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Rechargable batteries - rechargable profits?

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 09:37 AM
I found this interesting article on Newstarget. It is a Newstarget "Phototour" regarding Energizer brand rechargable "D" batteries.

Rechargeable batteries are great for the environment. Using them to power your electronics helps conserve valuable metals used in making batteries while preventing the throwing away of alkaline batteries after a single use. Rechargeable NiMH batteries can be reused 1,000 times, effectively replacing 1,000 alkaline batteries and providing portable power at a fraction of the cost of buying 1,000 new batteries. But most consumers are under the impression that rechargeable batteries don't last very long. After asking several people this question, I decided to look more closely at common rechargeable batteries with a question in mind: Are battery companies intentionally making rechargeable batteries with lower capacities in order to encourage the sale of more profitable throwaway alkaline batteries?

Energizer "D" Battery Exposed!

Did anyone know about this? I wasn't aware of it, as I havn't dismantled any batteries lately
- although not in the least bit surprised that a company would do this. Think lightbulbs, for starters.

I'm posting it on ATS because the author of the article gives it into a bit of a conspiracy twist - which did catch me off guard - although it is a relatively benign one, regarding coorporate greed and profit.

What do you guys think about this?

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 09:50 AM
the fact is the chemicals inside the battery are pretty different between use-once (alkaline/carbon) and rechargeable (Li-ion/NiCad) batteries. NiCad's were good for a few charges then there was a noticeable drop in power either in longevity or output. lithium ion batteries are overall an improvement over nicad because they can be charged up closer to their original capacity. most people think rechargeable batteries suck because until recently they were all nicad.

the other problem is nicad's were more prone to the "charge memory" phenomena. if you only charged it half way, it seemed like you could only get that as maximum power on consecutive charges. Lion doesn't have that problem - at least not nearly as bad.

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