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Arnold and the San Diego truth

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posted on Oct, 29 2007 @ 10:29 PM
My home was obliterated last Sunday night. I have spent the last three days in Ramona at the center where all the 'help' is. And it really is. Problem is the gangbangers who assaulted me there when I was attempting to locate my misplaced papers/items. The scum pretending to be 'peace officers', ie the gangbangers in blue, actually wearing sheriffs uniforms, but stressing me out TO THE MAX and not 'helping' the victims, me, any. ANY. Then they assaulted me and gave illegal commands. I was going to deliberately get arrested for his illegal order, to get some press attention. But he backed down, and offered to go look for it himself. Earlier, I demanded to speak to his commanding officer, he point blank refused. That alone is a crime, for city police. I don't know if the sheriffs are supposedly immune to law, but they are in reguards to every other law. But it surprised me that they didn't pretend to honor law in front of all those people. Sanctimonius tripe. He had told me that I could just call. I told him I only had a phone they just replaced, and that was what was missing. So he told me to go to the nearby office. I did. It was closed for the weekend. And he KNEW that. He lied, and had me running around like some stupid taxpayer who pays HIS salary. HIS slave. All the other gangbangers were standing around threating me, so it was not just him. I thought it would be different out here, not like LA or Long Beach. Wrong. They ARE above the law, and they flaunt it. I wore the same set of sox for a week, until I bought more today. I lost everything but my escape car, and my guitar. And I have to deal with gangbangers assaulting me after a major disaster. I tell the press, and they don't care. Arny is saying everything is fine. The president is trying to redouble efforts after the Katrina incident. And the press is squelching any facts to the contrary. Oh, and they wouldn't let us back into Ramona after the flames were out. Why? Because of no water pressure. If it flared back up, they couldn't protect us. So? They didn't do anything for us the first time, when there WAS pressure. So what's the dif? And the brother next door? He had three cows that lived, and they wouldn't let them in to water or feed them. So the sons walked in, around the checkpoints. Then the national guard showed up, and filled in the gaps, so no more food or water. OK tho, the next day they let us in.

posted on Oct, 29 2007 @ 10:47 PM
I am sorry for your loss and your experience with our "heroes." It should be obvious to all that we have a bone-thug government. Tell me, what is the general mood in Ramona? Is there a lot of residual anger at being kept out of town so long? Are the NG troops still visible in the city?

posted on Oct, 30 2007 @ 09:19 PM
The troops have all packed up and left since they 'allowed' us back to our homes. Gas, electric, and phone crews all over, but replacing the above ground wires vulnerable to fire so they can restart fires next weekend when the winds return. Oh, and after that three exhausting days at the center to help us, I tried to go to a 'church' that had passed out and posted flyers all over. They were taking down the tents and packing the chairs. Emergency is over, even tho the flames still burn. Glad to know I no longer need any help. At least the Buddhists helped. Disgrace to my Lord, I am ashamed for them, since they don't have the intelligence to know what they are doing wrong. Found out today that they had simply relocated. Would be nice if they told someone. I'd bet hardly anyone knew and went there. But they can feel good about themselves, without actually doing anything, so I guess I should have expected that. And they did, I hear, actually help people for a few days. If the 'church' doesn't offer to help, I have learned not to ask. Here, they offered, and did nothing. Just piss me off. Not sure if that is worse, or the pigs sanctimoniously pretending they are the good guys. Everything and everyone I had believed in and trusted has shown that they are the opposite.

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 04:38 AM
Gregarious, I share your feelings. I have been following this fire quite closely.

There are still many that are homeless out there such as yourself, but this isn't news.

Jesus died showing how the religious were wrong, in treating others.

Seem people still haven't learned the lesson

They must have smelled money.

Keep us posted.

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 05:24 AM
I don't get it. so the gangbangers are the police officers? is that what you are saying? or did the cholos raid your home or something?

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 05:58 AM
Hes just mad because the "evil stormtrooper thugs" stopped him from entering an area that was closed off to the public so that the firefighters could concentrate on fighting the wildfires instead of having to waste time and resources going door to door looking for people who refused to follow evacuation orders.

posted on Oct, 31 2007 @ 07:55 PM
WELCOME to the new America.

I have a feeling stories like yours are going to become more common as time goes by. The Police aren't there anymore to protect and serve they're out there to ENFORCE the law.

I see Police becoming more like the Gestapo in Germany.

Have you heard that Blackwater (Mercenaries) are training some of our Police?

posted on Sep, 2 2008 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by ChrisF231
Sorry for the later reply, I just stumbled on your note. And no, I was not mad because of that. They were just standing around 'guarding' the illegals who were there with their kids on the playground, and I wanted to get my armloads of stuff I had set down inside. Instead, it was free for the taking of any illegals. And yes, the gangbangers in blue are those pretending to be sheriffs at our expense. They are certainly not enforcing law, or looking out for Americans. FEMA ended up giving me some money for my lost house and possessions, and I got an RV. While trying to get the electrical hooked up, I started a fire and gutted a third of it. So now, in September, I am living in the burned out RV and have about a year of work to fix it. Right now I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Right after those gangsters in blue attacked me, yes legal description is assault, the fella who had taken us in at his house in Escondido had all my sleeping bag and stuff waiting for me on the porch when I got back from a coffee shop. Took me awhile, but now I know he has never been a friend. I have a blog where I wrote all about this at

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