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The UN

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posted on Dec, 8 2002 @ 02:05 PM
I'm doing a presentation on the UN for a political science class. What would you guys think are the most controversial issues concerning the United Nations. I may use some of your replies in the presentation, please say if you would not like me to. (I want some opinions)

posted on Dec, 8 2002 @ 02:22 PM
The UN should only confine itself to humanitarian issues. Perioud!

posted on Dec, 8 2002 @ 02:27 PM
the UN is too overbearing They attempt to police the world in trivial issues when it is none of their business. It is also unfair in a way that it will screw you in a second if you do not comply i.e The USA contrubutes about half the money towards themyet a country that doesnt even give its fair share has as much power as us. I can see the fair and the unfair side at both. Its good that we are equal but the could pass a resolution to attack us! Well i agree with All seeing Eye the need to stick with the Humanitarian Business.

posted on Dec, 8 2002 @ 11:00 PM
I believe the UN debate on Slavery is an interesting one, that debate is the one USA took so much flak for not attending. Yes, for all you arrogant blunder heads, the slave trade is still alive and well.

Just about half a year ago, they caught a slave ship. It was transporting children to slavery in africa and by the time they caught it its cargo had gone "missing".

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posted on Dec, 9 2002 @ 08:31 AM
The "problem with the UN" depends on who you ask.

I'll be blunt... if you present some of the more extreme issues that are noted on this site, your teacher is going to laugh at you. Furthermore, a lot of the concerns can be easily knocked down by research (the "UN is a lackey of the NWO" is one of them. If you present that, your teacher will flunk you promptly when you can't produce any real evidence that the Illuminati/NWO actually exists.)

Controversial issues (do a news search on any of these topics) include human rights (and particularly women's rights), children soldiers (the US is reviled because we allow our 17 year olds and 18 year olds to join the military), birth control, land mines, debtor nations, the AIDs epidemic -- and the actions of the US wherein Bush is just determined to romp all over Iraq.

Slavery, as FM suggests, is another VERY problematic area. So is the environment (with Dear President Bush refusing to sign the Kyoto Treaty) -- with arguably the most industrialized nation in the world (that would be the US) thumbing its nose at the rest of the world.

Good sources for news include: (the UN's news website)

The website for the UN bureaucracy:

The environment program:

The children's programs, including Children's rights

...and that should get you started. Searches of news archives (use or the Dogpile news search) will get you several sides of any of those issues.

posted on Dec, 9 2002 @ 08:40 AM
And isnt the UN promoting prostitution in some countries as well as damning countries that have a Mothers Day Holiday?

Byrd is right, dont bring up the conspiracy stuff around your teacher. Writing about the US/UN differences might be an interesting topic. Or how willing it seems the UN will go after the US for our human rights issues and make no mention of ME countries or a country like China - it seems its easier to target the US. That's just my take on the UN though.

What ever you decide to write about feel free to share your presentation many of us here would probably like to see it. If you dont mind me asking what grade are you in?

posted on Dec, 9 2002 @ 09:35 AM
The most contraversial issues concerning the UN are all involved with where UN resolutions stand in International law.

There are five permanent security council members(USA,Russia,China,France,UK)each with the right to veto any resolution.There are ten other members that rotate amongst the worlds other nations but which do not have the right to veto.The veto system was essential for world peace during the cold war.One occasion in which peace was threatened was before the Korean war when Russia(then USSR)had withdrawn from the security council in support of China becoming a permanent member.This left USA,UK,and France to pass a resolution which started the Korean War.
Today we are faced with a situation where those same five countries dictate international action.
You will find on your search resolutions against Israel also against the Palestinians that have not been enforced.You will find Resolution about Kashmir that have not been enforced.
The main problem for the UN today concerns integrity.If the UN is to be the arbitter of international law then surely it must enforce all resolutions favouring no nation and without threat to those that enforce them.

It may also pay you to find imformation about the League of Nations and why it failed.You will find it did not fail because of any humanitarian dilemas but because it failed to enforce it's own will.

posted on Dec, 9 2002 @ 01:22 PM
The UN is importnat for small contries to have a say on world events that are dominated usually by only a few major powers.

I think they will make a wonderful world govenrment.

posted on Dec, 9 2002 @ 09:39 PM
Thanks a lot guys

I'm a senior in high school

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posted on Dec, 11 2002 @ 09:55 PM
" the UN will make a wonderful world government "

yes they will, and a real powerful man who will rule the world will
be their leader.

Un is part of nwo which is in apocolypse.

man i hope you were kidding.


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