimental, to see how humans react etc if the Gvt so chooses to do so without our consent. It is nothing new to test on humans withour their consentual knowledge. Funny since two words after Bona Fide Research it says Peaceful Purpose.
Those at be in rule will do as they so please. Rules only apply to those that don't make them. The act doesn't mention any restrictions on military actions.

I thought it was interesting.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 02:11 PM
I guess I'm a little slow, because I still don't get it. Section 817 says nothing about toxins being released into water systems.

Originally posted by NelysStarFunny since two words after Bona Fide Research it says Peaceful Purpose.

But if you read it, it lists reasons why people can have biological agents, and if they don't meet this criteria, they go to prison.

Whoever knowingly possesses any biological agent, toxin, or delivery system of a type or in a quantity that, under the circumstances, is not reasonably justified by a prophylactic, protective, bona fide research, or other peaceful purpose, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by Chyort

You are correct, it doesn't say anything about releasing toxins, you's just a gudeline to this sort of threat.
That's what i'm saying, they will meet guideline reasons to possess agents, they have met them and they do now. This statement is to cover their rears and is more of a guideline for those not in power. They have to have some sort of disclaimer as to why something might get f'd up. It was bona fide reasarch.
It's a egdy thing to reason.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 04:50 PM
Fair enough, I just think it's strange if there was a conspiracy this big that 'they' would even bother with the Patriot Act.

If I was part of this conspiracy, I'd just start the operation and if anyone found out I'd just say it was fog gas or something.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 05:02 PM
air.... water... it's all the same...

"1966 U.S. Army dispenses bacillus subtilis variant throughout the New York City subway system. More than a million civilians are exposed when army scientists drop lightbulbs filled with the bacteria onto ventilation grates. "

capable of anything....

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 05:13 PM
anyone remember that "sweet maple syrup smell" in New York? It was dismissed and many have already forgotten. I haven't forgotten and it scares me. "nothing harmful but still a mystery"

water shortages...water get privatized, or worse the only water you get is the water your government rations to you.. No telling what's in the water then...

It's a very very scary world we live in...

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 05:14 PM
That bacteria isn't even a human pathogen, and the Wikipedia article doesn't even have a citation for your statement. So you make a statement but show no evidence to back it up?

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by Chyort

what evidence are you looking for? like this?

my point being, it's not beyond thinking that "foriegn" substances/chemicals etc, wouldn't be introduced into the water supply for whatever "reason" the government/military decides... test something on you to save the world? sure... cheaper than shipping you to Iraq

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by never_tell

yea, that's pretty much what I was saying. And something like this Act is just a nice little piece of saran wrap to keep any actions from spilling out of the bowl.

As a general idea, regardless of how harmful something emitted into direct human contact environment is, it is still unknown and without consent. However, what can the masses expect? Right? There's no way that those that be will actually spend 5 minutes deliberating with the general public...sorry...but in my opinion, doesn't know jack.

It has been said before and will be discussed until that mouth no longer exists.

Just a strange discussion in my day.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by never_tell

That's a good point.
Thanks for the link.

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 08:01 PM
bottom line my friends? we have no idea what they're up to.. and given the history and track record, i'd suggest we're hanging on by a thread... it's not to suggest that they'll bring about the "endtimes", i think that comes naturally, but that they'll do everything they can to make sure they're in control when the "endtimes" do come... once we're hooked into a system, like water delivery, there's few alternatives... and did i mention the "internet"? the craftiest of all control mechanisms... talk about a pipeline!

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 09:46 PM
The ban on this idea is only 35 years old ,that is like yesterday,from the 50s to 72 the u.s. has been experimenting on its own citizens with biological weapons.Its only time before someone starts that program up far as where you live remember Eugenics wasnt just for Nazis the Americans picked up right where the Nazis left off, such as Tuskegee as The Puerto Rican 1931 cancer experiments where Cheif Pathologist Cornelius Rhoades admittingly infected many Puerto Ricans with cancer. In 1978 more than a thousand nonmonogamous homosexual adult males received experimental vaccinations against hepatitis B ,courtesy of the National Institute of Health and Centers for Disease Control.Within six years 64 percent of those men had AIDS. All i can say is history repeats true feeling is not the water but the vaccinations ??who really knows if your childs is the same as thiers,every child in America has to have them.

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