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Posting Pics

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posted on Jan, 31 2004 @ 06:09 AM
I was wondering if somone could help me. i have taken phots with my digital camera and saved them to my computer, but i dont know how to post them on sites, i got some good ones of f18's that i though people might like to see, any help would be good. Oh yeh i am not that computer illiterate so it would have to be basic understanding, i guess no big words.

can i put them strait from my computer onto this site

posted on Jan, 31 2004 @ 02:20 PM
First of all you will have to find a place where to upload them. I'm not sure if ATS is the best place, because you don't have much space here.
I can suggest you to do as I usually do. Register a free website somewhere. It doesn't matter that they write that empty pages will be deleted soon, because I don't think that anyone will want to see your pictures after some weeks and besides that you can always make a simple page in FrontPage and write "under construction"
So, when it's done, use some FTP uploading program (I personally prefer Total Commander and FileZilla either). Just upload it to your site.
And finally add that picture here or anywhere else you want to.

Probably you will need the software to resize images, use InfranView then.

[Edited on 31-1-2004 by Agnis]

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