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The city without pity - Illuminati

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posted on Jun, 5 2015 @ 02:02 PM
I'd like to have some updates on this story please, anyone ?

posted on Jun, 6 2015 @ 11:01 PM
a reply to: InS0MnI "Lisa's Story" is told @ It helps us understand the human side of this tragedy.

As long as there are courageous people like devilhisself who can tell their stories one day, and are allowed to speak in their own way, in their own time, it will be possible for justice and closure to come to the Young family and their loved ones in Nanaimo and elsewhere.

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 10:48 AM

originally posted by: InS0MnI
I'd like to have some updates on this story please, anyone ?

I have never posted but have been reading the forum for a long time, my husband was the one who told me about it, so hello everyone
. I am not sure whatever happened to the original poster but I did find some info about Chris William Adair,the man last seen with Lisa Marie Young and the driver of the red Jaguar. Here in BC you can look up certain court records online, I checked for Chris last night. He definitely has a record and it is interesting because there are theft and fraud charges on there, now this is just my own thoughts but I believe he was into drugs at the time Lisa went missing, if you look at the date of the charges it does coincide.
I am wondering if her went to the house with Lisa, the house she told her friends that she was at and was uncomfortable. He went there to get drugs but owed money and so he offered Lisa to them I know it is nasty to think of but it does happen and there are people like this.

Here is the link to look up the record:
Choose *E Search then *Search Traffic/Criminal then *Search Traffic/Criminal By then *Participant name.
Full Name is Christopher William Adair
Notice there are a few that are restricted access

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 07:50 PM
a reply to: sheshecanada Hello, and thank you for this helpful info that adds to the knowledge. The original poster, devilhisself, posted some very important details that could help solve things. (Unfortunately they were driven away from posting by some people who didn't grasp the truth of the matter.) Hopefully over time devilhisself may return. Thanks to them, and to you and everyone who cares the answers may be told.

It's very interesting to learn about Christopher William Adair who drove Lisa in the Jaguar. His criminal record has not been mentioned publicly by the authorities. It adds to questions as to what the police have done or not done in this case. btw, one of Adair's sisters graduated from VIU in 2013 with a Major in Criminology.

It seems an earlier news item linked in this thread may have changed its URL. Here's the next link:

Victim kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a car, police say
Two Nanaimo brothers face a string of charges after police say they beat and threatened a man, threw him in the trunk of a car and dumped him at a ferry terminal, telling him to leave Vancouver Island.

By The Daily News (Nanaimo) November 6, 2010

Two Nanaimo brothers face a string of charges after police say they beat and threatened a man, threw him in the trunk of a car and dumped him at a ferry terminal, telling him to leave Vancouver Island.
Michael Curry, 39, and William Curry, 42, face charges of unlawful confinement or imprisonment, uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm, assault and theft $5,000 or under.
Police are unsure of the motive behind the incident, which began Saturday night at a Rosehill Street home but said it may be linked to drugs.
The people involved all knew each other and the investigation did not suggest the suspects forced their way into the home, according to police.
Nanaimo RCMP say the lone male victim was assaulted inside the house before being put in the trunk of a car and driven around for some time.
Police said the victim was told to leave Vancouver Island and was first taken to the Departure Bay ferry terminal -- which had stopped selling passenger tickets -- before being dropped off at the Duke Point terminal.
The victim eventually made his way to the downtown RCMP detachment to report the incident.
He was not seriously hurt but police said his injuries were "consistent with being assaulted."
A video-game console and stereo were also stolen from the home of the victim.
Police arrested two men in connection with the incident at a south Nanaimo home later that night.
The two brothers, who are not in custody, are scheduled to next appear in court in Nanaimo on Wednesday.

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posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 07:56 PM
Here's how that case was handled by the courts:

Man gets community sentence for unlawful confinement
by Jenn McGarrigle - Nanaimo News Bulletin
• posted Jan 17, 2012 at 1:00 PM

A Nanaimo man accused of kidnapping another man and taking him to the ferry terminal was found guilty of unlawful confinement and assault last week, but avoided jail time.
William Michael Curry received a four-month conditional sentence and eight months probation, as well as a 10-year firearms prohibition, DNA order and $100 victim surcharge.
The charges stem from an Oct. 30, 2010 incident in which Curry drove another man to first the Departure Bay ferry terminal and then the Duke Point ferry terminal, after determining that they had missed the last sailing to Departure Bay, and telling him to leave the Island.
Clint Sadlemyer, Curry's lawyer, said two versions of the story came out at trial, but the judge found that Curry took the man against his will to both terminals, neither of which had another boat sailing to the mainland that evening.

And this news item relates to the fate of William Allan Laskoski another Nanaimo character whose name surfaces in connection with Lisa Marie Young's disappearance:

Charge laid in Christmas Day murder in Nanaimo home

A local man has been charged in connection with a fatal Christmas Day shooting. Dale Michael Clyne, 45, appeared in Nanaimo provincial court on Friday, where he was charged with second-degree murder.

December 29, 2007

NANAIMO, B.C. -- A local man has been charged in connection with a fatal Christmas Day shooting.

Dale Michael Clyne, 45, appeared in Nanaimo provincial court on Friday, where he was charged with second-degree murder.

He will remain in custody until his next court appearance on Jan. 9.

Before leaving the courtroom, a silent Clyne, with short dark brown hair and matching goatee, waved to a group of friends who had come to watch the proceedings.

On Christmas Day, Nanaimo resident William Allan Laskoski, 39, was shot and killed in a home in the city’s south end.

The shooting was the city’s first reported homicide of the year.

Police said both the suspect and the victim knew each other.

Laskoski is no stranger to police. He was in and out of Nanaimo court between 2001 and 2004, facing charges of assault, uttering threats, forcible entry, mischief and possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking.

But despite Laskoski’s troubled past, his cousin Lorne said he was a good friend and will be missed by family.

Lorne, who saw his cousin three months ago, was shocked at the death and holds fond memories of time they spent together, fishing for trout.

-- Nanaimo Daily News

posted on Jun, 4 2016 @ 10:36 PM
a reply to: TheFreakyTruth We all want to know what devilhisself can tell us. It's very important. And, no doubt, it's true. Anyone close to what's happening in Nanaimo knows it's true. The evil and corruption is deep-rooted but as more gets exposed through time online the power of those committing the acts gets weaker. Eventually, I believe, the truth will prevail and Lisa's family and others, like devilhisself who faced the evil, they will find overcome.

It's also very interesting what you've posted. Thank you very much. Some more info on the house fire, location, and individuals is really useful for understanding how things fit together. Someone new to this forum (sheshecanada), as well, has posted some background on Chris Adair, the guy who drove Lisa to the house...

and, Ray and Brian Ferstel's father died this past year - the obit mentions a lot of the family but doesn't name Ray's wife/Brian's sister-in-law since they split up. But her name and that property is what people should be looking at more along with all else. sheshecanada mentions the potential of drug connections, and on another forum it's been said that the police investigation may be complicated by some of those involved being protected informants they don't want to expose - so, literally, these people are getting away with murder

Here's a bit of the notice on the passing of Earl Ferstel, father to Brian who killed Dan Berrigan, and father to Ray and there's all the Lisa Young case to be uncovered:

Earl Ralph Ferstel
January 22, 1931 ~ June 19, 2015 (age 84)

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of our father, Earl Ferstel, who slipped quietly away on June 19, 2015, after a brief hospital stay. He was predeceased by Dolores, his loving wife of 61 years. He is survived by his sons Ray and Brian (Rhonda), daughter Stacy Wright (Dave), granddaughter Marcilyn Wright and her brothers Craig and Darrell, great grandchildren Jayne, Gabriel and Ian Wright and baby Brionna; his sister Rita Erhardt and many nieces and nephews as well as dearly loved in-laws. A heart-felt thanks go to special friends Susan and Ken Schleppie and Bill Purdy who supported Earl right to the end.

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posted on Jun, 23 2016 @ 08:19 PM
We are looking at doing an episode on Lisa's case on our truecrime podcast. If anyone has info and wants to get in touch please do so at

Will treat any info anonymously.

Email address removed by admin, please use the Contact ATS link at the bottom of the page if you wish to do this.
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posted on Jul, 29 2016 @ 09:31 PM
International investigative podcast Casefile has published an episode on Lisa Marie Young. It’s the 26th installment in an ongoing series of cases and they’re asking for more info to follow-up on Lisa @

Casefile shines light on Lisa, her community, and the chronology of events that Canada Day weekend when she went out celebrating the birthday of a friend, Dallas Hulley, and ended up being given a ride by a grifter, Chris Adair, to an house of notorious figures in Nanaimo, Canada. Tragically, Lisa’s life ended in the early hours of June 30, 2002.

This podcast is on lots of platforms eg. iTunes @
and on Soundcloud @
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posted on May, 20 2018 @ 08:54 PM
I am new here lately but have been viewing this site for years...

Here is an addition to the story... the last person to hear from Lisa was a friend she was with that night...
Unfortunately he was hit and killed by a vehicle March, 26, 2018 this year.

Lisa's mother passed away last year.

Man dies after being struck by a vehicle in Nanaimo Sunday
Posted By: Andy Nealon: March 26, 2018In: News, Top Stories
WATCH: Nanaimo RCMP are investigating after 38-year-old Dallas Barry Hulley died after being struck by a car early Sunday morning. Kendall Hanson has more.

A man died early Sunday morning after being hit by a vehicle while walking near the Island Highway in the north end of Nanaimo.

RCMP say the 38-year-old man was walking along the shoulder of the road with a 27-year-old woman near the intersection of Oliver Road and Highway 19A at 1 a.m. Sunday.

"What we've ascertained was he was walking with a female when for some reason he walked out into the travel portion of the road to retrieve an item at which point he was struck by the northbound car," said Const. Gary O'Brien with the Nanaimo RCMP.

The woman told investigators her male companion walked out onto the northbound lane of the road to grab something when he was hit by the vehicle.

The man was taken to hospital and was pronounced dead at 6:15 a.m. the same day.

Police said he was wearing dark non-reflective clothing.

"We see time and time again where people are being struck and sadly they're dying from the fact that vehicles can not react in time," said Const. O'Brien. "Reflective clothing can save your life."

The 62-year-old female driver of the vehicle and a passenger remained at the scene and are cooperating with investigators.

Authorities say alcohol and drugs have been ruled out as contributing factors in relation to the driver.

RCMP Victim Services is assisting the occupants of the vehicle and the female pedestrian.

Friends have identified the victim as 38-year-old Dallas Barry Hulley.

They say they're heartbroken they'll never see his infectious smile again.

CHEK News interviewed Hulley in August of 2002. He was the last person to talk to 21-year-old Lisa Young before she went missing.

"Sure enough it's Lisa on her cell phone," said Hulley at the time. "She goes 'Dallas, I don't know what's going on. This guy won't bring me back. We're sitting in a driveway on Bowen road and he won't bring me back.' She says, 'I'm bored. I'm getting pissed off.;"

Police believe Young met with foul play and are still investigating her disappearance.

"I want to bash my knuckles against the cement," said Hulley said in 2002. "I don't know what to do. What a waste. What has Nanaimo come to when stuff like this can happen?"

Hulley never got closure in that case and now his friends say he too has died far too young.

The investigation by Nanaimo RCMP into the collision is continuing.

Lisa's mothers obituary...

By Denise Titian, June 22, 2017

Marelene ‘JoAnne’ Martin Young

Nanaimo, BC —
Friends and family are mourning the loss of Marelene ‘JoAnne’ Martin Young, age 54, who passed away peacefully, surrounded by family on June 21.

Young is the mother of Lisa Marie Young, the Tla-o-qui-aht woman who went missing in Nanaimo June, 30, 2002. Joanne never gave up in her effort to find her daughter Lisa, age 21 at the time, who disappeared after a night out with friends.

The distraught mother made frequent trips to plaster the city with missing posters and regularly called the RCMP for updates. She and her husband organized walks and candlelight vigils every year in late June in her effort to keep her daughter’s case in the public eye.

“I try to think of different ways to keep my daughter’s memory alive so people don’t forget her…that’s my biggest worry,” she told Ha-Shilth-Sa in 2012.

At that time she shared that she suffered from serious health issues that were no doubt exacerbated by the stress and grief of not knowing what happened to her daughter.

Very sad story indeed

a reply to: InS0MnI

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