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Study Concludes Humans are not Evolved from Neanderthals

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posted on Jan, 27 2004 @ 08:25 AM
Well it appears that things have been turned upside down as far as evolution goes. Neanderthals, which were thought to be the ancestors of modern day Europeans have been found to be a different species altogether.

Cro-Magnums are now suspected to have been the ancestors of modern day humans.

They examined the skulls of modern humans and Neanderthals and 11 existing species of non-human primates including chimpanzees, gorillas and baboons.

They measured 15 standard skull and face landmarks and used 3-D analysis to superimpose each one on the other.

"From these data, we were able to determine how much variation living primate species generally accommodate, as well as measure how different two primate species that are closely related can be," Harvati said in a statement.

Their computer analysis showed that the differences measured between modern humans and Neanderthals were significantly greater than those found between subspecies of living monkeys and apes.

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