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signs that I may may be of spiritual importance

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posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 09:39 PM
Over the last month, I have some unbelievable occurances slapped across my face. To begin with, I have always had a premonition that I would die before I reached the age of 30. (I am now 28). In the last month I have had a set of Jehovah Witnesses visit me twice, and then get in thier car and leave the neighborhood without visiting any near by neighbors. Second, I had a guy approach me in a Target store with religious verbalige. Then the really weird part is I was driving to work and my radio faded out and started playing the oldies song "going to the chapel and I'm gonna get married". It was at that time I noticed a detour sign that seemed to draw all my attention. So I looked down the road the sign mentioned, and for the first time, I noticed the steeple of a church. Then to get even better, while at work I decided to look up churches in the phone book on that particular detoured street. I found one that matched the street, and at that time, i looked up to the computer screen (which was playing internet radio) and the song title was "THAT'S RIGHT".
I have the streetlight problem all the time also. It's too much coincidence, but I still feel myself doubtful. I have asked for a greater sign if I am needed, but have yet to get it.

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 09:47 PM
I doubt religions of any kind to date are correct, because they complicate life too much. But fate is a fact, you exhibit your awareness by it by reflecting on your life. Now if you link all these "signs" to how it has effected your life, you'll begin to see your design, and when you see that design, you can lay back gently in the stream and let the current take you.

I doubt it is of "religious" importance, because spiritual importance is of an individual, and although a lot of religious things seem to be occuring in your life, it is just leading you where you need to go, if you let it take you, your life will be happier.

I doubt it is saying join a church, but maybe, you'll walk into that church with the steeple, and find something that will change your life. Even if you only go in once, it might be something the pastor says, or a card you find on the ground, or an open book lying around.

It will be whatever you want it to be if it is to be there. All you need to do is see it, and your life changes.

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posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 03:15 AM
Quiet Prophet,

Everyone is spiritually important - don't delude yourself into thinking that because you have encountered signs (and only you can know for sure if they are signs from God or not) that you are more spiritually important than anyone else. As a student of the divine mysteries, I will venture to give you a few lessons I learned early on in my studies.

First off, you are, like everyone else on the planet, subservient to God. Whether we believe in Him or not, obey His laws or not, we are all created, imperfect beings that are answerable to the Creator, the one perfect being. Rich or poor, free or slave, beneath His greatness we are all of the same stature. Recieving a sign, believing in God, following His most perfect laws, giving away all your earthly possessions, and comforting the poor and needy are a really, really good start to achieve the kingdom of heaven - but even if you did all of this you would still be unworthy of the kingdom of heaven.

Why aren't you worthy? Because, like the rest of us, you are still, and will always be, a sinner. You lie about your real earnings on your tax forms; or maybe you sometimes have lusty thoughts about a co-worker or occasionally look at internet porn. You rarely swear (but you still do), and you drive to work every day, adding your two bits to our insane asylum society's unconscious campaign to destroy the environment. All you can possibly hope to do is to do your best to follow God's most perfect laws and pray that He forgives you and your fellow men for the times that we falter.

Christ was the only man, ever, to live God's law. The prophets that came before Jesus were like "thieves and robbers" when compared with Him - they were all sinners, just like you and me. Only through Christ's sacrifice at Golgotha was salvation possible. Salvation because, during His last moment on Earth, He experienced doubt: "E'-li, E'-li la'-ma sa-bach'-tha-ni? that is to say, MY GOD, MY GOD, WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN ME?" In those last moments the vision was removed, He became a man like you and me; he felt the distance to God that we feel, the alienation. He cried out to God in desperation, and the heart of desperation is hope. Knowing doubt first hand, He took to God His understanding of our condition - our blindness to the spiritual realities which begets doubt - and pleaded our case before God. The testimony of Christ on our behalf resulted in the lenience we now refer to as "Grace" - the withholding of judgement until all of us have had a chance to prove ourselves worthy of the kingdom of heaven - and "Forgiveness" - the removal of sin from the souls of men (who, every one, is a sinner) so that we might become worthy.

Grace and Forgiveness has been given to all men, from Mother Theresa to Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi to David Rockefeller.

I am beginning to ramble, so I'll sum it all up with this:

Quiet Prophet, it's great that God has given you some signs to come to Him. But don't ask for "bigger and better" signs; the ones you've been given are quite sufficient. Besides, "be careful what you (pray) for", you might not like what you get. A better prayer than "bigger and better signs" might be something along the lines of:

"Lord, forgive me and my fellow man. Increase my faith and my knowledge of You. I am overjoyed that You have chosen me to be Your servant on Earth. Please guide me on the course You have set for me. May Your work, through me, please You. Though I am wholly unworthy of your love, I crave it more than anything man or angel can provide. Thy will be done. Amen."

QP, I'm glad God's speaking with you. I'll be praying for you tonight.

May God Guide and Protect You,


posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 04:35 AM
freemason it is a call from god.

God is callling you QP (now) to denounce the world and be a man of

You are all called to sainthood, thats why we are born, thats why we live.

Do not put this aside, recognize the call from god and build on it. if you take heed to the message god
will build on you and make you into a saint.

same thing happened to me.

I was a sinful man who cursed all the time, commited massively bad sins but always had a good heart.

One night two years ago i had the tv change channels on me without a remote doing it. I was watching aa sports show
and all of a sudden i left the room to get a drink, came back, and the channel was on the religious channel.

i was shocked and scared. I sat down and knew it was from god and it was on the endtime biblical events.

ever since then i have had vivid dreams of christ, mary, hell, heaven, and have given up
just about every sin i commit.

have had stuuf like bible chapters pop in my head out of nowhere, and then look them up and the chapter
is just what im looking for and needed to know.

So do not denounce these events as normal, god is calling all men to come back to him.

nomatter what anybody else in here says, you are being called, if you have faith in christ god will lead
you to where you need to be leaded.

i have witnessed what your going through, literal supernatural events, take heed to these messages
nomatter whaat aybody else says.


posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 09:00 PM
Hello QuietProphet and welcome to ATS while I do understand how you feel I would suggest that the best remark placed here is that of Savonarola and Freemason. Coincidences are very unique experiences but as a motivator in making sudden changes in your life, they are not always the best things to follow. It important to maintain your perspective to analytical and then perhaps take into consideration what your life is like at present and what you can do to make it better (in relation to your faith I agree but more importantly in relation to those around you).

posted on Dec, 8 2002 @ 12:49 PM
QP God is saying for you to up your meds...

posted on Dec, 9 2002 @ 12:40 AM
The Matrix has got you.

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