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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 06:48 PM

A Mindless Ramble on Member's Names

A quick congrats to the recent ATS Mix episode, our newly appointed FSME's, and a little game we'll call "The Name Game".

Do you pronounce any member's names wrong?

Take a listen, maybe your name is mentioned.

length: 08:23
file: btstpod_2634.mp3
size: 7602k
feed: btst
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 07:42 PM
Very cool Podcast, Chissler. Those member names can be tough sometimes.

I always thought your name was pronounced "sis-ler" until I heard you say it.

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 07:44 PM

I think I'll follow up with this one once or twice as I come across a few others.

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 11:32 PM
Cool one chissler!

I think this is one of the only podcast of yours I've listened to, but very interesting.

I'll have to come up with some more creative ideas heh.

I feel you on the name thing, but I don't think that really matters a whole lot hahaha.

Koonmoon? D.G. Temp?

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posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 08:57 AM
khunmoon? dgtempe?

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 10:53 AM
Hey, Chissler. I've been pronouncing your name right...

DeeGeeTempee' (Tempe is a town. And the last syllable is accented)


posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 02:09 PM

Thanks BH!

Anyone have any ideas on the others?

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 02:31 PM
haha. First off, where's the NS accent? Just kidding. I could tell right way but hey being a Caper, I can pick out you mainlanders in a heartbeat.

Ok to the name. It is. G(hard G), owww( like oww that hurt) two( self explainitory ). All together now Gowwwtwo. the 789 are just some numbers.

It is actually an acronym for Grand Architect Of The Universe. and ATS is the only place I use it.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 02:38 PM

But I must express a serious concern here. Are you referring to me as a "mainlander"? Excuse me?

My friend, I am a Cape Bretoner through and through. Grant it, the last twelve months I've had the unfortunate responsibility of living in the main land, but my 20+ previous years have to account for something.

I never knew you were a Caper, or if I did, I forgot.

What part of the island? Do you live there now?

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 02:45 PM
I always thought elevatedone was "elevate-done".
It never occurred to me that it was "elevated one". I couldn't understand what "elevate done" meant.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 02:49 PM
Names are a tricky one here, especially when most of us don't have podcasts to 'verify' our existence.

ATS members could in fact be robots or highly ingenious programs.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 02:51 PM
You, like my self, have done a very good job of putting away your accent me son. But 4 or 5 Oland's or a shot or three of shine and it's back with a vengeance.
I ave to say doh yous do sound like da rest of dem dare haligonians doh bye.

Ever try typing like we talk? It is hard. And even harder to read.

I'm originally from Glace Bay but I have been living in Saint John for seven years. I learned on my first jaunt to TO. that talking like a Caper is leaving yourself open to unnecessary ridicule. So I taught myself to talk like" all the rest".

Although I still can't pronounce the double t in bottle or little. And I say Mudder more often than Mother and bye will be a part of my vocabulary till i die.

What part of the island ya from?

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 06:59 PM
I just heard your podcast.

Chisler, I have to tell you...You have one of the gentlest, soft-spoken voices that I've heard in awhile. I mean this in a good way! It's very soothing. Love it!

Also, I love the opening music in the beginning. Who's the band and what's the name of the song?

And thankyou for posting the name game. There's one fellow you mentioned: "Mr. Wupy". I too, was trying to figure out how to correctly pronounce the dear souls' name.

Wupy...(as in the sound 'cup') or Wupy...(as in the sound 'sloop')

I look forward to your next podcasts chissler; keep em rolling!


posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 07:01 PM
Altarmotive - What we have inside us

I love the song, and find it very fitting.

Your kind comments are appreciated. I think I'm gonna try to keep the mic from getting a little dusty, as it has been for the last few months. I'm not creating masterpieces, but they are worthy my effort, and I have fun doing them.

Again, thank you.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by chissler

What the??!!?

I came to Ontario in 1988, from Cape Bretton!

'Whitney Pier Dear'

Lived in Halifax previous to that (born there).

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 07:04 PM
What a small world.

We Cape Bretoners can pick one another out through the sounds of our voice.

Two from "the bay", and one from "the pier", in one thread.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 07:27 PM
reply to post by TheDuckster

Ducky you never mentioned you were from the Pier dear. I guess I should have known with dat writin talent yous got dere. Us Caper's eh. We're everywhere bye.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 07:54 PM
I am just listening to it. You are very well spoken. I sound like a bogan.
I think that is the down side to the Australian accent.

Anyway, good podcast.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by chissler

Awsome dude. I just found a new gadget. My husband calls me the gadget lady, always want the latest tech gadgets. This is so totally awsome. Got to love it!

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by chissler

JacKatMtn is not Jack at it is Jack + Kathy living in Mountains. JacKatMtn

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