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posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 04:56 PM
Don't you find it a little odd that there is not enough evidence for bigfoot yet some people here claim it exists? So do you also think there are other 8 foot creatures in the forrests of California and other parts of the wilderness. Because it seems that if some people witnessed a pink forrest elephant and someone walked around in a pink forrest elephant constume you'd have a similar legend. Why isn't there enough proof? I suppose some of you think there are also werewolves running around in the woods. Yet there are some sightings there and then people who believe in bigfoot don't believe in werewolves? So why not? Why does Bigfoot make more sense? How has it eluded us? Why does it seem cryptozoologists and amateurs keep running in an endless circle? Of course I already have my own reasons.....

When will there be an end? We have the technology to find it. Are you waiting for the trees to become depleted?

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posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 05:39 PM
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If scientists took it seriously, and someone with some serious cash launched a multi-continental, thousand person search with all sorts of hi-tech gadgets Bigfoot would be found overnight...

To me the Patterson film is the best evidence because various experts have signed off on its authenticity and despite many attempts no one has been able to recreate a suit or an entire scene that looks close to it (and that's in modern times, the film was from 1967 I believe)

Beyond that you have plenty of footprints that were found with no chance of hoaxing (one person by themselves with no one else around in a remote area) many of which show dermal ridges (which can be faked, but if there's no chance of hoaxing) add that to the TONS of eyewitnesses and there you go, enough evidence to convince me...

Course science needs a body, which is why there are a few researchers out there willing to shoot sasquatch for science...

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posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 06:24 PM
Hmm, I didn't think about the thousand people march idea. I was thinking more technologically. You are quite convincing and you have exceeded what I expected someone to respond with. I was simply testing the water. I may have the resources to pull off a big search like this. Do you think anyone on ATS would join?

posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by LoungeChairSkeptic

I may have the resources to pull off a big search like this. Do you think anyone on ATS would join?

I think if it was well organized and shown to be a real venture, my answer would be yes to that question.
I grew up on the west coast of British Columbia and hiked with friends on a weekly basis so I have an idea how dense the woods are and how easy it is to go unnoticed.
Creatures in nature are very good at being stealthy, it's a matter of survival for most.
Sight ,sound and scent are the advantages of wild creatures over humans, so it's a matter of overcoming that obstacle.
Shooting a Bigfoot to satisfy curiousity would not be an option for me.Sedation, examination, and release would be acceptable.
I'm not interested in sideshow circuses.
I'm not saying you are any of those things, I just wanted to make clear my position.

posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by LoungeChairSkeptic

I'm fairly sure you could get a thousand people involved if you took a few months or more to advertise it on the web and elsewhere and get in touch with some other leading BF researchers... if such an expedition was launched I would extremely interested in going, and definitely in seeing the results...

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 02:40 AM
I have had 3 big foot experiences in my life, one when i was about 11 years old at an aunt and uncles place in oregon. The 2nd happend about 12 years ago here in california. the trird was a couple of years ago near lake tahoe.
Although i havent actually seen a bigfoot, the three experiences were quite startling.
The most recent event
The second experience, a friend and I found a fresh track on a 4wd trail, while we were on a mtb ride. We were at about 8500' climbing this 4wd trail and I heard a large animal moving through the brush just off of the trail. I didnt think anything of it at first, just a bear or deer, maybe a cow.
I went a little further up the trail and I saw friend standing in the trail looking down at something. I thought he had dropped something or a part fell off of his bicycle or something. As I rode up he motioned me to the side of the trial like he was protecting something in he trail. He looked up at me and said, "look at these" and pointed to the 1/2 dozen foot prints in the fine silt of the trail. They were about 14-15" long and pressed deeply into the silt. They came down from a rocky/brushy area went down the trail for a couple of yards, stopped "milled about" then went off the trail into the brushy ravine I had heard something moving through.
The very fine silt made for excellent impressions, you could see the lines and wrinkles of the bottom of the foot. The foot was very broad and somewhat flat with the toes splaying. At the spot where it milled about you coukd tell it stopped and shifted around on its feet, much in the way one might stop to listen. The track was also on top the tracks of our buddies who were a few minutes ahead of us.
While we were contemplating one of us making a run the 30 miles back to the nearest store to get a disposable camera and maybe some plaster, a group of bear hunters came up the trail and saw that we were interested in soemthing in the trail.
We stopped them before they ran over any of the tracks, they got out of their jeep and asked what we had found, inquireing if we had found bear tracks, we just pointed to the ground. They took a look and one of them said "that aint no bear track", a couple of the others nodded in agrement. We told them about maybe going into town and getting plaster and a camera, and they let us know that a couple of the local 4wd clubs were having a poker run. In about an hr about 150 jeeps would be coming down the trail, it would be at least 5 hrs to get to town and back. The hunters didnt have a camera either.
They then kind of went off by themselves had a little pow-wow. You could see that they were talking about the prints, gesturing and shaking their heads. They then got back in thier jeep and went back up the trail. We did the same, our friends would be waiting at the next pass about 5 miles farther up. As we were climbing I found a spot where the track continued and crossed the trail again. A little farther up we ran into the hunters again and they had also found more track, then the jeeps showed up and it was all gone.
We told our friends about it when we caught up, and they laughed

and told us we needed to stay off the green. My friend and I essentialy didnt bring it up again for a number of years.I kept an eye on the paper over the next few weeks and didnt see anything, so the hunters werent talking either.
Then one day about 5 years later I was surfing the web and saw a news report about a bigfoot sighting that had a link the the BFRO. While looking through the reports I discovered that there have been 8-10 sightings within a 5 mile radius of the place we had our encounter. There was also a sighting reported the same week and only 1/2 mile from where we were.
It was while reading the reports from around the country, that I found one from oregon the same week and place that i was there. Then it hit me, the "HOWL".

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 03:35 AM
An aunt and uncle, had bought property in eastern central oregon. A fair number of parcels were bought by employees of the company my uncle worked for. For summer vacation that year we headed up there for two weeks. They had just put their trailer on the property, as had some of the other people who had brought property. Some one brought up a big old army tent for all of the kids to stay in and it ws kinda cool. I chopped wood went fishin, rode my motorcycle, went hunting for the next two weeks. One night after we had gone to bed, we were awoken by the most unreal sound-call-whatever noise. I remember being terrified because I had never heard anything like it. I wasnt easily scared and was quite at home in the woods, and it scared the bejeezus out of me. I kept my pellet gun pumped and ready to go , under my cot at night. None of the other kids stayed in the tent from that night on just little ol me. My uncle and father and some of the other dads tried to make us feel better by telling us that that was a "skreech owl". I bought hook line and sinker, if my pops and my uncle pat say its an owl its an owl. I remember one of the dads commenting that he'd never heard no screach owl that sounded like that. This "subdivision" was freshly carved out of the forest when they bought their property and the nearest town pop 150 was 25 miles away.
Over the subsequent years we returned to the oregon property for vacations and I spent a great deal of time hun ting fishing and riding motorcycles alll over the area. I had a pretty good fish spot that I had found, it was on a very remote section of the river. I would ride about 15 miles then hike another couple through the woods to get to it. I found it by a "trail" I had found in the woods. It was a trail, but not a path, back then i thought it was deer or cattle, even though i had never see any sign of range cattle. I didnt think any thing of the tufts of reddish/brown hair stuck to branches and the like. One time while fishing I go the oddest sense of being watched, I moved down stream aways and I could hear something moving in the forest on the other side of the river. I really creeped me out, and I started carrying my skinning knife everywhere I went,the damm thing was like a mini scimitar, very scary implement indeed.
The most recent event was in the lake tahoe area 2 years ago. I was riding motorcycles with a friend, and we were exploring some prety remote x-country terrain. We came out of the woods into a creek bed, and there was signs that some thing had bedded down inthe tall grass next to the bank. They didnt look like the average deer bed, but didnt think much of it. A little while later i found a scat unlike any Ive ever seen before. I'm pretty familiar with deer,bear, coyote and so on, but this was different. It was a HUGE turd pile and it was most certainly a territorial marker. It was up on a log. We rode on for the rest of the day went back to camp ate had a couple of pints the hit the sack. I awoke to the sound of something moving around in camp, it took me a couple of seconds to get my head about me, and i got my flashlight out. I took a peek and expected to see a bear, but i saw nothing. I went back to sleep to be awoken a short time later again. I could hear something oving around out sideof camp but coulldnt see anything.
When we got up in the morning something had gotten into the loaf of bread left on the table.It wasnt a bearit would have taken the whole thing, wasnt racoons, they will make a ruckus.

posted on Nov, 27 2007 @ 06:43 PM
Not only are animals in the woods stealthy, but the woods, even in the US, are very vast and very deep. It would be nearly impossible to find some things (even animals) in the wilderness


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