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Teutonic Myth->Norns' Mountain->Nuremberg

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posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 02:49 PM
For the Few of You that might be interested
here is a web-site to explore at your leisure.

You need not be a Pagan or Mythologist to
Swim in this Pool of Consciousness.

...The original name of Nurnberg was Nornenberg--Norns' Mountain--where, in the Teutonic myths, the three female fates called the Norns sat in a cave within the mountain, like judges, spinning, weaving and cutting the fate of everyman.
Nurnberg was also chosen by the Allies after WWII
for the judgement at Nurnberg, where Nazi war criminals were tried and sentenced...

for the rest of the journey....bookmark this address:

BE SURE TO CLICK ((The Leylines of Nuremberg))

...for a visit to Nazi Occult, Thule Society, etc etc
if your into secret society, NWO, David Icke, et al
Can you envision another concentration of Energies at this Vortex Place of Nuremberg Germany...
* perhaps, the terrorists that found refuge in Hamburg,
while concieving the 9-11 actrocity, are to be caught up in this future judgement maelstrom??
* could the Munich Olympics massacree, Hamburg & Munich sanctuaries for AQ cells, the Thule Societys' alleged ties to Skull & part of Judgement at Nuremberg II???

Let Your Mind Wander

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