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Barry Bonds indicted!

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 12:13 AM
Well this should be no surprise, after 5 years of investigation, many grand juries, thousands of tax payers money wasted that could have gone to fight terrorism, having a guy sitting in jail for a year because the federal government convice a judge that if he did not testified they had no case which at the end was a lie, Barry Bonds has finally being indicted.

Well giving the time that took them to finally get a grand jury that would hand down an indictment I personally think this case would go no where, what I waste of money. Me personally I don't like Barry Bonds but the behaviour of the federal authorities in this case leave lot to be desired, hopefully they get spank in court.

BTW, when they are going to indicted the people that leaked grand jury testimony?

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 08:57 AM

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 08:59 AM
Barry Bonds poo poo meter seems to have gone up about 20 degrees in the last day or so.

With that being said, who really cares, i mean seriously. Don't we have bigger issues to deal with in the world. How about the scary situation our currency is in.

Also, Why has the focus been on him? I mean everyone knows he hates the media, and the media hates him back. I don't know why, there are many players who detest the media, and with good reason. IMO the media, yes the media by bonbarding us with bary bonds evil this, steroids are the "devil that" have shaped many people opinion's and told these people he "cheated the game" , the game "we love". I mean c'mon, get a life.

In case you haven't noticed baseball players make milliions upon millions of dollars. IN case you haven't noticed there were million upon millions of presecriptions given out by shady doctors to clients in order to enhance their testosterone and GH levels and maintain a youthful appearence or whatever. These people are not dying, i mean the truth about steroids is they have dangers but if used intelligently they are minmial. Of course some people will take to many, some people are agressive, and some won't know what to take to minimize the side effects on the body (too bad for them, there are the same set of people with alcohol) , especially when used in a carelss ignorant way. The decison to try steroids is often for baseball players a BUSINESS ONE, should i take the stuff, make millions more (because if i am already good, i can get better?), and make my team better in the process.

Also with Jose canseco known as a womanizer, the fear mongering about steroids shrinking your nads and reeking permanent damage, is a long the levels of masturbation making you blind, and marijuana being deadly.
Bottom line there is a way of using that has minimal risks, as long as you don't make it a life long project, just a business decison, and instead are getting advice on the most responsible way to do it, and which one's work the best for what.

So i think the public's ignorance toward steroid use in general, and the political correctness of the situation, combined with the media's bombardment of the story and how we should feel about it (since somehow "we have" become cheated, has led to a frenzy of stupidity, hate, and arguing, when it should be more like "who cares".

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 07:43 PM
Anyone listen to Jim Rome's radio show?

Some guy emailed in and said:

"Dear Jim,

Tell Barry I call top bunk.

Ron Mexico"

I thought that was hilarious.

(if you don't get it...people email in to Jim Rome's show and make comments like that and sign it as someone they're clearly not, just to be funny. it's funnier if you listen to it, though)

Anyways, I hope he goes to prison. I really don't like him. I've heard he's racist. I'm not offended, but it just shows he's an ass.

So, I think he needs to go to jail. So does everyone else that does this stuff, for that matter.

I'm sick of famous people, white or black, getting away with everything. It makes them feel like they can do what ever they please, and their money will get them out of it.

Nice legal system.

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 10:05 PM
Fashion designer Marc Ecko bought the record breaking Bond's home run ball on ebay and asked fans if the ball should be admitted to the Hall of Fame .....

1. as is
2. with an asterisk and explanation
3. blasted into space

number 2 won the vote.

By he way , Ecko called Bond's an idiot in public and I agree. The ball and record will forever be tainted.


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