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Corporations are psychopaths

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posted on Jan, 30 2004 @ 07:25 PM
Dr. Robert Hare, the FBI's top consulting psychologist on psychopaths has recently gone on record as stating that corporations are psychopathic. In an article written in defence of a recently released movie, he states that if a person was to act as corporations do, he would be categorised as a psychopath.

As far as the law is concerned, corporations have the same rights and responsibilities as a person. They are, in the eyes of the law, people in their own right. The owners and shareholders of a corporation are not legally responsible for its actions, since it is considered a seperate legal entity. This is the same in the UK as in the USA.

Dr Hare continues, explaining that the directors are required to do whatever is best for the company, regardless of the harm these actions cause.

The corporation ignores any social and legal standards to get its way, and does not suffer from guilt while mimicking the human qualities of empathy, caring and altruism. If a person was classified as having those character traits, he or she would be categorized as a psychopath, based on diagnostic criteria from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The movie, 'The Corporation', lists a series of consequences caused by the actions of corporations, including the deaths of those protesting agains the corporate ownership of water, Monsanto blocking the media from informing the public of health hazards of a genetically engineered drug and of course the links between certain corporations and Hitler's Nazi regime.

The Corporation movie

Corporations are psychopaths

Out of interest for those following the truth or otherwise of certain prophecies, I seem to remember reading somewhere that the Antichrist could be a corporation. Originally I was loathe to give this theory much credence, knowing that the Antichrist is supposed to be a person - however, now being aware of the 'legal person' status of corporations, I am willing to reconsider this possibility.

[Edited on 30-1-2004 by Pisky]

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