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A thought on abductions

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posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 04:16 AM
I would like to present an idea on alien abduction and experimentation for others to look at and give input on. It is something I have thought about for several years and I am finally sitting down and putting the idea to paper so to speak.
First let me say that I am of course not claiming this idea is fact it is merely another solution or option to add to the subject. Therefore I am not trying to offend or insult anyone with this idea it is only my opinion, though I feel it is a correct opinion.

During the examination of the stories about abduction it seems normally it is all black and white with shades of gray. It is usually night time thus providing a black back ground and when in the ships and being “probed” the background is described as being completely dark much of the time. The aliens are described as whitish or gray skinned with big black eyes and a small mouth and no hair. Aliens are normally described as being frail looking and skinny. Also they are described as not speaking with their mouth but their thoughts being heard. People describe being probed and prodded also being stripped naked and placed on cold tables of feeling as if they are floating. Many also describe they feel as if they cannot move and are being held in place sort of paralyzed. Bright lights are often said to be shining on the abductees to the point of being almost blinding. After all this is said and done the person says they find themselves missing or loosing time. This is all after it starts with them feeling frozen or held still by some unseen force.

It is more likely that instead of alien abduction memories being recalled what is in fact being remembered are very early childhood memories. These memories are of beings that are not human because of the way our eyes are working during our first year of life. But in reality these beings that are recalled are in fact the people that are being interacted with at a very early age. They are memories of probing and prodding that is done my doctors and parents as they are trying to care for their child. The whole alien thing is possibly nothing more than recalled memories of a very early life due to the fact of a still developing body of an infant.

As an infant the eyes are far from being what they are as an adult. The eyes do not see as far or as clearly, nor do they see in the wide range of colors that an adult’s eyes do. When one is an infant their eyes are seeing basically in black and white with shades of gray and possibly red though it may just be a brighter shade of gray. The eyes of an infant see things not clearly as an adult does but mostly everything is seen as a blur for the first few months. During these first months an infant is only seeing mere inches in front of their face and this may not even have much detail to it. Babies normally like to look at the face a lot so that they can learn to start discerning who is who most likely. So when a newborn is seeing their father or mother they are basically seeing this grayish thing that is not very clear. The parent’s eye sockets around their eyes form a sort of natural shading for the eyes thus making that area darker. With that area being darker it may be seen as having large black eyes set on a large grayish head (because the head is normally held closer to the child so they can see you and besides that is where they are concentrating anyway). This would give the appearance of what aliens are normally seen as.
babies see

baby sight

The whole experience starts off with the person being unable to move this could be related to a form of sleep paralysis. This may also explain some of the feeling of not being able to move during the experimentation period. This could also be a recalled memory of being strapped down or held down to receive shots, take the temperature, or the changing of a diaper, and in some extreme cases the recalled memory of molestation.
The bright lights could also be attributed to the doctor’s office or even light in general as many times infants are placed on their backs when doing the described events above.

Now it is time for the idea of the probing and prodding. At this point is should be pretty apparent what those are likely to be memories of. Firstly the prodding can come from a recalled memory of a doctor’s visit. Anyone with children can tell you that doctors poke and prod kids to check for development. They do things that really seem to irritate a baby and rightly so, it does not look very comfortable. Also many infants receive shots this could be where one might get a recalled memory of being poked and feeling pain. The idea of getting things shoved up one’s nose might be a recalled memory of the bulb suction device that is used to suck the snot out of a child’s nose again this is probably not very comfortable to a child. Finally there is the thought of being probed, well simply put this could be a recalled memory of getting checked for fever in the most reliable manner (if call most doctors will only accept the rectal temperature as being accurate). The cold tables’ part would be because at that young of an age the body looses body heat rather quickly so it would only seem normal that most inanimate things would feel cold to an infant’s skin. Also as mentioned before in some cases this may be recalled memories of very early molestation.

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posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 04:17 AM
Continued from above.

As I said at the start this is simply my idea of what these recalled memories may actually be. If you feel you have had one and disagree that is fine just understand I’m not saying you’re wrong or attacking your belief in anyway.


posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 04:38 AM
It's a good idea Raist and could be used to explain experiences folk have had in their sleep but when you start to include the wike-awake folk who were driving their car and got stopped, and have instant recall, that's when it stops working. The black & white theme interests me too though. I did have an idea once, that perhaps secret military groups had gotten hold of some new technology and were able to carry out these abductions, and that maybe, at the beginnings of their experiments, they could only induce a 'monotone' experience. Kind of analogous to the old black and white telly, when now we all have colour.Dunno though, when you hear these stories straight form the horses mouth sometimes, you start to believe they're real.

posted on Oct, 26 2007 @ 03:05 PM
sorry, but ive had my own experiences and the theories you put forward dont make sense with my own experience...

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