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When I'll be President

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posted on May, 6 2003 @ 01:30 PM

Originally posted by KKing123
as Minister of Defense i am using all in my power to locate him, i have instituted a world wide man-hunt

I would like to reccomend we declare Martial Law for the time being to maintain order in our cities, and we declare it at the same time we inform the public of our situation

I will need a few days warning tho to be able to immediatly move into Martial Law

I oppose your statement, also I make a counter statement.

I hear by declare CIVIL-LAW:
In accordence with civil law: the civilian rules and regulations by which the military authority is superseded in time of war or during public emergencies; established and enforced by the officer in charge in accordance with civil law and the usages of war. - ADVISOR's Unabridged Dictionary

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 01:36 PM
Already a POWER struggle!!!By the Presidents decree I am next in line for EL Presidente. As of now KKing will be incharge of this iminent state of Martial Law. KKing do what you wish to those who oppose you. Ninja you must assemble you black ops team to find and secure the president.

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 01:39 PM
As you can see here in this news flash BREAKING NEW!!!! UP IS MISSING the Public now knows that he is missing KKing get the tanks fueled up and lets roll em down the streets. Call the national guard and the reserves up

[Edited on 6-5-2003 by Quicksilver]

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 01:57 PM
HAHAHAHA! you will never find ultra_phoenix. Don't worry though. The Commander in Chief is safe, I won't let those of you who have "Power Trips" harm him anymore!

[Edited on 6-5-2003 by ADVISOR]

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 02:03 PM
President Quicksilver as El Presidente's Head of the FBI and CIA I suggest we use our alien technology to search for him. This a drastic time, we must find him dead or alive! Preferbly alive.

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 02:24 PM
From the other thread....
Just a screenshot off Google!!

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 03:09 PM
I am here-by ordering the call-up and nationalization of all National guard units, all reserve units are being called up as well, these units are here-by ordered into all major cities with a population over 50,000, they are also ordered to establish check-points at all state borders, regular army units will be deployed to assist where needed. All International borders are here-by closed until further notice by regular army units.

All international air travel is here-by suspended and all airlines and air cargo companies are ordered to submit complete records (international and domestic) of all flights in the last week to assist in the search for UP.

The Air Force and Air Reserve are ordered to begin Combat Air Patrols throughout the entire country.

The Coast Guard is here-by frocked to my department and will be used to close the mari-time borders, all ships that have left the country in the last 2 days are here-by ordered to submit to inspection

The Battlegroups presently docked are here-by ordered to make all preparations needed and head to sea with all possible haste, they will set up to assist the coast guard with their orders

All Conventional forces outside the country are ordered to Defcon 2, all military forces within the country are ordered to Defcon 1, all Nuclear forces are ordered to Defcon 2

I am ordering the arrest of Advisor and placing a military guard around all other ministers and ordering congress disbanded until the resolution of the crisis. I must insist that our new president go to the bunker the military has set up for him in a secure location for his own safety

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 03:23 PM

Fools, everyone of you!

Your alien technology is useless, as far as leaving the borders. Was never a option, the people will stand together.

Your New world Order will FALL!

neener neener neener


posted on May, 6 2003 @ 03:26 PM

Don t forget women in the new government!!!

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 03:57 PM
NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Say it aint so Netchicken!

As Head of the FBI and CIA I hereby suggest we find a replacement for UP. I nominate Quick.

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 06:07 PM
as we are in a state of Martial Law I am mostly in control, though I have placed Quicksilver as the new El Presidente and am willing to follow his orders, any ministers who choose to disobey are subject to arrest

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 06:46 PM
Thank you Kking for you permisssion for letting me rule. JediMaster focuse on finding UP use all of your resorces. I herby enact Inspectah (and his new alias that i forgot) to hunt and destroy ADVISOR for his anti-government views and his alleged connection with the dissapearence of UP. Ninja and Madscientist as stated in one of the first mandates of out beloved president UP recover the UFO he is in.
VZH this is not a new government just merly the continuation of the one UP used to maintain.
Thank you chickin for the news brief we can no longer deny and say El Presidente UP is still in his room napping the entire world now knows.
Has anyone heard from UP personal bodyguard Nyeff?? he might have clues who is behind his disappearece

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 06:50 PM
VZH, my department might have some use for you, please submit a resume to my department immediatly

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 07:42 PM
If you're willing to Exspunge your charges agains't me Quik, I'll be more than happy to explain and show you how your "precious" security net FAILED! By the way I wouldn't hurt iether the Commander in chief or Nyeff.

By the way in accordence to CIVIL LAW, I don't recognize your military police states authority. you'll have to find a civilian negotiator.

[Edited on 7-5-2003 by ADVISOR]

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 07:45 PM
Cancel the assasination request i want this one alive to question. Look ADIVSOR at the $tranger incident earlier in this thread my security does not fail.

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 08:17 PM
My Time has come,

Me and My Militia will split up form your government and establish a government were we are free from your tyranical grip

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 08:19 PM
My tyranical grip??? I am sorry if that is what it sounds like i am only doin this is to find and secure our President. Please forgive me if this sounds hostile. We do not want you to separate how can I bring you back??

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 08:24 PM
KKing has no legitimacy as a leader and instead is conducting a palace coup while OUR LEADER is out to lunch.

I am forming a rebel alliance and we are heading for the hills to establish our bases before making running attacks on the fake govt's infrastructure.

Be warned Darth Kking your days are numbered!

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 08:30 PM
Look Quiksilver, I don't understand you're aggressiveness. I have done nothing but test the functionality of you're weak administration. If this was a serious threat, havok would have done been wrecked. I followed strict protocall (see the revised "Approved" Joint Operations CounterTerror Manual) and simply performed better than you're security team. Which should be the laughing stock by now as You know I operate alone.

Oh how I love being the OpFor...

I have decided to release the Commander in Chief and Nyeff but only after a predetermined time. Also I will be Advising the Commander in Chief about new security requirment's as you have failed to supply a "Civilian Negotiator".

posted on May, 6 2003 @ 08:44 PM
Who will join me, in a Democratic/Socialist government. The benifets of a free people where the government takes care of its people.

Our countries interest before others.

Who will join.

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