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Pyramids at Giza were there BEFORE the Egyptians got there Part#2

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 08:38 AM
Pyramids at Giza were there BEFORE the Egyptians got there. Part#2

OK I totally stole this thread of this dude "Scolecite" because I really wanted to post this it was a cool thread...

But a mod closed it.....

(I'm sure he had his reasons........plz don't ban me)

So this next post is my very first thread Here goes nutn.......

Hello all ^_^,

I don't know much about Egyptians or the pyramids but from the tidbits i have heard here and there well this is my take on it.

First of all I have the feeling that the pyramids are not one of humanity's greatest achievements, I have the feeling man had nothing to do with it.

One of the posters (the one with the super hot n sexy chick for an avatar) had an interesting theory. Kind of makes me wonder just how long earth has been wobbling on it's axis.

About the sphynx well to me it is graffiti and proof that there was a war with who ever made the pyramids. You see the other guys won and when they won they defaced what we call now the sphynx.

The reason there are hieroglyphs on the pyramids of everything the Egyptians did except for how they made the pyramids, I think is because they don't know how they were made and they defaced everything they could
with there own image.

I don't think the people whom we call ancient Egyptians were supposed to be on Earth in the first place and neither were who ever built the pyramids.

Hell I think the reason the earth wobbles on its axis is because some one that is in charge of earth made a big badda boom! to run them off.

So yes i think the pyramids were there way before we think and before the Egyptians.

And yes I think also the the pyramids "WERE" aligned with orion's belt, and might just fall back into alignment some day.

Love this thread by the way hehe.....

P.S. oh and full credit of this thread goes to Scolecite he made it people loved it and got off topic and a mod closed it...........and i stole it muahahahahahaha.....................

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 08:03 AM
Hello all well this thread is just siting here.

Hey if this is read by a mod when you guys open the original thread could you pleas move it there.

I would really like to hear anyone comment but i guess know one want to post because i stole it.

I understand but i just cant stand when a thread gets closed for going off topic.

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