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TERRORISM: U.S. eyes spring offensive in Afghanistan

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posted on Jan, 29 2004 @ 08:46 AM
The U.S. military is planning a spring offensive against remnants of the Taliban and al Qaeda fighters in Afghanistan, a senior Defense Department official has said.

Hunt for bin Laden focuses on eastern Afghanistan

Authorities have ordered troops, supplies and logistics into place to carry ou the operation, the official said Wednesday.

The news comes amid increased violence in Afghanistan and on a day in which the U.S. military said it thinks it will find Osama bin Laden and fugitive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar in east Afghanistan.

The manhunt for bin Laden is now in its third year but a military spokesman said confidence is high that he will be captured.

Why would we broadcast a plan to attack ? Is this a ploy by the Bush administration to turn the attention back to bin Laden and then before the elections get rolling the U.S. captures bin Laden, thus boosting President Bush's ratings and helping re-elect him ?

This ATS member is beginning to think so.

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