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This man is about to start war!!!

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posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 09:59 AM
link" target='_blank' class='tabOff'/>

[Edited on 6-12-2002 by TheBandit795]

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 10:14 AM

"This is what I'm good at. I like meeting people,
my fellow citizens, I like interfacing with them."
G. W. Bush
(Source: Slate)

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 03:13 PM
is that a real picture oh my god. if it is it is hilarious, but dont think of me as naieve for asking if it is real.

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 05:07 PM
You people are complete idiots. Yes ilovepizza, those pictures are not real, Im not sure about the military one though. Even if the military one is indeed true, he's human; we all make mistakes and its just life. After his 9/11 tactics, speeches he made, the ceremonies he attended a year later, I think he has proven to the world that he is a great leader, and it is true. I can't help it if you Anti-American Europeans are not happy with your leader, but at least give the common respect to our leader....

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 05:47 PM
I am unfamiliar with those glasses that the president is looking through, how about you. Are they night-vision, and must have the caps on in order to not destroy them in the daylight?

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 07:38 PM
Gentlemen you are mistaken George Bush is the President of the United States and elected official which answers to the American People who in this very recent election put into power a Republican controlled Congress and a Republican controlled Senate.

In my humble opinion this country as a whole is pissed off.

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 08:03 PM
What, is that wishful thinking? None of the democrats I know are pissed off. As a matter of fact, even the ones that voted for Gore seem to be content, or, at least aren't complaining. Where are all these pissed people? Other than extreme radical groups.

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 08:42 PM
"Right after bush raises the binoculars to his head he says, 'oh silly me, forgot to take of the lense caps, god I hope no one took a picture, now I'll look like every other idiot who forgets to tie his shoe, or brush his teeth, or comb his hair, or shave or say hello or put on his watch or take off his glasses in the shower. Damn, what a world where someone can't forget to remove the lense caps without being criticized, and people say that I'm the one violating their rights....what's that in the bushes!?'"

Anyways, and the last pic, the ball grabbing, looks doctored, the hand is contorted and the arm seems a bit buff, and doesn't mesh well against the white of the sailor.

And finally, most people ARE content, the problem is the few who are angry are the loudest.

no signature

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 08:58 PM
Too right Freemason. What it doesn't show you is in the next frame he probably removes the lense cap and after he has finished talking to the little girl, he looks at his book and sees it's the upside down so he turns it the other way.
I guess it's lucky Clinton didn't have the press in the Oval office when he was getting a blowjob.
Anyway these pictures are an extremely weak attack on George W. No further comment necessary.

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 09:16 PM
Nice try Thomas but I was presenting the Mandate in relation to the recent elections. You know Democrats talking about the Economy and Republicans presenting the is issue of Terrorism as most important (it was in all the papers). Our country does seem intent upon dealing with terrorism and doing so under a republican government (congress, senate and administration). does seem to present they are pissed about something.

My point was in response to Bandits claim that George Bush is about to start a war, I just to not see it that way. And neither do I feel it has anything to do with a radical group

Do you?

What are your thoughts?

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 09:37 PM
Y'all are taking stuff to seriously. It was a joke!!!
I was even thinking about putting this in chit chat.

And no, I'm NOT European, MM...

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 09:42 PM
So that just makes it even worse, our own people hating our own President, bad example to show the world. He's going to be with us for the next 2 years, so you Dems suck it up and live with it already....

posted on Dec, 6 2002 @ 10:23 PM
TC i believe they are Stien Optics...VERY good ones..that the military use..just this last ELK season..i did the same thing..not once but twice..grabbing the binoculers..with the damn lens caps on..It Stuff like this happens to all of us..we should all be happy we dont have the friggin press hovering over us just waiting..hopeing praying they can see us make a common mistake!


posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 05:43 AM
I fancy you should have gone with your first judgement. "Chit chat" would have been better.
It's come to this...sigh.....

posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 09:16 AM
I agree with MM !

posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 09:33 AM
Bandit is an Island Boy, the fact he is not European does not mean he is American. Come on, MM, don't make me have Estragon give you a geography class!

Yes, Chit Chat might have been better as it was obviously a joke. For some reason everyone seems to have had a serious streak in them, huh?

Toltec, I have no idea what the heck you are saying, and you did not saying anything in reference to economics is democrats and terror is republican, yaddah-yaddah, and I wasn't trying anything. I think you for the "nice try" compliment anyway. I magine if I ever did try and apply myself?

posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 10:08 AM
Bandits photos are real: A visit to the Korean DMZ & to a school to tout his pro-education appearance. Both were staged photo ops, with the president's handlers in complete control of not only which photographers got in, but where there stood....more so when it's a foreign stop. Mine, of course, is a doctored photo for comic effect.
That the idiot could not handle his staged photo sessions, much the same way he had waved at Stevie Wonder when he was escorted onstage during a benefit concert ( Mr. Wonder is blind, for all you youngsters), is obviously lost on you whiners.
For all you teenagers brimming with American pride and a zeal to serve in the military, God bless you. But us business owning-New Yorker-non Republican-veterans can and will say anything we damn well please about someone installed by a partisan Supreme Court, who ran all over the country like a bunny looking for a hole on 9/11 while my mayor was getting things done, lied about his cowardice saying they had Intel that Air Force 1 was a target ( yeah, right! Best pilot flying it, the plane has weapons AND is Escorted by fighter jets whenever it takes to the sky, not to mention it's flight routes are NEVER public knowledge), has been a disgrace on the national stage representing our country, and has lead no one...unless you're counting on those who were so willing to be lead (sheep) by anything GOP he'd have to practically sodomize his Mom on the White House steps for them to waiver.

No, most people are not content. They have, for the first time in modern American history, every aspect of their future lives ( financial, health, environment, peace, sovereignty) under question - no more 'givens'.

No, it's not Democrats; it's Dems, Libertarians, Republicans, Greens, Communists....there isn't a party in this country that stands a 100% behind the clown, not even his own. Geez, half of his father's staff is against the way he's handling Iraq, and Republican officials going back to Nixon staffers are denouncing his moves. Thomas even has a decent fella in Richard Shelby doing his job and not swallowing the party line.

If you don't see the constant miscues and gaffs every time this idiot opens his mouth, you aren't watching. We suffer an attack on our turf and this guy can't even speak to the country for days, and then when he does, he can't even speak unscripted from his heart!?! That does not even fit in the same room with 'leadership'.

Besides research on your own, look no further than these boards for a start.

U-P: you have two more years to relocate to 'Bama, you Yanka-phile you!

And if the touch screen voting machines get in enough places, maybe longer!

posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 10:21 AM
Bout Time, how can you write so much blithering bull crap and not start choking yourself? (Choking along with the unfortunate readers, not placing your own hands around your throat and doing harm to yourself).

You're upset that the real partisan court, the FL. court, was stymied in its attempt by the U.S. Supreme Court, that ruled according to law.
As I've said, to the democrats, the law is only to be used to hinder thier opponents and to be sidestepped by themselves.

As far as the rest of your post, my stomach is a bit weak this morning as I've had no breakfast and therefore was not able to read any further than the perversion of the truth to which I've shallowly replied to above. I say "Shallowly" because your allegation has already been destroyed once and does not need in depth coverage again.

posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 10:35 AM
When I wrote "...unless you're counting on those who were so willing to be lead (sheep) by anything GOP he'd have to practically sodomize his Mom on the White House steps for them to waiver. ", you know I was thinking about you, right? I always do when I need an example of someone so lavishing praise over the naked Emperor's purple garments!
Stop trying to be the sheep dog instead of the sheep, Thomas, you know your arguments lack the teeth of intellectual honesty and respect for fact.
I suggest some biscuts n' gravy for breakfast.
I had scrambled eggs with andouille sausage and some cheese grits, myself.

posted on Dec, 7 2002 @ 11:15 AM
Why else would they make this many jokes about him,

Hopefully, he is not as stupid as he seems, nor as Mafia-like as his predecessors were.
- Fidel Castro

You know, we make fun of President Bush. But seriously, it's nice to have a president who is busy coloring eggs instead of trying to fertilize them.
- Jay Leno

Mr. Rogers went to the White House, and it was very nice. He stopped by the White House and took four new, big words to the president.
- David Letterman

Logically unsound, confused and unprincipled, unwise to the extreme.
- Jiang Zemin, Chinese President on George W. Bush

I saw an intelligence expert on TV today saying the White House failed to connect the dots. That's ironic because connecting the dots is Bush's favorite game.
- Jay Leno

The White House keeps saying they went with the best intelligence available - too bad the voters didn't.
- Jay Leno

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon arrived in Washington Sunday night to give President Bush a 91-page book proving that Yasser Arafat funded terrorists. White House sources say that President Bush has the book and is almost done coloring it.
- Tina Fey

There's Adam Clymer, major league asshole, from the New York Times.
- President Bush to Dick Cheney (overheard at a press conference)

According to the latest poll in the Washington Post, 63 percent of Americans said that so far they approve of President Bush. Not surprisingly, the other 37 percent are English teachers.
- Conan O'Brien

Yesterday, at the White House, in the middle of an interview, President Bush jumped up out of his chair and started swatting at a housefly. When asked about it, the White House spokesperson said, 'Hey, that's nothing. You should see him chase a tennis ball
- Conan O'Brien

We make fun of George W. Bush, but this morning he was at work bright and early. Okay, he was early.
- Jay Leno

President Bush left for Canada today to attend a trade summit. Reportedly, the trade summit got off to an awkward start when the president pulled out his baseball cards.
- Conan O'Brien

As President Bush so eloquently put it in his address to Congress: 'Mathematics are one of the fundamentaries of educationalizing our youths.' I could not have said it better with a 10-foot pole.
- Dave Barry

I think that if you are the leader of planet Earth, you should be smarter than me. You just get the feeling, don't you, in the Oval Office that Dick Cheney is working behind the big desk. And then off to the right there is a little collapsible card table where George has like airplanes and stuff. Then every once in a while he looks up and says, 'I've discovered that if I shut my eyes, I can disappear.
- Darrel Hammond

(The Weakest Link) is fascinating program. They ask a bunch of people questions and they keep getting rid of the dumbest person, so just the smartest person is left. It is kind of the opposite way we elect a president.
- Jay Leno

On Monday, President Bush wrote a letter offering his condolences to the wife of the missing Chinese fighter pilot. After Bush wrote the letter, it was quickly given to experts and then translated. Then it was translated into Chinese.
- Jimmy Fallon

President Bush said for security reasons, he's sworn off all e-mail communication. He will not be using email at the White House at all. Is that a good idea? I mean, it's not like that speaking thing was working out so good.
- Jay Leno

According to this week's Time magazine, President George Bush is a serious fitness buff. He works out 60 to 90 minutes a day with weights. Apparently he likes working out because it 'clears his mind.' Sometimes it works a little too well.
- Jay Leno

Maybe it's knocked his syntax straight.
- Cokie Roberts, on Bush banging his head on the door while boarding Marine One

Well, he got this new globe for Christmas.
- Bob Dole, dispelling rumors that George W. Bush lacks a grasp of foreign affairs

Today George W. Bush went to Florida. It is the first time that he has been there since the election, and he thanked all of the Florida voters for being so stupid.
- David Letterman

Those stories about my intellectual capacity do get under my skin. You know for a while I even thought my staff believed it. There on my schedule first thing every morning it said, 'Intelligence briefing.'
- President Bush, on himself

Are you with the Chinese press? Your English is perfect. You speak better English than I do.
- George W. Bush, to a Chinese reporter

Self-deprecation is a good move, whether you're trying to get a date or run the country, because it's endearing and softens you and brings in the pity factor. But with Bush, you still have the feeling that he thinks he's the coolest guy in the frat.
- Michael Colton

Today George W. Bush went to Florida. It is the first time that he has been there since the election, and he thanked all of the Florida voters for being so stupid.
- David Letterman

President Bush's daughter Jenna bailed a boyfriend out of jail Sunday after he was arrested at a TCU fraternity party for public drunkenness. Her parents wept when they heard. It reminded them so much of their first date.
- Comedian Argus Hamilton

Today President Bush ordered an investigation into whether it is appropriate to have civilians with no experience running a Navy sub. Hey, how about an investigation into whether it's appropriate to have a civilian with no experience running the country?
- Jay Leno

George W. Bush is clearly the best thing to happen to political humorists since - well, since Bill Clinton.
- Daniel Kurtzman

George W. Bush is like a bad comic working the crowd, a moron, if you'll pardon the expression.
- Martin Sheen

The big story continues to be the shooting in the front of the White House. They've been investigating this gunman, and it seems the only time he has been in trouble was a traffic ticket in 1993. Basically, this is the first time in history that the president has a worse criminal record than the guy who was shooting at him.
- Jay Leno

Today the Secret Service said that at no time was President Bush ever in danger. In fact they said Bush didn't even hear the gunfire because he was sitting in his office popping bubble wrap all day.
- Jay Leno

They say that everyone in the White House was startled by the gunfire. Here is my question: how can you tell when George Bush is startled? Doesn't he always look that way?
- Jay Leno

Bush is smart. I don't think that Bush will ever be impeached, 'cause unlike Clinton, Reagan, or even his father, George W. is immune from scandal. Because, if George W. testifies that he had no idea what was going on, wouldn't you believe him?
- Jay Leno

If I wanted to see a bozo rant, make a fool of himself and try to impose his 17th-century philosophy on others, I'd just watch The O'Reilly Factor.
- Frank Fitzpatrick

Bush travels to Poland on Friday, where Polish people are fond of making George W. Bush jokes.
- Craig Kilborn

President Bush is back from Europe. He said that when he looked into the eyes of Vladimir Putin, he could see his soul. Wasn't this an old President Clinton pick-up line?
- David Letterman

Hundreds of protestors participated in protests outside the NATO meeting yesterday. The majority of the people were against Bush. It doesn't bother him though. The last time the majority of the people were against Bush he was elected president.
- Jay Leno

George W. Bush says that since he has been in the White House, he prays every day. I'm thinking, 'Hell, same goes for us.'
- David Letterman

Actually, Bush says being in Europe isn't much of an adjustment for him. In a lot of these countries they drink a lot and drive on the other side of the road, just like he used to do.
- Jay Leno

Bozo the Clown is retiring after 40 years. Well, with Bush in office, he can't really compete.
- Jay Leno

It was reported this week, that during a conversation with friends, Bill Clinton complemented President Bush, calling him 'far shrewder than many think' and a 'formidable politician.' Clinton then added, 'But remember, I'm a liar.'
- Tina Fey

George Bush attempted to taste the biscuit with his attention focused on a football game - a combination of actions that, it appears, proved difficult.
- Greek daily To Vima

When I see an American flag flying, it's a joke. This present government in America I just find disgusting, the idea that George Bush could run a baseball team successfully - he can't even speak! I just find him an embarrassment. I'd be very happy to stay in London. There's nothing in America that I would miss at all.
- Robert Altman

Mentally retarded are treated equally in Texas - some executed, some elected.
- Don Wright

You've been a drunk, a thief, a possible felon, an unconvicted deserter and a cry baby... for the sake of all that is decent and sacred take leave immediately and bring some honor to your all-important family name.
- Michael Moore

In this fight for our cherished freedoms, those cherished freedoms should definitely be the first thing to go. Sieg heil, y'all.
- Molly Ivins

Terrorism, unfortunately, is all too real. But so is one's terror of the Bush presidency.
- Robert Kuttner

Bush is unusually incurious, abnormally unintelligent, amazingly inarticulate, fantastically uncultured, extraordinarily uneducated, and apparently quite proud of all these things.
- Christopher Hitchens

George W. Bush is emptiness personified, formed of vacuous phrases to hide his life. He is a picture which the news media, blindfolded and foolish, never broke open. He is being completely handled. He delegates everything, including the fight for his political life. His daddy's team is fending for him.
- Jane Prettyman

In the Clinton administration we worried the president would open his zipper. In the Bush administration, they worry the president will open his mouth.
- James Carville

The Bush operation reminds me of North Korea. You have a group of insanely loyal, fiercely committed lunatics, devoting their lives to slavish devotion of a moron whose only claim to power is that his father used to run the country. George W. Bush is Kim Jong II with better hair.
- Paul Begala

Why is Junior so comfortable with being so ignorant?
- Paul Begala

You can just hear Jim Baker screaming at Austin : Just lock that idiot kid up on the ranch somewhere, we'll tell him what to say and when to say it. Every time he speaks, it looks like a damn hostage video Ollie North smuggled out of Tehran and every time he's under stress, he breaks out in a boil. He lost the election. We'll deliver him the White House.
- Paul Begala

It's simply impossible to take junior seriously. Whether it's his hostage-tape performances on television, his spurious and hypocritical legal claims, or his thuggish political tactics, Bush has pursued power in such a way as to prove himself unworthy of it.
- Paul Begala

Bush IS just like McDonald's : pre-packaged, filled with empty calories and controlled by corporate interests.
- Paul Begala

This is a guy who could not find oil in Texas.
- Al Franken

What is his accomplishment? That he's no longer an obnoxious drunk?
- Ron Reagan Jr.

Calling George Bush shallow is like calling a dwarf short.
- Molly Ivins

Here's a guy who never really did anything without the help of Daddy's contacts, the money from Daddy's friends, and now he's won, and he looks more than slightly bewildered.
- David Nyhan

Thanks Dad; whaddo I do now?
- David Nyhan

George Bush is in Europe and the mission while he's there -- the objective -- is to assure Europeans that he is competent. And I'm thinking, 'Wait a minute. What about assuring us first?
- David Letterman

Today is 'take your daughter to work day'. President Bush took his daughters to work and let them dismantle 12 environmental regulations
- David Letterman

Everybody is saying Condit knows more than he is saying. That's the great thing about President Bush. With George W. Bush, you never have to worry about that.
- David Letterman

President Bush says he needs a month off to unwind. Unwind? When the hell does this guy wind?
- David Letterman

If George Bush was anymore retarded, he'd be on death row in Texas.
- Bill Maher

Did I mention that Bush is a lying bag of crap?
- Bill Maher

The SC has ruled out medical marijuana. First they installed Bush as President. Now they are refusing any help to reduce the pain and suffering of the public.
- Bill Maher

If George W. Bush is a reformer, I'm an astronaut!
- John McCain

President George W. Bush says he'll do whatever it takes to defend Taiwan, but first he said he needs to find out just where the hell Taiwan is! It's where most of his toys come from.
- Conan O' Brien

President Bush is in trouble. His approval rating has never been lower. Bush says that he hasn't seen numbers this low since he took his SATs.
- Conan O' Brien

Bush and company give the unfortunate impression of glee at the thought of an economic downturn, as if it were a lucky break. It's like a child hoping to be sick so he can take that yummy medicine.
- Mike Kinsley

I voted for the Democrats because I didn't like the way the Republicans were running the country, which is turning out to be like shooting yourself in the head to stop your headache.
- Jack Mayberry

Everyone knows the man has no clue, but no one there has the courage to say it. I mean, good gawd, the man is as he always has been : barely adequate.
- Jon Stewart

Bush : "I ask you to pray for this country.
Jon Stewart : "We are way ahead of you, Mr. President."
- Jon Stewart

Bush is the kind of businessman that can create a multi-million dollar company - just so long as someone gives him a multi-billion dollar company.
- Brian Sweat

I'm not sure he really understands a lot of issues. He seems to be given his lines by other people.
- Sting

This Monday President Bush will be celebrating his 100th day in office. When asked about it, Bush said, 'Gosh, 100 days? Has it been a year already?'
- Jay Leno

He seems to be an idiot.
- George Carlin

I have been disappointed in almost everything he has done.
- Jimmy Carter

Jenna Bush was caught trying to buy a drink in Austin with a fake ID. It's her second alcohol incident in a month. She must be extra careful from now on, because under federal law, it's Three Strikes and You're President.
- Argus Hamilton

President Bush threw out the first pitch last night at the World Series. He was wearing a firefighters jacket. Now think about this, he's throwing out the first pitch, wearing a firefighters jacket, and he's the president of the United States. He is living every 8-year-old's dream!
- Jay Leno

Bush was not elected president, but appointed and therefore why should the US bitch about Cuba not holding free elections?
- Fidel Castro

President Bush was in South Dakota today. There was an awkward moment at Mount Rushmore when President Bush said, "Hey, look, it's those guys on the money!"
- Conan O'Brien

Also take a look at this clip and tell me he is not 5 cans short of a six pack,

So Midnight Mutilator, you just go kiss Bush's ass some more, I see you must really love him, so you must either be really gay or you just love stupid people, you'r pathetic do you know that. Just look at that picture of yours embracing Dubya the cokehead Bush, if the other members do not dare say anything about it well I for one am not afraid to speak my mind, get a fukking life man. Defending the undefendable, embrace our draftdodger, embrace that alcoholic, that in your face liar........

This is what comes to mind when I think of people like you Mutilator,

[Edited on 7-12-2002 by Illuminati-NWO]

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