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What world-wide event affected people 12000 years ago?

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posted on Jan, 26 2004 @ 02:20 PM
I am not a geologist, nor do I assume to know global history as it pertains to geophysics, but after having read and viewed many things otherwise unrelated, I began to wonder, what happened to the world between 12000 and 12500 years ago?

The three things that I can readily mention are these:

1. The sinking of Atlantis

2. The last Great Ice Age

3. The coincidental orientation of ancient structures as they appear to constellations

Last night on the Discovery Channel, they were doing a show called "Noah's Ark, the True Story", and in it, they mentioned that there is no way the entire world, mountians included, could have been covered with water by any means, without the effects killing all of life (size/number of comets would have burned off the atmosphere, not enough free water in all the rivers/lakes/ice, if the lands were "floating", all the water would make the lands like quicksand, so much moisture in the air would make people drown just by breathing). It went to explain how the Noah story was a retelling of the Sumerian tale. (There was more to it, but that's for a different thread).

I am wondering, though, if something celestrial could have occured, thus drawing the attention of man towards the heavens, making them feel as if they needed to replicate the stars on earth... as if to know when things are correct/warn if something is affecting the world (axis tilt, gravitational wobble, etcetera).

Just by the three above examples, within this time frame, I am under the impression (other then having too much free time to think of stuff like this), that something altered the orbit of the earth. The ancient people, being already familiar with the heavens, sought to make things right by making the heavens on earth. While under the effect of this... event... gravitional forces pulled at the waters, sinking the land of Atlantis (and creating many Deluge myths). When the earth finally returned to the norm (much as a spinning top does when having experienced an outside influence), the waters returned to normal... but because of the global effect on the climate from having been quickly altered, the water formed into ice (there are many scientists under the impression that the Ice Ages were a quick and sudden event, and there are too many thread/post links on ATS to mention right now).

I really hope I explained the above correctly. I'm sure after posting this, a different way of expression will make itself clear... I think Velykovski was on this train-of-thought; I'll have to look more into it. Or maybe I am seeing too much as it is, by trying to compare different things together... oh well, such is the way...

posted on Jan, 26 2004 @ 02:33 PM
Here is a story I posted this morning about the "next ice age"

posted on Jan, 28 2004 @ 06:24 PM
Hi, Im not a geologist either but history fascinates me as well as earth changes- modern and ancient.

According to the following site:

Only about 12,000 years ago, a warming climate melted many glaciers worldwide and signaled the end of the Pleistocene. Large quantities of silt, gravel and sand were carried by rivers and streams into the San Luis Valley. Although the dunes existed long before the Pleistocene ended, glacial outwash materials provided new sources of sand for winds to rework into even greater sand dunes.

Here's my take; Let's take dominoes. Did you ever stack dominoes when you were a kid? I tried making miniature houses and what nots. But there's a trick to keeping them from falling. Because if it's too heavy topside, all the dominoes will fall.

I say the earth is MUCH like that. When the balance is off kilter, the earth will do it's best to regroup- The life on planet "E" had been so accustomed to the ice age and lived with the gradual warming that when the earth could no longer adjust, it went top heavy- so to speak- and had to regroup.

Just MHO


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