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Design and/or debunk a One World Government

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posted on Nov, 14 2007 @ 03:11 PM
Hi all,
I have recently joined this forum, having learned about it on Coast to Coast, and find it interesting.
I am in favor of a One World Government but it can be, and probably would be, a disaster...unless it works.
How would you set up a One World Government?
Please support or shoot down the ideas a respectful way of course.

posted on Nov, 14 2007 @ 03:41 PM
i also am new to the forums and heard about it on coast to coast. no i think this topic will arrose a lot of fear as it should. In a one world gov, will the people control the media? will the gov be a democracy and all votes verified by fingerprint scanners? will humans rights be inalienable or guarenteed or just permitted? Will the gov be run by the bilderburgs? Will the gov be socialist? will there be enough resources to go around?

chances are, it will become a global police state and huge bioplagues to be released anytime soon. aids was invented by the us gov so u can bet another bio plague is coming in our lifetime.

i personally am for local government and community control of all the land and resources alotted to the community so they can be managed optimally bioregionally. Local gov can be run by community councils that involve all the ppl that attend. no decision can be made without 20% of the community present and no decisions are permenant.

how would you feel if a global elite ruled you with out your say? we are currently powerless in the american democracy. if we did live in a global gov, how would power be distributed? is it possible to give everyone a vote using an internet democracy?

as for globalization, the only thing that could prevent this is to get rid of capitalism. corporations are running the world into # whether u like it or not. we need to get rid of money and replace it with a credit/debit system making all transactions visable. this would eliminate all the evil and drug trafficing really fast.

and vote for ron paul! or dennis kucinich!!


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