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Retrocausality. Is it possible?

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posted on Nov, 15 2007 @ 07:12 AM
Not exactly sure if this needed to be in the Paranormal forum or if it needs to go elsewhere. Most people consider time travel to be a psychic here goes.

In a study today of "Retrocausality" I have determined that It is in fact possible to effect
the past in the present. As i have tried in before and was unsuccessful, It has been deemed
possible. It may not even require such things as "Universal Overlay" or "Octagonal
Paradigm Shifts". Although the science community has discounted Tachyon emissions to be a
viable form of information transfer to the past, there may be another way. People on a
regular basis are able to witness the past.

There is a theory that some paranormal anomalies such as "Ghosts" are simply burns on the
Space/Time continuum or just temporal loops. There have even been cases where people will
watch their entire environment change before their eyes.

Let's say that you wanted to contact yourself in the past to change a decision that was made
A decision that altered your life forever. This may be possible because you are the same
person and your brain will or IS capable of vibrating on the same exact wavelength as the
"You" that you are attempting to contact.

An altered state of consciousness would be required for this excercise. You will need to be
able to change your minds vibrational resonance at will. In my theory, before you can
actually establish influence or communication, you will need to establish a link with the
frequency that every mind on the planet is accustomed to. From there you can fine tune to
your own frequency. Schumann resonance is the frequency needed at first. On a waking basis,
you will be unable to contact the other
you simply because your waking state brain vibration is too high and too active to receive
any kind of subtle communication. You will either have to make contact with yourself in the
past while you were meditating at some point or while you were sleeping. The actual time
frame that you make contact in...still remains a mystery to me. I am unsure of how to
properly target the specific space/time accurately. I am positive that the further back you
go, the more difficult this will be. Your minds frequency changes over time. The further
back you go from the present "You" the bigger the difference and the more you will have
to compensate.

I suppose, theoretically, these actions if successful could be debatable as an actual
reality shift. Altering the time line changes the reality in which we live. Therefore
we would no longer exist in the original reality where we were unsuccesful with these
attempts. The multiverse theory makes it possible to discredit such paradoxes as the
"Grandfather" paradox. Where you go back in time and kill your grandfather before your
father was born, and discontinuing your own existence. If you killed your grandfather,
then the reality in which you live will simply change to a different one. A reality in
which you never existed. But your existence in THAT reality is possible because you were
created somewhere else.

The real question comes to mind. If you are successful in altering the future through
retrocausality, would the present that NOW exists even recognize you would be
from another timeline and most definitely be different than what others are used to.

Please assist me if I have gotten anything wrong. Any opinions or suggestions to modify the theory would be greatly appreciated. My knowledge in this subject is somewhat limited as I have not had much time to study it.

posted on Dec, 17 2007 @ 09:52 PM
Well I suppose theres a number of possibilities, heres some I can think of:

1. I think there is a multiverse theory that says there are alternate universes for every decision we make, so its possible that by altering your past, it will create another universe that diverges from your universe at that specific point, however the universe you are currently in will stay the same. For some reason this one makes the most sense to me, probably because it seems like the most orderly.

2. The universe changes and like you said, who knows what would happen to yourself, perhaps you would gain memories, or perhaps there would be another you of the current universe, and the present you would be some kind of anomaly.

3. maybe its impossible to contact yourself. Perhaps the timeline is already written out, and your "attempted contact to the past" was already in the timeline, and since you didn't see yourself from the future when you were younger, no matter what you try, you can't do it, although you might be able to contact other people.

4. Universe explodes.

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