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The city without pity - Illuminati

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posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 10:46 PM
Are you asking for help? What do you want from the ATS members?

You came to us with a dramatic story. We cannot accept any of it without questioning you. There is no way we can help if we don't ask questions.

I've been riding a harley for over 30 years. The harley group you describe sound like they are a bit on the rough side. Not rough becauuse they carry guns but because there seems like too many incidents of bike theft, violence to women (you), and certainly no brotherly love. I too carry a gun as most all bike riders do. I don't want to get stuck on a dark highway with a broken bike and no personal protection.

If you will be a little more tolerant and work with us I am sure you will get plenty of ATS members trying to help you figure out what is going on in that strange town.

You have no enemies here, please don't treat us as such. Also please try to be more civilized....profanity adds nothing constructive to your comments.

posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 10:55 PM
! I NEVER said that the Hells Angels had ANYthing to do with that girl missing! Maybe I've put it down too hastily... i WASN'T EVEN FINISHED. oNLY THAT THEY BLACK BALLED US! iF i WAS A HOAX i GUESS i SHOULD HAVE PLANNED THIS OUT BETTER...

posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by riley

You have no idea......

posted on Nov, 12 2007 @ 11:04 PM
Regardless.. have you told the victims family what you know? I'm just wondering as you've posted a link to their website and they are still wondering what happened to their daughter.
You said the story has to be told.. shouldn't you tell the actual family as well?

You've admitted to having a witness.

[edit on 12-11-2007 by riley]

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by devilhisself

I am sorry that you have gone through something that has obviously upset you... I am just wondering why you're so angry at everyone here that is just asking questions. In earlier posts, you made several comments about how you don't feel welcome here, and that you'll just leave, but then you come right back and post more. Getting so defensive throws off the flow of what you are trying to say.

I am not trying to anger you, and I am certainly not accusing you of making up stories. You are just hard to follow sometimes, and I am really trying to understand everything that you are talking about. I am just asking you to maybe take a deep breath and try to calm down before you get so angry. And just a thought-- maybe make up fake names for the people that you are talking about, because it can be confusing to read about people with vague identities.

Also, I have some questions for you... you mentioned living near a lake called "Witchcraft Lake," and you also said something about living on land that was an Indian burial ground. Can you talk more about that? Does witchcraft actually take place near the lake, or where did the name come from? Also, does the burial ground have some kind of significance to the cult/secret organization that you speak of?

Finally, when you talk about these people being the "Illuminati," do you mean that they are the same secret organization that many people believe to be secretly controlling world affairs, or are these people more interested in local affairs? What you are describing-- stealing motorcycles and the like-- seems kind of small-time for Illuminati. Can you talk more about why you think the Illuminati are involved in this?

Again- PLEASE don't get all upset with me, and think that I am calling you a liar. I was not there, and do not know what you and your family have gone through. I hope that you are being honest with us, but I am not going to pass judgment. I am just trying to make more sense of what I've read.

Thanks for sharing!

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 09:52 AM
Hi All,

I don't really have too much to add to this at the moment until the OP posts some further information.

I would also like to stress to the OP that we don't just rubbish stories out of hand and the members here are fantastic and supportive (mainly
) providing we get some info to support the claims.

While doing a quick google with some of the names in the story i found this story about a HE clubhouse in Naimo. May be connected?? Who knows??


posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 09:56 AM
To all the members that have posted here.
Please, please relax on devilhisself. She came here ignorant of our ways and tried to retell her story in a haphazard way. Forgive her. She is OBVIOUSLY scared out of her wits and doesn't know exactly what we do here. I have had a couple of conversations with her via U2U and I hope she will take my advice to slow down, read a bit of archived information and learn a bit of what we do here so she can better relate what's going on around her.
To those screaming hoax already, I'm appalled at you. You have no idea what she has endured and therefore you should listen more that talk. This is a PERSON! She is also a fellow member and you have no base to call hoax at all. Please knock it off.

Hopefully, this poster will read up a bit here and learn more of what she talks about (Masons) and maybe she can learn to form her statements better. I've told her what she needs to bring forward to solidify her accounting. She has never posted on a website (much less, ATS) and is COMPLETELY ignorant of what we, at ATS, CAN do for her.

I am going to look into her story for her a bit and until we (she and I) have some good, ATS-acceptable documentation to present, can we please lay off the heavy-handedness.

Thank you all.

To those that have displayed a modicum of restraint and understanding, Thank you too.


posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by Cuhail

Well said man.

I like your posts and see a balance there that some other could do with adopting

In addition to the Hells angels raid that i posted earlier i also found this

Kinda makes you think that there is something not quite right with Nanaimo

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 10:50 AM
Dear Cuhail and other self proclaimed moderators,

I was going to just ignore this thread as participating in it requires tippytoeing lest I be accused of being evil incarnate/illuminati yet again but I'm being dragged back in to defend myself as you've come out postering; claiming you have some higher moral authority. I don't appreciate being patronised or condesended.. nor do I like hypocricey and the veiled accusations thrown my way. I have already explained why I am skeptical and as far as I'm concerned they were valid points and didn't warrent the reaction they recieved. I did try to show a great amount of respect and it was met with backtracking and verbal abuse [which the REAL mods had to censor]. The OP is free to get his/her facts straight and to repost them but thus far when questioned about these facts.. they suddenly changed into contradictions and nonsense [nonsense as in they literally don't make sense]. Is that my fault? You are quite welcome to coach him/her and help them retell the story but what you are NOT welcome to do is start trying to coach ME on how to post.. and I certainly won't tolerate you speaking 'down to' me as if I were a child. Understand?

In other words.. pull your head in.

[edit on 13-11-2007 by riley]

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 11:00 AM

Originally posted by riley
Then he came back claiming to have a daughter who was possibly witnessed to this rape murder

I just wanted to throw some clarity into the issue. I believe what the poster was trying to say in this instance is that the woman (the clean up lady possibly) brought her daughter over because of some illness (doesnt make too much sense) and that the OP's daughter witnessed this clean up woman beating up her own daughter (possibly to forge the illness, though that seems like the stupidest way to fake someone being sick)

But to be honest, im with you on this. There have been a lot of wild claims with no evidence to back it up. I remain firmly skeptical.

To the OP: if you want to add credibility to your story and potential ATS career, clarify some of the following:
1) what type of poison was used on you
2) why did you shoot someone, on what date, with what weapon (caliber, class, etc) and what happenned as a result of it?

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 11:05 AM
riley, how about least read the posts instead of scanning it before you jump all over someone. YOU misunderstood what she had made clear as far as the beheading & kept on grilling her over it when it was clear you didnt read it. all everyone is saying is lighten up. as far as the self appointed moderator talk well thats the pot calling the kettle black isnt it. its fine to ask questions. its not fine to call someone a liar & act like an a-hole in the process of asking questions.

devilhisself, just from looking at a few news articles from that area there is some suspicious activity. I'd venture a guess that there was a bit of mob activity in the area? did you happen to know of the Rosella Centis shooting? please proceed with your story. I believe everyone's heart is in the right place here its just that many have their guard up. we have been burned before. I'm sure you can relate.

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 11:10 AM
Hi devilhimself-

I have been perodically looking all morning for a account of Dan Barrigan's murder. I cannot find any reference to it at all.

What year was he shot? You stated the convicted murderer was the son of a Mason. Do you know his name?



posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 11:28 AM
stick to the topic at hand and everyone should be happy.

name calling and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Carry on.

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by devilhisself

I am listening.

Don't worry about the rhetoric. We can filter through the B.S.

Please, carry on. Fascinating!

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 11:34 AM
fwiw, BrotherXII, mentioned in the initial post, founded the cult known as the Aquarian Foundation. pretty interesting story there. figured the cult name might make this a bit easier to research.

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 12:12 PM

I thought this thread was scary... what with all the mood swings and what not...

but jeez... This One... is rage on a page

Why so angry? because your husbands name was sullied? I don't see where you have any justification to get so angry over something that really has nothing to do with you...

Yes dear, they are out to get you...

I'm willing to bet you believe we all are too...

(can't the mods check the IP to see if this persons story adds up? At least location wise???)

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 12:44 PM
coven, how would verifying a location help? the way I read it she moved from Nanaimo 1 1/2 years ago & didnt post a destination. I may have just missed it...either way, the fact that she is angry seems to point more towards this being an honest account. its much easier to fabricate a story than it is to fabricate emotion. I can understand everone being skeptical about the story but I cant understand all the negativity directed at the poster. maybe if it had been proven a hoax but at this point it hasnt... to the contrary SOMETHING is going on up there. matter of fact they just raided the Hell's Angels MC headquarters in that town a few days ago & seized all assets. lets see where this goes before we start to judge.

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by metalmessiah

Raiding an HC headquarters doesnt point to anything really. Canadian authorities have been cracking down on the Angels in recent months furiously.

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 01:07 PM
As I understand it through my contact with the OP, she references Masons as the culprits, but, the behavior she speaks of sounds more like cultish or gang-like activity.

I too am finding it hard to nail down some documentation from the area she names. The Hell's Angels obviously lost their chapter house for illegal activities and that pops up a lot. There's got to be more.


Still looking

posted on Nov, 13 2007 @ 01:59 PM
I'm here willing to listen. One thing I know is that the HA are in business. They do not want any heat. If a chapter is "troublesome" there will be a hostile takeover from "upper management". The San Diego chapter suffered a similar fate in the early 90's. Calgary also 5 years ago.

Ever consider sending an anonymous letter to the chapters in Quebec? They get really annoyed when they find out that "up and comers" have crossed the line without massive financial reward. That may have already happened as we can see the club house was shut down...with no arrests? Sounds like an inside job to me.

Keep on your toes.

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