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END The Alex Jones GAME

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by NovusOrdoMundi

very cool. glad to hear it. plus we all have moments where we've just had it with everything. it's just so much to process it can be entirely overwhelming at times. and you know the sign of an alive and active mind is that it's capable of change.

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posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by NovusOrdoMundi

Well I have to say, that if it was not for some of the things that info wars or prison planet put out I might not have gone on more to research things on my own..
But What gets me, is if he is their "enemy" then why is he still on the air, or even made it in Bohemian Grove, etc etc etc and I started researching more. A lot of his stuff looks staged to me, and way out there at times.
I just want the truth and to get that you have to search for it.

Media is a tool, and the Vatican has her hands into everything.
It is easy to send many to hell with a lot of lies and a little truth.
The Same way it is easy to find out who would be future "true Fighting Patriots" on the same like manner.

I have sense found connection to the Roman Catholic church, Jesuit order,
CIA and more not with just Jones, also Dr. Ron Paul.
Makes sense to me.. one way to flush out the patriots
and The things I am finding out..
knights of Malta, knights of Columbus, masons, Illuminati, the Vatican, the pope and his puppet master the black pope. and the CIA. this list goes on and on here.

Jone's self proclaimed good friend Charlie Sheen connections with the Vatican along with Pat Buchanan's.

This has all came up do to the fact that I was listening to Ron Paul and went from there and now I have found things out about all of them I do not like, so now it is like why are they as big as they are with out some inside connection...
All the dots are in place we just need to connect them and find out the truth.
But to many are on their bandwagons and not doing their own home work.

I know this much is true,
We are now facing the greatest evil the world has ever seen, through all governments and their agencies, the Vatican and her many whores. and the list goes on..
FEMA, the CIA, the Fed Reserve and on and on...
Do your own research, and do a lot of it.. and if you had done like I have.
"Dumb me" and was falling for Ron Paul's R3volution and stuff but that again is also how I started double and triple checking and deeper research.

The beast is very real and the antichrist is also.
we need to do our home work and double, triple, quadruple check everything.

GOD BLESS and if we seek we shell find the "TRUTH"

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 10:29 AM
our lives are not a game.

and in the will be We Who End The Lies.

World War 3 is a war fought with thoughts and Ideas.

it happens everyday....

its not often you find out that you have been fighting a war your whole life and didn't know it.

its not often you are called to duty.

many hear the call....but few ever go..

and next to none ever come back...when you begin the journey to the Can Never go Back To The Darkness...

go in peace.
And May that peace steel you for the times to come.

the Friend Of a Friend...The Enemy Of The Enemy.

I, SolCore

Light The Darkness

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 09:54 PM
Chanly Smann: how was your day??
bhubans: great
Chanly Smann: was alright here in america too??
Chanly Smann: where are you in the world??
bhubans: i guess u r from other world yes?
bhubans: i am always here in this earth which is great place to be free from all
Chanly Smann: inside here I am able to do much for humanity.
bhubans: oout side is useless person
bhubans: lol
Chanly Smann: no one is useless.
Chanly Smann: we do our best...
bhubans: useless is \the one who is doing for himself only
Chanly Smann: I war not of the flesh...but of the spirit...
bhubans: not doing for others
Chanly Smann: for the glory of shamballa.
Chanly Smann:
Chanly Smann: there is not much time...we have to act to the best of our abilites...
Chanly Smann: I come from a technologicaly advanced counrty...
Chanly Smann: so I use the technology to spead the worlds of peace and justice.
bhubans: i come from wisdom country where people can have wisdom
Chanly Smann: WTF!!!??
Chanly Smann: what does that mean to you??
bhubans: all developed country is great to have materials things but in our co
bhubans: country is great for to have wisdom
bhubans: be in material world to learn and have material things
bhubans: and be in wisdom place to have wisdom
bhubans: simple
Chanly Smann: I am not of the flesh...though I carry a body...believe me...I am much more than sinew and blood.
Chanly Smann: simple will win...but to live simply...we live in a world of technology.
Chanly Smann: if you cannot adapt to your will die not knowing how much you could have changed your

Chanly Smann: a man in a hut in cambodia with a labtop and cellular phone that connects to the internet.
Chanly Smann: can do more than all the monks in the temples in the world.
bhubans: yes do what?
Chanly Smann: Infect Truth.
bhubans: doing for wisdom or materilam
bhubans: what is truth?
Chanly Smann: that Shamballa lies within...that the true battle will be for the true teachings.
bhubans: battle for what?
bhubans: material or wisdom?
Chanly Smann: both...

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 10:17 PM
I've really just been introduced to Alex Jones recently, so my personal verdict is still up in the air.

However, the other night I was watching The Antichrist Conspiracy, and there was a part talking about how Alex Jones infiltrated Bohemian Grove. The footage they showed, however, was from someone who had supposedly worked at the Grove and managed to sneak a camera on him and videotape some things. One of the things was The Cremation of Care ceremony. At one point, they showed I suppose what you could call a poster or flyer promoting the ceremony to Grove members. I found this odd, and still do, for why would you promote something which is supposed to be secret?

Now on this poster was a picture of the ceremony - in fact, it was the entire poster with the date on the bottom (June or July of 2005). After showing this poster, they showed some of the footage which was taken by the employee on his hidden camera. To me, the scene taken on the camera looked exactly the same as the one on the poster. This makes no sense because the Grove surely didn't use a scene taken from a hidden camera on their "official" poster promoting the ceremony.

So I find that really strange. But that's just my opinion.

posted on Jul, 12 2008 @ 03:21 AM

Originally posted by DarthChrisious
However, the other night I was watching The Antichrist Conspiracy

Never heard of it. Is it on the Internet or did you see it elsewhere? If it is, do you have a link?

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 03:16 PM
Much has changed since 1999, but Alex is still pumping out the truth. Alex just reads the stories---the listener is left to decide for himself. AS IT SHOULD BE.

Alex is still plunging a sharp knife into the black heart of the NWO, six days a week...

posted on Aug, 13 2008 @ 06:35 PM
Every imaginable subject we all have heard in books, mags, journals, films, schools, tv over years. Every subject space,wars, wichens, esp, ufo, philedelphia experiments, conspiracy, science, math, eonomics, history, sports can go on,on +on. Every subject minus one! Until 2-3 years ago the missing subject was not located at all on any search engine yet Layfayette, George Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Chiniquy, Paris, Rivera, Manhatten, Waite, Arbitto etc etc etc more than aware. As Malichi. Martin said "Not enough book shelf space around to hold all information about what JESUITS been involved in in history. I learned from many the old especially old jewish victims, the wealthy, Trapist monk, nuns, lost books of history, slips of tounge. listening well. many innocent + non innocent catholic pawns placed in media Jesuits give nod to their position they know even if pawns aware of extent of Society Of Loyola (Jesuits) also (Society of Jesus) they dont speak a word these pawns are good good buffer. Many many media jesuit trained Russet, Matthews, Dolan Financial, McGloughlin, Buchannan,etc. etc. etc jesuit trained.
WE know if all understood vastness of jesuit control USA people would have great shock.
Alex Jones Subject: This man right listen does he give detail, names about architechs of these conspiracies???? Does it matter if Bully lets people know if he works for bully or omits he a bully agent either way he can present the threat bully wants you to understand that Bully is going to smash you. Result = Fear, confusion, lack of orientation, focus, unable to ID bully so victims will stifle Bully. Fear confusion reduce human capacity
Listen listen listen watch Alex jones mental minders ALL ARUOND you and your family to repress to mix false with true to deconstruct USA their ####1 aim objective. This is invasion of Body snachers the non fiction version coming soon THE ONE WORLD THEOCRACY CONTROLLED BY FEW POLITICAL MEGLO MANICS + VATICAN CATALYST GELL

posted on Aug, 16 2008 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by NovusOrdoMundi

I have to agree with you.
I'm not convinced that he is a Vatican shill or a CIA agent (I can't see him passing the entrance exam and certainly not the physical) but he is certainly a very greedy entertainer.

Jones has become expert at ripping off other people's research and marketting it as his own material. The 9/11 "prediction" that he stole from Cooper was one case, he stole huge chunks of material from Marrs and Maxwell and is currently milking Alan Watt for everything he can get.

Case in point: 'Endgame', in which Jones blatantly plagarises Alan Watt's research into Eugenics, Darwin and the Galtons and passes it off as his own work. I can't understand why Watt still appears on Jones' show, particularly as the tide really seems to be turning as more and more people cotton onto the fact that Jones is just a businessman who is pumping the movement for cash.

Stripped of his staff of competent researchers Jones just becomes a fat man with a bullhorn. Stripped of the protection that GCN gives him he would be seen as a collaborator who gave footage to the MSM and FBI. Stripped of his legion of fanatical followers he would be working in Taco Bell, a job for which he seems barely qualified.

The man is a moron, a greedy moron granted, but a moron none the less and all his attempts to cover this by pushing a doctrine of anti-intellectualism do nothing to alter the fact that the man is a fake, a fraud, a scare-monger and, worst of all, a collaborator.

I agree with your sentiment, he should be boycotted. Him and his advert-laden show.

posted on Aug, 19 2008 @ 11:22 AM
YES! Alex Jones is fraud, I couldn't agree more bro!

He sensationalizes the most trivial of things and at times out right fabricates his stories for ratings. Anything that he knows will get his audience riled up. I've posted about him a couple of times, about some of the things he's lied about recently. All it takes is some independent research to see how bad he exaggerates things.

The "documents" he always claims to have, never seem to actually turn up when pressed. Of course he always has the documents, we just can't see them ourselves, perhaps we can't handle them.

When he does produce documents, the things he goes off about are always minor details he blows up into stand alone issues that don't actually exist.

Or another thing that drives me nuts is when he makes claims about medical conspiracies; like with vaccines or medications or treatments. He pulls on some lunatic fringe holistic "doctor" and parades him around like this guys opinion trumps the entire medical community that disagrees with him.

posted on Oct, 13 2008 @ 07:53 PM
It would seem he is either

A: an agent of misinformation. taking vital important issues, and mixing them with massive amounts of garbage to take down the whole argument.

much of his footage is very real and telling. and many things he talks are about are indeed quite true, but the crap mixed in alongside it, effectively damages the whole movement.

so either he is working for them, and using real things and the truth with the intent to discredit it by sheer massive influx of misinformation alongside it


B: he really is a crackpot. and reports just about any rumor he hears.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 01:33 PM
Alright. This is my first post. However this in now way detracts from my knowledge of conspiracies WORLDWIDE. I believe that NovusOrdoMundi has the better grasp than most when concerning Alex Jones. Let us look at the facts and apply them with a macroscopic view. I am a reporter for Interlochen Public Radio, Interlochen Michigan US. I say this to only establish that I know how media works, and that you simply DO NOT REPORT HALF TRUTHS, or SPINS OF THE TRUTH IN ANY MATTER. Once someone does this they loose legitimacy in my mind, and in the minds of reputable reporters. Does it not seem, if someone is spinning the truth, they are trying to meet an agenda of their own. Why the # else would you spin the truth?!

Now, Alex Jones and his December 31 1999 broadcast about Y2K. That is COMPLETELY unacceptable. Anyone with common sense can connect the dots. It is fear mongering, and enticing viewers do things they otherwise would not do, (BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED IT BEING TRUE). Which it sure as hell was not.

I also look at it like this. The Illuminati and other elitists have ALL the strings, and ANY means to achieve their agenda. Now, let us see the broader picture. We live in the information age. They know this. With the internet, people have access to ALL forms of publications, and things that portray the truth. Project Mockingbird is not a ruse. Sadly, even people who say they are "conspiracy theorists" or "truth seekers" can and are just as simple minded as those who watch CNN for their truthful news. When somebody decides that they think that what they see on CNN is not the truth, they look for alternative sources. Now in this case the simple minded will take JUST that next step, and go to the most easily accessible source of alternative "truth", in this case Alex Jones, and his radio show. Using SEO and the likes, Alex Jones comes up EVERYWHERE on the internet. He will be one of the first the common person comes across concerning truth seeking. Now, would it not make sense for the Elitists/Illuminati whatever you want to call them, to control the most accessible source of alternative Truth. It does, and that is what they are doing. You have to understand that these people are Ruthlessly intelligent. And so because they have already thought about this, they have taken the necessary measures to inturn implement another form of CONTROL. IT IS #ING EASY TO SEE. People need to stop being DUMB, and use your god given innate logical sense. This is not easy. We are up against THE beast. In order to beat we have to question EVERYTHING. You cannot believe things verbatim when people report on things like this. You are better off to do your own research, and connect the dots with that research. Here is where you will find THE truth. I will agree with anyone who says this is a losing battle, because there are people who follow people like Fearmongering Alex Jones, because they see one little shred of truth, and say "damn, this guy has got it". # that.

Another point, EVERY serious researcher into the unknown, or "truth" has died. Bill Cooper, Phillip Schneider, Ron Bonds to name a few. They Elitists realized the damage they could do, hence taking them out. As far as Alex Jones' satellite and program being an affiliate of ABC. OMFG, you have to be absolutely ignorant to believe he is straight up. That just SCREAMS that something is up.

I believe ME, and my ability to discern the truth.

And I SAY # THE NWO, and ANY who try to manipulate me.

Do your own god damn research people.

I do not mean to scare people off with my vehemence.

In order for us to prevail, we must talk, as equals, and NOT hold on to anything that has any speck of untruthfulness, or non-conducive (to our cause) intention.

Sorry if I have come off too strong. HAha, I guess I'm like Alex Jones, but rather than him spinning the truth, I see it for what it is, and I have passion for justice, and true truth. It's sad I have to say that.

posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 01:34 PM

Please let me know if I'm a blithering idiot, and none of that ramble makes sense.


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posted on Oct, 18 2008 @ 02:09 PM

I think it's about time this circus we know as Alex Jones left town, because I gotta tell ya, I'm really fed up with this guy and how some will just blindly follow him and never for a SECOND question his motives, his facts, or his credibility.

Look, if you don't like him - then DON’T READ ABOUT HIM, go to his site, whatever.

You can post about him until you turn blue, but the end all FACT is I don’t need you or anyone else being my Net Nanny.

It’s people like you - who think they *know better* than everyone else, that’s going to get the internet shut down, or so censored it will be worthless.

Boycott Alex Jones?
How ridiculous is that.
How about boycott the whole net while you’re at it.
If you think there’s anyone out there that doesn't have an agenda for what they’re doin on the net, you're wrong.


posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 07:47 PM
You might be interested in this about Alex Jones:

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 07:58 PM
I wanted to post logged in, but in case he is reading I didn't want him to know who I was on here.

I actually knew Alex Jones for a few years of my life back in the late 90's. To be honest he is just a regular guy for the most part and some of this is part of the "persona" that has made him famous. He can be very opinionated, but he literally came from a super normal family, he had a girlfriend and everything. I'm not sure if being around some of the people in the "movement' made him more extreme or if paranoia gradually invaded his life due to all of the dust he was stirring up, but somehow he gradually drifted farther and farther into the world of NWO, truth movements, and fighting against the secret government. When I see him or hear him now a days its almost amusing to see what a huge transformation a few years can have on a person. I think that if you got him alone and asked him what he really thinks it would be much different than some of the daily spew you hear on the radio, internet and tv.

just my 2 cents...

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 07:10 PM
The way I look at it is this, seriously, dont get bogged down on proving if people like Alex Jones are spreading some disinfo or not.

The real trick and the most important thing you can do, whether its, Tsarion, Icke, Jones etc that your listening to, its your job to take the truths from what they say having researched and verified it, put aside what doesint fit in, and gradually build up a truer, fact based picture of whats really going on.

Just search for truth and trust yourself, dont worship any of these people like a religion, instead, thank them for bringing such important issues to your intention and live with an open mind and most importantly, humility.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 07:29 PM

Originally posted by Outlawstar
its your job to take the truths from what they say having researched and verified it, put aside what doesint fit in, and gradually build up a truer, fact based picture of whats really going on.

The problem I had with AJ is he talks to damn fast. I cannot keep up with all the "facts". I gave up trying to prove or disprove. He seems sincere but comes across as loopy and abrasive sometimes. I honestly think he should soldier on in his quest for the truth but do it behind the scenes and put someone else in front of the camera.

posted on Nov, 8 2008 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by NovusOrdoMundi

I know Alex Jones personally and while he may not be a polished stone or have the education of the types that participate here, I would trust and take Alex's word over any here and any in our Government.

Alex Jones has exposed the rats and traitors at every turn; he was right about Oklahoma, 9-11, FEMA Camps and a list so long that it would be easier to point out the short list of where he has been wrong, although I can not think of such a specific right now.

I note those who hate and refute him, others should as well.

Meanwhile, if you don't know what to think, think for yourself and watch some of his video, as i am linking here:



TOS do not allow me to extend some choice words for the OP but, I think I can say you are wrong or on the side of the wrong.

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 12:16 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
he was right about Oklahoma, 9-11, FEMA Camps

He wasn't "right" about any of these things. He simply took the research of others and spread it as his own idea. Just because the rest of us don't have a website and radio show that are as popular as his doesn't mean he was the first to solve the mysteries of those topics.

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