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Glass slipper syndrome

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posted on Jan, 30 2004 @ 02:20 PM
Funny I came across this in my email when I was just talking to my husband (who is a pedorthist)about this the other day. Can you believe women are cutting off their toes so that they can fit into SEXIER SHOES???

Talk about not using your head!!

I guess these women don't understand that once you cut off your toes your alignment is no longer balanced
and you end up LIMPING the rest of your life...

Could these docs walk a mile in their patients' shoes?

It wasn't that long ago (before we were all saved by
political correctness) when you could open the pages of a
magazine like National Geographic and marvel at the pictures
of people from other parts of the world who did bizarre,
sometimes debilitating things to their bodies in the name
their own culture's vision of beauty. From giant plates
implanted in the lips to systematically extending women's
necks with metal rings to binding of the feet to keep them
small and dainty...

We're not like that here, though. Right? Not in America!

Wrong. According to recent article in the New York Times, a
1990s study showed that 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that
are up to 2 sizes too narrow, in effect "binding" the feet.
This trend has resulted in the need for an alarming (and
rapidly increasing) number of women to seek surgery to
correct bunions, claw- and hammer-toes, and other serious
podiatric conditions that are directly caused by ill-fitting

What's even more bizarre is this: An increasing number of
women (up to 40% more over the last 3 years, according to
one doctor's estimate) are electing to undergo cosmetic
surgery to their feet - including such procedures as toe
shortening (!) and collagen injections - in order to wear
today's most fashionable footwear.

Yes, instead of cutting shoes to fit our feet, we're cutting
our feet to fit our shoes!

But not all of these shoe- and surgery-obsessed women are
rewarded with dainty Cinderella-feet that'll slip into the
sexiest of modern footwear. No, a goodly number of them end
up permanently hobbled by failed procedures, according to
the Times article. In fact, the piece maintains that the
majority of the orthopedists and podiatrists comprising the
anti-cosmetic-foot-surgery American Orthopaedic Foot and
Ankle Society claimed to have treated such patients in the
recent past.

Why is this happening, you ask? For two reasons: Fashion and
Profit. On the fashion end of things, shoe designers are
making footwear that's more and more sleek and sexy, but
less and less wearable. As for the profit angle, cosmetic
foot surgery is a cash-only business - it's not covered by
insurance or Medicaid. That means it's far more profitable
for doctors than anything subject to managed-care regulation
(not that I like that either).

Put these things together and you've got a women's health
disaster of epidemic proportions. Today, women have 94% of
the bunion surgeries in this country, and 80% of foot
surgeries overall. And that's not to mention all the knee,
hip, and back procedures that have no doubt been caused by
poor-fitting shoes...

My advice? Wear what's comfortable on your feet, girls.
You're far sexier walking and dancing than wincing in pain.

posted on Jan, 30 2004 @ 02:30 PM
What the F_ck! I am going to become a millionare!! Im going to make sexy shoes that are bigger!!

posted on Jan, 30 2004 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by dreamrebel
What the F_ck! I am going to become a millionare!! Im going to make sexy shoes that are bigger!!

Go for it, I know plenty of women that would buy "comfy" shoes, including me!

Also, that (no bull#) sign you have under your name is the same one I had on the back of my truck!
Except a white backround, not black...

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 06:34 PM
I guess the social pressure of an ideal forced on the fairer sex has had more than a few negative outcomes, no?

posted on Feb, 17 2004 @ 10:11 AM

Originally posted by Bout Time
I guess the social pressure of an ideal forced on the fairer sex has had more than a few negative outcomes, no?

Definitely... But these are the crazy ladies anyway...
My husband deals with the public's feet all day, and you wouldn't believe the crazies he gets...

Especially the women, they are there to get "helped" but they don't listen, they don't want to "fix" their feet because they can't part with their "painful" pointy shoes that they stuff their feet into, they cry because they know if they want to get better they have to give up useless stylish shoes...

People, your feet aren't supposed to hurt!!

If your walking along time, they aren't supposed to hurt.
Your shoes suck... It doesn't matter how much you pay for your shoes, chances are your paying for the label.

Birkenstock's are awesome, at first I used to shop at payless cuz they were cheap and stylish, but they would kill my feet...

So I bought a pair of flat leather birkenstock's that had a rocker on the bottom and they are the best shoes i've ever had... Also made custom orthotics too, but even still...

Small shoes suck, theyhurt, you get bunions, and calluses, you end up rubbing your feet half the day..
It's stupid! why do women feel theneed to cut their toes off now in order to get into some favorite shoes?

That surgeon outta be sued..

These women are going to find out that after they heal, they aren't going to have the proper alignment, they are going to be unbalanced, and end up limping the rest of their life...

Stupid #s...

You know what, it looks good on them, cuz then everyone can know who the stupid ones are, they chose aesthetics over comfort. Not to mention they cut their own body parts off for a pair of freeking shoes...

my god, what is this world coming to. Ihope that female surgeon in new york city gets her Azs reemed.
What a #.

I feel better now.

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