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Hillary Clinton and 2012

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posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 04:02 PM
I had just heard today about the disclosure of all documents relating to Hillary while Bill was in office. I am unclear as to whether these are slowly coming out now as she states, or if they are literally sealed until 2012. Either way, Bill has requested that they are not released until 2012.

Now in my mind there are 2 possibilities as to this unusual request.

1. That 2012 is the so called "end of the world" and why not just put everything off until then.

2. That her first term in office will be over by then, so it does not matter what is found or not found when all of the documents are finally released.

Either way, why make this request? Does this not seem a little bit odd to anyone else. I admit, the only reason this really happen to catch my attention is because of the date. But then I got thinking about it also being the end of the 2008 term, which I am expecting to see her win.

Then I got to thinking about something else. And this is probably not the first time it has been suggested here. What if this election for Hillary was the plan ever since Monica Lewinsky? What if she said "Ok Bill, I am going to play along. I am will not leave you, and I will let it all slide. Thing is, you have to make sure I get elected in the year so and so."

Now this second idea, really is grounded in the whole secret government/society and Bilderberg group idea and is really kind of dependent on it, but I just wanted to throw this stuff out there see if anyone was interested.

And I am unable to find any direct stories talking about this documents release, only the mentions of it in last nights debate. I will supply those links anyway because atleast it mentions it.

posted on Nov, 1 2007 @ 02:39 PM
I guess no one wants to go here, so you might as well delete Mods. Thanks.

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