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NEWS: New Explosion Hits Iraqi Oil Pipeline North Of Baghdad

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posted on Feb, 1 2004 @ 02:44 AM
Saboteurs hit a pipeline carrying crude oil from the northern city of Kirkuk to key Iraqi refineries Baiji and Doura early Friday, an Iraqi oil industry official told Dow Jones Newswires on Saturday.

The official said explosions hit the pipeline near the al-Fatha district located between Kirkuk and Baiji, 240 kilometers north of Baghdad.

He said a group of experts had traveled to al-Fatha to assess the damage.

However, the official said the damage didn't immediately suspend operations in the two refineries because there is enough stored crude oil that would feed the two refineries for a few days.

Doura refinery, 20 kilometers south of Baghdad, has a capacity of around 100, 000 barrels a day while Baiji refinery's capacity is 150,000 b/d. Both refineries aren't currently working at full capacity.


After killing occupational soldiers, and collaborators the most common act in occupational resistance is to take away the motive. If they stop oil from flowing for long enough they believe we will leave in frustration.

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